Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patty’s Day

That is what today is or so my colleen having informed me, a-wearing the green.
Didn't remember whether I had used them all up but one. Still, I wonder if I could still get away with one more of those six pairs of pliers could cover it?
Later: (he he he he he he) Getting back from Physical Therapy I tried that pliers gag on you know who, “One of them six packaged pliers is your St Patty’s gift.”
Her Mostess laughed, telling me, “You aren’t going to get away with that excuse for our Anniversary.”
I’d guess I’ve been told what‘s expected of me true.
I don’t know whether I’ve gotten anything worthwhile done today or not? Started out in physical therapy back and neck reeling over from some unexplainable muscle spasm’s. They just an aching for a pretty therapist’s hand’s to soothing my fevered back. Fevered isn’t far off the fevered truth. An icepack or two had kept me company for most the last four days, I didn‘t deny them their wishes this morning.
Up until this morning laying one ice pack at a time into a folded towel I managed to lower over my back until I had lowered to the just right place (level), then I leaned back on it. Did the twice all in one sitting lowering two towels at once yesterday. I have got to report those ice packs relieved those back pains and softened the tightened muscles. The muscles relived of an inflammation’s their pains weren’t telegraphed to my brain. Now that I’m hopefully getting some where with my body’s history.
My moving my ladies onto drier pasture didn’t work out today. I did move WD 45 and AC hay rake out of same pasture. Hauled primary hay wagon to yonder hay yard out of ways here. Fixed spare second wagon tire, using it I delivered two more hay wagons to yonder hay-yard. Getting a ride I brought
Loader-backhoe home. Also lost all my machinery keys. Dumb me, should have taken them out of ignition for the drive. Oh well, maybe I’ll get a proper set that’ll work equally and better as well next batch. The sorting is the biggest pain!
Getting late I got nothing else done. It was time to slack off. So set about loading up the Cushman what I had used running the road over the in betweens. No keys seen going either way coming or going. I’ll try the Cushman tomorrow with new spark plugs. Sure acts like it needs them. While the Cushman was out I loaded it with wood for in the house. The lawn handled it well. 8:30 PM I finished my day, my wondering where it had went. BGKC.

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