Saturday, January 31, 2009

little done.

As I tried all day Ugly has refused all day to start. Been laying under it all day un-managing to hit the right spot if it’s a frozen fuel line I’m contending with.
Heavy wrestling the old compressor down at the barn my getting the best of it two out of three falls with the help of a heavy hammer and a pry bar on my side I had finally gotten the new belt on that contrary machine. Then wondered it it were going to warm up enough for use. It had me worried stinking some trying to run in heavy oil. Watching it I had eventually aired up Ugly’s flat tire, just in case I should find somebody to take pity upon either one or both of us for a warm heated in-sided place’s fix. Still don’t know if it is a frozen fuel line or an exhausted mechanical fuel pump. Checked and fixed barnyard’s fence what had been buried in snow’s.
Also haven’t heard a thing from drug store. The headaches continue the neurologist doctor telling me it’d take time until the medication a can’t get kicks in. Original estimation, I should feel some relief in about two weeks. Problem is last three medications need to work in combination with each other. Sheesh, when I read what all these medication are supposed to do, the side effects, and my thinking a couple of them paralleling my present meds, a few more days I’ll feel better informed when I may see my favorite Doc and pharmacist. Meanwhile, my neck continues to feel rather thick between the ears. BGKC.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Gotta’s

No day off here. Gotta shovel (already should have been shoveled) ramp off, bleed and prime furnace, change Ugly’s mind about running, connect Bro’s truck to implement trailer for more hauling in unwrapped hay, bring in firewood, then actually look for something constructive to do.
Well! I didn’t get anything all that constructive done today. Ugly is still standing still a lame duck in the driveway unable to go anywhere under its own power. And, I didn’t bring in one piece of firewood off the wood pile.
The ramp got shoveled, Ugly’s battery charged, the contrary dragon in the fortresses dungeon has been woken and now capable breathing fire.
Started taking one of my new medications, today. That was just as soon as I had all night and all day to remember bringing it in out of Ugly’s cold seated clutches. Still waiting for a denied third by my gubermint assigned Medicare provided insurer. I’m waiting on the last one so’s I may compare all the included notes what come along with the prescription bottles.
Meanwhile, I’m taking something called Gabspetin slowly building on the dosages supposedly to control seizures caused by damaged nerves from a likely old slipped sacroiliac injury back in 1970 and/or then there’s all them odd looking spurs what are growing on my backs vertebrae pictured in x-rays liking the proverbial stair steps backbone of an ageing dragon very unlike the tin minded one in my castle’s dungeon.
Enough for now. I’ve got to put this reddened old face to pillow. BGKC.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Comedy of errors

Late getting off the line, weather backing up travel time, missing Ann Arbor’s “H” exit, seemingly going around in three more exit circles, my mixed up Bro’ finely gotten us headed right, I was were I was supposed to be only 15 minutes late, ten of then minutes having checked all them expressway exit sums.
A well organized hospital I solicited instructions inside lobby door, “Look for Neurology department under sign “C.” …. Under sign “C?” I wondered. “C” for neurology?“ which way was that?” Long wide corridors, I was lost where I stood. Taking some steps south, I found it, Neurology right under the sign “C” completely totally by accident, stopping for more directions, there it was, right in front of me.
Supposedly trying to apologize my lateness the receptionist already knew me, calling me by name as I walked in the door. “Had she heard of me before this? Had my fame gone before me?” I wondered. I start to say, “I’m sorry…….” The receptionist tells me, “We’re just glad you made it.” and handed me a clip board and pen, “Just fill out what I haven’t crossed off.” I took a seat and just as I was turning to page two my Doctor come out asking for me. Taking my paper’s with me I followed him into one of them little cubicles, only with a door on it.
BP of course, light in the eyes, socks and shoes removed, questions, more questions, looking over advanced records and prior reports, rubber hammered, hands on neck and four nerve blocker steroid shots (cortisone?) in back my neck, and three prescriptions for progressive taking and a four month check up (appointment mailed later) and I was almost out of there. Now if he hadn’t wanted me to get bare footed away from him, I’d stayed anyway. I hadn’t gone all that way if I hadn’t wanted help. Bare footed???
Near back at reception it hadn’t mattered if I had completed the paper work. They’d told me they didn’t need it anyway. They’d already had most of it. “Me?” I’m wondering if the paper work weren’t but a ploy to keep me busy until called????
The shots already working, I’m feeling rather thick top my neck right between my ears, I ain’t worried about headache anymore. LMAO!
Now, a bit later I go to my pharmacist and he’s denied filling my new prescriptions. Insurer’s excuse, “Not covered!” What the H3LL is this they can decide what I may or may not need? Or, is it the so called insurance company(?) a pharmaceutical manufacturer what can’t make A profit upon A senior citizen’s drug they don’t manufacture?
Then getting back, Her Mostess is suggesting I’ve got arthritis of the brain or brain arthritis. She’s a big help. Whatever wasn’t I thinking with fifty some years ago. This is what I get with only one thing on my mind, my wanting her ____?*
When I look at the bankers, corporate officers embezzlements, Wall Street bonuses, stock brokers real and unreal joining in scamming millions of hard working peoples out of their savings, their homes on top of jobs. Maybe we’re all missing the boat? Perhaps we need to teach our kids “Crooked 101” higher educational courses, just to sort of even things out!
Got back so late, lunch so late, drug store so late, Ugly quit on road so late, Ugly towed home so late, chores so late, it’s been a back sliding day all so late! I’ve likely a frozen fuel something or other. If I remember right, the fuel filter is in the carburetor that ‘80 Ugly chebby truck.
Fuel oil came today. My sporting an all new given headache I’m taking it till tomorrow morning before the bleed and prime that dragon’s heart for its fire breathing heat to warm the first floor’s souls. Even as easy a job this’ll be, making no mistakes it’ll all wait until tomorrow. BGKC.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Almanac weather lessons

So many folks have naught but complained about the weather. "Knock on wood" We've had it rather easy in Michigan. Our weather forecaster's have already told us we've had record numbers of snow depths. New record set and winter isn’t over yet. What we haven't had were heavy wind storms turning this snow into blizzards and closing roads. The Weather, it'll turn back again. Meanwhile Spring is near 7wks away and April 1st is still most 9wks away.
What I'm looking at is the width some winter storms have taken to rumble up the Mississippi and Ohio valleys. Unreal!
My 1st almanac Lesson: As I see the weather we'll see our easiest Michigan winter weather next year following the almost predictable changes following the planet and planets cycles. There are two orbital planet cycles: One every 7yrs (or so) and another every 11yrs (or so) and when they so closely cycle every 21yrs that's when our earth experiences the highest tides around the world. A state of Maine community moves inland from the Atlantic every 21yrs, people along the Amazon move back away from that river backing up hundreds of miles. Wonder if I'm right? I've 72yrs watching this phenomena. You look it up! The next and last weather influences lesson tomorrow.
Damn it all. I woke up to a cold house. Trying kicking the dragon in the ass didn’t wake it up. I don’t know how it can stand a cold dungeon. The iron dragon refusing to statr let alone move I found it’s detached belly the poor iron dragon was hungry and badly in need of some fluid nourishment to support a fire within it second belly. The wood stove acted finicky as if it needed the fire wood fed it had prewarmed. I had to draw a line… I stacked it full, poured some go juice over the wood fuel, added some bits and prices of paper, took a match, striking it, I had set it all on fire. } :^D
Widened awake, I’ve tomorrow an appointment at UM An Arbor, I’ve quit taken some medications what weren’t prescribed but working that have been keeping my head on straight. One a barbiturate in the morning, the other an opiate laced acetaminophen if needed in the evening. The idea is trying to be drug free for tomorrow’s appointment so the hospital staff will see and hopefully understand my plight. I don’t know if I can take it. Already a couple hr’s past self prescribed time, I’m taking repeated lightening strikes and beatings to my temple. Suggestions?
By the time my day had ended I’d sadly been by the bank for, moneys I hadn’t spent for fuel oil the last 3 / 4 years. I’d also put in a shop afternoon bolting the rebuilt engine block to the JD’s drive train.
All in all it wasn’t a bad day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

11-27-o9 Do nothing day

Another do nothing day.
Saw Juan. If it weren’t for their going away for a few days, he and his senora also wanted to see the ice sculptures. Saw Chip, he needs a couple more days rest and he’ll take us.
I also Talked to Annette, she’d have to ask Mick to leave her Envoy home, and she’ll take us, she’d like to see them also, only Mick would rather work in his shop all weekend.
Mick builds modified racing cars from ground up. Seems one is always on order all the time. Their son races one of them under the family colors.
I didn’t bother the family around the corner we been sending care packages each month since before Thanksgiving. Jobs lost, money’s gone, facing home foreclosure, he's taken on beer and pot, I want to stay away of that. They ain’t got what Frieda and I have had.
Thursday is my UM appointment. All of sudden this week’s time is running out. I insulated a water pipe, removed snow off traps covering the loaded gravity wagons, and wrote some fiction. This then has been my day. BGKC.

unfairly jumped on.......
.....lets back the bus up here.
I don't think I remember any mention between us about any Frankenmuth joy ride. I do remember your asking what condition my part of our road was in, because you were going to take your sons out to drive on such some snow. I fully understood your plate was full; and, understanding that, that was the end of it. So, I had not asked of you a joy ride to that community. What I do remember is asking a third party if she could take us up to Frankenmuth to see and enjoy the winter art. She put me off a day or so earlier and my asking again that same day she told me she was going with you to Frankenmuth. Now that's being shelved.
PS: Since then I've managed to find two more rides missing another by one day the last third party committed else where a couple days. We may make it yet, in spite the one I should be mad MAD at?

Monday, January 26, 2009

1-26-o9 ICE

I looked up these sites. One a suggestion, the other a surmised guess. Internet pictures are a long way of depicting the art forms try beauty.
Plymouth MI's Ice Sculpture
Frankenmuth Mi’s Ice Sculpture
Ever hear the partial term “This and that.” associated with personal problems.
My personal trails could more usefully include
the wording “Tractor and tractor.”
The gasser 1850’s oil pump had remained frozen this morning regardless 1500 watts electrical heat applied to it’s oil pan with the entire underside the tractor engine area closed in with cardboard and rags for the entire night. Unable to run the gas Ollie I used the Indy Ollie*
To pull the gasser up from the barn where I had parked it better sheltered from prevailing winds for easier starts. So much for a good idea. The Indy Ollie had to have a jump because unplugged fore I hadn’t foreseen it’s need to be pre-warmed to go. Running and warming on the go the Indy Ollie did it’s thing as was required of it all day. Included was my first time burying ugly in a combined 20” snow plus falling through an ice sheet to chuck the wheels the Indy Ollie was employed yet a second time this day to tow Ugly out of its humiliated position. {Do to a total lack of proper respect, Frieda’s over to my side laughing her azz off at my writing about treating machines as if they’ve souls. She just doesn’t understand this man and machine’s relationship.} As well as ringing the empty feed wagon upon higher ground. Thankfully I had no problems with the genuinely English Leland import. I had fixed it.
I ground grain, put out five overflowing tubs trash. Fed the ladies with the remarkable help of an uncomplaining Indy Ollie. Got myself, ground grain, picked up Handy, who incidentally had helped steer the gasser up from the barn. We dropped the grain off before going on to the crossroads supper market, our both needing a few things. Getting back home it was pushing 5:30 PM.
This was my sunnyfied Shorthorn country day. BGKC.

*Indy Oliver, so named, for it had originally followed my brother home from Indians a few years back. It was a mediocre to poor deal as it needed an immediate engine overhaul for a tractor he had paid to much for.

For what its worth???

I had writtened.....
'I’ve got to blow off some steam:
So listen up. For the last ten years or so we’ve been wanting to go up Dort Highway twenty (more likely 30) miles or so and see the ice carnival sculptures for years. First it we’re cataracts impeding my night vision. The cataracts replace with plastic lenses, macular degeneration had set in in one eye, treatment was little help only saving what dim sight I still had left. Regardless night blindness was here to stay. Latest malady to confront me, my driving is momentarily suffering bouts of involuntary memory loss, disconnection, and/or concentration. I can’t be taking chances upon heavily trafficked roads, highways, or city streets anymore. I continue holding my own around my local neighborhood out of traffic, driving slowly the back roads either going Otisville or the Crossroads for daily shopping or medical needs. Beyond these limits, aging is handicapping me, I can’t safely drive after dark or ease of mind drive any farther than about four miles from home.
The situation here is Frieda and I’d like to be driven up Dort highway to Frankenmuth to see the Ice Carnival. All our potential drivers being asked seem to manage to gather together and thoughtlessly go without us. I’m beginning to feel uselessly put upon a top self dually forgotten and almost ignored for evermore, that is until I’m needed for something/anything, tools, making a repair, request advice, borrow money, sending out weekly grocery baskets to a needy family, etc.
What’ll I do. Maybe post this where it maybe seen by some of the ignoring principles or keep my mouth shut without alienating us from the masses. I'm beginning feel as if this is the way it's going to be here on out, should I just accept my lot amongst my family and friends. Damn it, a person's got to be tough to grow old."

A few days later I added this:
"Because another individual suggested I just tell all I know “Piss on ya’s.”
Sorry fan. I just can't up and say "Piss on them." Most of these people have been here for my family many times in the past. Ten years ago most of these folks were either right behind or beside me when Bro' was so near death, fighting for his life, after he had lost a leg to his hip in a forage chopper. They'd been so close so tight if I had failed to signal a stop or turn I got trampled a few times. That support isn't that easy to cast aside. Lately, some have helped me keep my medical appointments. Some have even gladly delivered me to the hospital ER. One had even taken a dat off to see toit I made all my appointments for my headaches. Not all at once per say but spread out over the last ten year they've been might kind to me and mine. AND, I've been paying either little back or more forward any little help too some of my neighbors along this road and around the corners who've no way to help or repay another in kind. It's just something most of us around here have to do.
It's just that I haven't been on a fun ride for so long I can't remember the last time.
Shyit! I don't know how to end this? Maybe wait a day or two and put out some feeler's again for next weekend. Wont be long weather will be turning warmer and have so much shop work to catch up on. I'll not have time then.
Such is life I guess, some of us are put on a shelf and forgotten."

As good or bad as all this may turn out, I may only wish a few more of my cyber friends lived nearer.
PS: thank you all for letting me blow off some steam.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter’s cold is back

I’m tired, cold, and disgruntled.
Maybe I’ll cover the disgruntled part tomorrow.
Out in the farmyard the Ollie gasser failed to start again. Had to get three point bale mover out of snow bank, put it on Indy Ollie, fed the ladies late.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Leland’s done

Zippity do da,
zip pidy yea.
A-long the dud,
Leland’s done today.
Herr Clink more or less on the war path for months over her tool draw always sacrificing its pliers to my forgotten returning them after an important use, I got a whole new set all her own. When one halfway decent pair was priced at $4.45, a set of six at $8.99, what else could logistically I do?
When she questioned me as to, “What celebration are all were these for? I mentioned, “How about this last December’s Anniversary, plus Christmas just past,…….”
Then she chimed in with, “And, what am I getting for my birthday?”
To wit I pointed at the still packaged goods, “… of all these is for Valentine’s Day, uh….your up coming Birthday, err…the Holy Saint Patrick’s day, and plus one more to be named later.”
I can’t believe she didn’t buy it?????? My butt, I tried!
Best part of the day I took Her Mostess shop lifting in a very prestigious shopping centered around about a very famously individual who‘s name is often on many lips. This wholesale outlet carried only the most priceless designer clothing of all labels. She had a most delightful time with three of the enterprises associates near to waiting on her hand and foot. They showed her this dress, that gown, this color and multi colors, in singular piece’s and complete fashion sets. I couldn’t remember the last shopping spree seen my seeing her having such a good time. I denied her nothing. Before we’re done we’d packed away an ugly pickup truck load. Secretly, I’m not at liberty to divulge my means as to how I could afford such an extravagant shopping spree. But alas, as long as she’s happy, I’m happy….
Get me? I am such a totally modest genius. (grin)
Afternoon into evening chores was a bare skin wind burning facial adventure. Driving the tractor anywhere beyond the wind broken farm yard out buildings was a wind chilling below a cold 0* experience for sure. BGKC.

Leland’s done

[i] Zippity do da,
zip pidy yea.
At long last,
Leland’s done today.[/i]
Herr Clink more or less on the war path for months over her tool draw always sacrificing its pliers to my forgotten returning them after an important use, I got a whole new set all her own. When one halfway decent pair was priced at $4.45, a set of six at $8.99, what else could logistically I do?
When she questioned me as to, “What celebration are all were these for? I mentioned, “How about this last December’s Anniversary, plus Christmas just past,…….”
Then she chimed in with, “And, what am I getting for my birthday?”
To wit I pointed at the still packaged goods, “… of all these is for Valentine’s Day, uh….your up coming Birthday, err…the Holy Saint Patrick’s day, and plus one more to be named later.”
I can’t believe she didn’t buy it?????? My butt, I tried!
Best part of the day I took Her Mostess shop lifting in a very prestigious shopping centered around about a very famously individual who‘s name is often on many lips. This wholesale outlet carried only the most priceless designer clothing of all labels. She had a most delightful time with three of the enterprises associates near to waiting on her hand and foot. They showed her this dress, that gown, this color and multi colors, in singular piece’s and complete fashion sets. I couldn’t remember the last shopping spree seen my seeing her having such a good time. I denied her nothing. Before we’re done we’d packed away an ugly pickup truck load. Secretly, I’m not at liberty to divulge my means as to how I could afford such an extravagant shopping spree. But alas, as long as she’s happy, I’m happy….
Get me? I am such a totally modest genius. (grin)
Afternoon into evening chores was a bare skin wind burning facial adventure. Driving the tractor anywhere beyond the wind broken farm yard out buildings was a wind chilling below a cold 0* experience for sure. BGKC.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Finishing anything-d make happy

Re: Everyone still, asleep...wake up!
Hold the heat waves. When Spring comes to Shorthorn country I want it over over-night. I hates MUD.
As for playing or watching sports, I've got more to accomplish than watching a bunch of fanatical stupids watching even stupider stupids intentionally injuring each other. Then the self destructed seek the pity from the same fanatics who care damned little about all the accumulated short career injuries for the battered athletes small spot in the sun. The only real winners are the athletic medical practices living off the self inflicted injuries when the sun had gone down.
Wars between so called friendlies and enemies continue to be barbaric practices even beyond our supposedly up standing educated civilized time.
Its all Bull Shyit!
` ~~~~~~~~~~
Glory be, it has warmed just enough I’ve been comfortably wrenching without my beard freezing to the tractors cold hearted steel nor my tuxedo’s intrusive zippers. But not yet warming enough to keep my hands warm.
Here then I suspect the honeymoon is finally over? Like all those friends outside my family who’d had said we’d never last six months. How do I know honeymoon was over. Frieda had up and denied me those now older places where I pleasurably used to warm my hands all these so many years of supposedly contented living suffering all those up and downs in a trying life together. (sniff)
Working on the Leland this morning, rather than continuing beyond the onset of a darkening sky last night has been about as easy as I had suspected it to be. I even come up with another invention of need.
To install those hidden bolts after I had improvised this bolt holding tool it was a piece of wire folded around a bolt, four times.
Here I’m prepared to lower tricked bolt into space where my fingers couldn’t go, let alone fit and turn it in.
border="0" alt="Photobucket">
Even with its use, my putting those hidden bolts back into the machine, where they were required, still took some patience and time to install and tighten.
Sheesh! It’s surprising I got anything done today, Bro’ continued having me waiting all day. If it weren’t one thing it were another. I gave up on him and went on with my own agendas. Handy had said he’d help with Leland’s hood. More than that once he got here he was a most invaluable help. While bolting up the radiator’s hidden bolts and all clamping the bottom radiator hose was almost enough to either send us to drink or set it on fire. Getting it together I started filling the radiator. But rather than take the time to fill it full and pickup the tools I took handy home expecting to load wood for the house. So getting back, wanting to load wood, I did so. Wanting a coffee break I took one. Bro’ finally calls. So truck’s load covered I prepare to go changing boots. On my way out Her Mostess wanted a Mason’s temple fish dinner for tonight’s supper. No lights on Ugly I made no promises. On my way I see daughter Philly’s in the neighborhood. I call’s her, she’s agreed to run that errand for me.
Helping Bro’ with his chores an old friend, Grace (931) came by to say hello and ask how I’ve been. She stayed long enough for me too scratch behind her ear before moseying on. Bro’ had just delivered the goods.
Then we finally got around to load out three steers for feeders. Delivered, it was looking good I could get back home in time my backing Ugly up to the porch deck. I could unload it after dark/after supper. The fish dinner’s timely arrival we ate. It’s good and dark now, time I go to bring in the wood.
The days getting longer I’m already near keeping a spring work schedule. I could use some warmer temperatures to spend some real time putting JD back together. We’re going to need it badly this Summer through next winter turned it into a double ended hay mover loader tractor.
Boring my readers enough. BGKC.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy day

A wonder I got anything done. Anytime Bro’ involves me in his projects, his being a poor time manager, he wastes my time.
Started out working on Leland for today’s amusement. Installed Alternator with plastic case I had repaired glueing it together last night. Installed the fan belt what didn’t fit, traded it for another what didn’t fit. As it had nothing left for future tightening adjustments. About time getting disgusted Bro’ shows up and drags me into his activities. We go weigh stock trailer. He’s sold three steers. And, wanted a close accurate scale. I joined him as he wished, even to temporarily loading and weighing the livestock.
As long as Bro’ had used my time I let him run into town for a couple more belts on his time; while, I went home for lunch. I had even changed two sparkplugs in Ollie gasser and fed my lady friends. Thinking I had it made, Bro’ of course showed with belts and another time consuming idea. It’d be late afternoon, before I’d had talked Handy into given me a hand. Ashamedly, after I had laid out my tractor assembly problem I let Handy fix it. Excuse, “My hands aren’t as strong as they used to be. Can you help me out here!” and it all worked out fine. Tomorrow, I should have tractor back together,…. I hope. BGKC.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They’ve made me sick

Now you've got to watch them doctors, Ricky. Don't take them guys for granted a moment as I had. I've had four of them all a one time prescribing medications for me lung and heart diseases.
I don't know why they wasted my time with repetitive paper work detailing my prescriptions amounts and routines PLUS medical records from the previous physicians, if they weren't going to look at them first before duplicating my taken prescriptions.
I don’t know yet for sure, as bad as I’ve been feeling the last four months, has this headache filled period been brought on from prescription drug over dosing?
As much as I rely upon my primary care giver’s trust, I’m finding he’s days he’s missed a potential problem until we shared a weather slow day together, he might have found my problem, listening to him saying, “Oh my God?”
With this revelation I took up my prescriptions with my pharmacist. While he had thought all my medications were with in reasons, he took stock in them and his getting together with my primary doctor they are working on leveling off my meditations.
One thing absolutely sure without these two individuals, in my corner, I’d have left my Frieda alone a long time ago. Worst part, this cussed headache by whatever cause? Best part through this ordeal they’re taking much better care of me these days. So ask questions of your primary Doctor and Pharmacist after each specialist’s clinical appointment, religiously.
Besides, I ain’t had enough on you, Ricky, to unmercifully picked on you yet.
Opps! Where’d this home front come from???
We were talking much about nothing when all of a sudden from out nowhere Frieda experiences a romantic moment and says to me while I’m reach over her to turn off a table lamp. “Whenever we were having dinner out, you so good looking, I liked looking across our table at you.” I in turn answered her, “I’ve always enjoyed looking your way too dear particularly if there were a mirror right behind you.”
Now, I want to know what’d I done wrong agreeing with her? Wimmin? };^D
I missed the daylight Inaugural program…..
......staying home.
I did however manage to catch most of the better bits and pieces in all night reruns entertaining me when nature awakened me for another dark side of our earth’s water hauling runs to the letting it all out in the library's holy throne.
I’d have gone DC, really, if it hadn’t been for the fact my presents would have denied somebody else’s only standing room. See, I let my courtesy shine through every once awhile.
Wimmin? One in particular!
I ain’t disguting it with her anymore. About five weeks or so ago I had managed to talk our family health care giver into extending Frieda’s prescriptions beyond those days when we were deluged with freezing rains and sleet storms, for her understandable fears of slipping and falling. I can understandably understand her feeling as I was one who’d wouldn’t want her falling on me.
Well, a couple/four days ago I tried getting her out of this house and into Doc’s office for one of her biannual checkups. This is when they do a whole bodily work up: EKG, breathing tests, blood draws, water specimens, the usual checks so’s nobody’s trying to treat a corpse.
So, it’s come to pass, she’s a-making a liar out of me, saying for herself, “I don’t need to see Doc right now. I have enough medication to last me another whole month.”
Now it is in her mind there was no way through out our disgustions could I/was I going to get her mind set reasoning changed were I going to move her out of this house on some non-slip dry creaky/crunchy footing to fulfill my promise to Doc. (grrr)
Wimmin? One in particular! BGKC.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1-20-o9 My day (Wow! Three entry in one day)

I hurt getting up, moving around all day, during meals, during chores, shopping for drug, computing, going to bed. If it weren’t my back screaming at me bending or straightening up, it were the lightening strikes to my left temple and eye area beaning to the power 0. And if either of these did or didn’t take a rest and if one of them did, I been suffering indigestion most of the day.
What I accomplish? Loaded two fat assed steers at dawn for the livestock exchange. Fat just like the meat packers want them. Hazardous to my health if I were to eat one of them???
Worked putting Leland tractor back together. New water pump is in, as well as fan. Next parts found new part had been changed, old parts needed modifying and a couple new bolts. This it in Shorthorn country. BGKC.

I've been set off again

What am I? (So bare with me the following)
Pissed off at some internet boards!
Six, seven, eight yrs ago there were genuine folks who took an interest in this man and my animals. I wasn't the only one there(one particular place). There were goat, lamb, chickens until Kelly got run off. When I say run off, these people takin’ an interest in their animals were (I can't find the words) also willing to share their, experiences, rewards and answers to genuine livestock care questions. A livestock question is seldom posted over there any more.
Some to many put downs and in sums of derogatory innuendos turned the real country people away as fewer and fewer seemed to worry about themselve's called farmers. Little has changed. To be called a "farmer" some 55 yrs ago it was considered an insult. It seems in some small minds the categorizing such independently occupied individuals is still going on.
Little do people realize what goes into being a farmer today entails? Here's some what a farmer needs, to operate: Knowledgeable farming in safe machine handling, state examined and certified in safe chemical handling, animal husbandry taking care of an animal regardless the stink and fowled dirt. Able to reach inside a cow to turn a breach calf around for a live birth saving a cow and calf, Know how to repair your equipment during breakdowns (waiting a dealer mechanic who likely knows less then you do about your machine), capable of fixing a tire what'll cost just as much whether the tire man knows what he’s doing or not, tear down a diesel engine and put it back together again and run. Repair or build an outbuilding, calculate seeds and feeds needed for the next year.
I was an interesting journeyman the days I was carpenter in demand for forty yrs. I held celebrity status even to appearing on radio talk shows for fifteen years, but as a farmer I get ridiculed.
With all this I take it, because I considered myself a free spirit and have lived as such for all my years since I turned ten and decided I was a free willed and minded man.
Man you ask? Ask! I drove tractor at age 10, loaded loose hay on a hay wagon, cultivated crops, was driving tractors and pickups on public roads by age 12, had a legal license to drive at 14 yrs. I was hunting at age 12. Okay I was busy. Doing a man’s day’s work I enjoying all the trappings of a working man at age 9, I had learned to smoke and chew. When a boy to busy to take an interest in girls until age 14 yrs and then I keep my alter personality in my pants. I knew how babies were made. Seemingly I wasn't any brighter than all the city cheapies who made unwanted families. Them dumb asses were proud of themselves. I didn’t need that kind of ill minded pride.
But what do I know? I knew I liked skinny dipping with girls when I turned 14. Yeah, keeping hands off for another seven years.

1-20-o9 Our Water’s Frozen

Our adventures couple days ago.
“It’s about time you got here. Now, what are you going to do about it?” They’s saying, “We’ve been eating snow while waiting because of your lazy ass. Sleep in did ya?
1_ Photobucket
“Me?” I was thinking, “Tain’t nothing like being confronted by a Ladies Aid Society committee first thing in the morning."

The mob talking the situation over.
“These lazy farmers lay around all night sleeping.” sez one.
Another adds, “I bet he ain’t given a thought about us all night.”
“Yeah, not a care in the world about us up all night eating all by ourselves.” another adds....
....With complaint of another, “Well! I like that! Some of the rest of us were right beside ya!”
Boss lady says, “Now don’t all of ya get your tits in an uproar. He’s here now, let’s see what he’s going to do about it?”
2_ Photobucket
“Did you see that?” A roan comments, as did some of the others. “He came, he saw, and left! Heartless man!”

“Well, look at that. Here he comes again and brought back that funny looin' thing.” one says.
“Ya see that? One complains,
“We wants our water and he’s playing with a damn toy.” Says the complainer.
And have any one besides me noticed he’s put his toy down,, whatever it is and stands over it denying one of us to sniff it out.

“Hey I saw that.” said a red one over this one‘s shoulder.
4_ Photobucket
“I’m checking. I’m checking. Maybe he knows something?” comes a genteel lady. “let me check it out. I might know something about this thing myself.”
“What you the only one what thinks you know anything?” said a red and white lady.
Still another adds, “Yeah, after watching some kids playing. You know all about, “What? Cowboys and Rustlers?” Says yet another irritating complainer, She too getting on my nerves.

“Oh let the rest of ya talk. I’m gonna take a closer look.” A red on with a white forehead blaze.
5_ Photobucket
“It just might mean, he knows what he’s doing? So just lets wait and see.” comes from another genteel lady adding for my benefit, “Do you know what your doing?” There was a moment of silence and she add’s, ”It used to be I just stuck my nose in here and used to get a drink.“ While she licked at the water bowl cover.

Unbeknown to them and I the water was frozen in my basement.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A busy couple days,…

…a quite internet. Everybody should be well worn out, exhausted, kaput. What with Dr. Martin Luther’s birthday celebrations going on all over the USA today, that’s a lot of candles getting blown out. That’s just today. I’d liked to have met this man as well as another peaceful crusader Mahatma Gandhi. Both hero’s gambling their lives to lead men to freedom. Two men halfway around the world of each other peaceful ways moved other oppressing men to see the light.
Now add tomorrow’s presidential inaugural having so many people attending to witness the latest USA‘s 44th president. Once Barack Obama’s sworn to uphold America’s constitution upon the bible held in Michel’s hand, it’ll be party time. Lots of fashion changes from outdoor wear into luncheon wear, and changes into Inaugural Ball wear is expected this afternoon/evening/night, partying near likely all night long.
I hope you all had a good time when I’d have liked to read even one little word. Well Hope you’ve all had a good time as well a good time. See, I was twice as worried about all of who’s occasionally looked in and commented.
Farm scene was slow and so very long. I got my pipe insulation, but never made it installed. About the time I wanted to do it, pain took hold on my spine and rattled the entire assembly of my beloved back bones. And, if that weren’t bad enough, those miserable lightening strike headaches have returned nailing my left temple spreading over the left eye area. My supposed return trip back down the road, I never made it. The pains had become so severe I had to get down to my “Fruit of the Looms” and lay it out for awhile.
Trying to rest finding some limited relief, I remembered I hadn’t taken care of th ladies. Crap! Reluctantly I had to get up, redress within the simplest manner I could avoiding more pain tan I must endure, I went out better than I had come in, and fed my ladies. I mst say I took no chances trying to lift and lower any 8’ feeder rings around the hay bale. Enough was enough. Unable to take more. Feeling poorly. I’ve got to lay it down again. BGKC.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Temperature’s Raising

Yup, temperatures rising. I got to enjoy the heat-wave all morning long. Managing to get a ride to Ugly truck down the road, I was able to bring back my milk house heater and a couple 13 MM wrenches. The heater I laid it on its back pointed straight-up at the Ollie’s oil pan. That done I turned to the JCB’s poor battery connections With two wrenches one holding the square bolt head to keep me from loosing the battery to able prevent it from slipping off (or loosing its questionable grip on (its post when I had tried to tightened the battery clamp, earlier. With two wrenches I finally gotten it fixed, tight..., I think.
Somewhere in here my having to mark the forgotten time I looked up and saw the ladies muzzles encircled with snow. A sure sign they’d been eating snow as water was unavailable. Oh shyit, The barnyard fountain had froze my not even having to check it. It was a-okay yesterday my checking light bulbs. Getting Frieda’s hair drier I opened the cabinet and pointed the heat guns muzzle inside to warm the manifold and all its tapings. I must of set there with all the know it all ladies trying to advise my how this fountain worked. I can’t tell who all had been sticking their nose in my face between the first and last offering their reamed nose/licked chops advice. I was in so much good company. I can’t begin to express my delight. Having spent some time on my kness my applied heat seemingly slow I managed to tuck the appliance inside the cabinet. Here I went for a coffee ending up taping the handle broken the other day. I never got the coffee. Back out to check, the fountain still wasn’t offering any my lady acquaintances a satisfying snort. Okay, where do I look next. Eureka, I remembered something I hadn’t had to think about for years. There was a water pipe in the basement near a crack in the basement foundation wall. Yup my feed sack what had protected that pipe had slipped down the wall and exposed itself to the frosted wall behind it. Here taking another bit of power cord unplugging the freezer I had just enough cord for the heat gun to reach the a-ledged frozen water pipe I sweep the heat over it for sometime until all of five foot of that water pipe felt comfortably warm to my naked hand. Here I removed myself back outside. Walking down to the barn there was but one lady quizzedly looking at the fountain and me in turn. Amongst the machine what had been my morning’s primary concern, looking at the poor girl once more I noticed I had left the fountain’s water bowls covered. Oh ,me, my, I opened them. Hungry and taking it no more I went for lunch. The machines could well wait for me until I could comfortably get back to them…. (grrr)
Afternoon, Frieda getting wind my making a list, she made one also. Whoopee! I’m sure glad she keeps my spare time filled and me out of trouble during my free time. I had decided I needed one of the foam insulating thingamajigs to put over that vertical-bit water line in the basement corner to protect if from the frosted wall behind it. That was all. She needed milk bread and eggs, simple enough, but why should it be so simple when I can show her my what’s what. Plainly needed a few extras: soft cheese by her demand the other day, longhorn cheese for me, Sure as I’m sitting here trying to remember what all more I picked up I had also gotten food for the cats. I wasn’t about to take another bad mouthing from the cats in a couple days as well as having suffered the indignant looks I had gotten from the ladies this very morning. Sheesh, what a man don’t have to do to keep his ladies happy whether their two or four legged.
Taking off for the crossroads I had gotten a bright idea along the way I just might enjoy a WHOLE cup of coffee with one additional stop off at Loopy Acres., the idea being nobody’s know where I was. It worked and I had enjoyed iy with no interruptions. Two cups I was on my way again. Darn Hardware store was closed. Ralph will get a small piece of my mind tomorrow as I can’t afford anymore than a small piece. So I made a donut turn hitting the grocer’s parking lot. That my Mrs.‘s wanted I got plus. Back home I was delighted to see Terry had the Ford tractor out plowing both our driveways clear of some twenty inches snow.
The grocery’s taken into the house, I headed for the tractors. Checking the Ollie’s oil it was warm to the touch right off the dipstick. Could it be? I pulled away the rags so’s not one of them would get caught in the cooling fan or the coupling bicycle chain. I climbed aboard, turned the key, and almost instantaneously had forty pounds oil pressure. I was once more delighted. It was turning into one Hell of a good day. I did my chores, parked tractor. As well as the JCB what had started as it was supposed to. I parked it as well. Coming into the house looking to relax and soak up the heat given off a wood fire. Before I could even start taking it off the phone rings, Some ya-who down the road decides he’s got to inoculate some steers. And if I didn’t need the JCB bring it with me.
Being out in the cold all day I was looking forward to enjoyment of another kind. I went and when I got there I bitched my piece. The jerk needn’t start this bullshit at sundown. One reason I already had put in my day. Second and third reasons more importantly to me, my eyes aren’t what they used to be after dark, and the biggy I was denied taking my life keeping medications on delaying my supper until 8:00 PM. When I did get home, when I was more than comfortable enough I show all my sides to the woodstove’s warmth. It felt oh so good. Supper was a butter bean, hamburger, and an onion soup. Now that I’m feeling like a fattened cat I’m ready for a brown cow dessert getting black cherry instead. I’m thinking Shorthorn country saw me earn it today. BGKC.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cutting Labor costs

Watch your back’s, blue collar workers. If it isn’t already to late tighten up your job behavior. Manufactures are finding new reasons for reducing work forces. This the companies desires to keep their best, most productive, and loyal workers. Thus reasons to fire undesirable works without do process union protection or seniority advantage considerations. Contestable paid employee unemployment benefits include; persistent work tardiness, absenteeism, slackness, performance, station abandonment (goofing off). This to cut employer paid unemployment pay insurance benefits. Some of these fob loss benefit will be contested as many companies have been keeping uncontestable evidence of wayward behavior of undesirable employees. Number on reason tardiness, the employee could have adjust the ravel time to arrive at work in a timely fashion. It’s already working.
So cold when I came in last night I had forgoten to talk about the Cushman’s nasty disposition. It started right up, sure enough. Meanwhile, it has objected to being disturbed from it hibernating position down in the barn. The very position I had personally set aside fir it out of my kind heart. Ingreat machine refused to be hurried along, even objected moving any light loads I had expected it to move around the places her for me. Last, I left it last night, I thought I had heard it muttering about my cold hearted working conditions I’ve put it under, And, it doesn’t want to be disturbed until Spring again. (grumble-grumble) Cold hearted machine, particularly after all I’ve done for it.
Co …co ….co …..col…cold out here today. Temperature’s rising and so were the winds. Can’t win one for loosing on the other. Spent most of the day trying to get the oil pressure up in the gasser Ollie. It was a no go. Will likely close up the under side that tractor and add heat of some kind tomorrow. Meanwhile, had to drive the JCB from the other end to here, to feed the ladies. By the time I got back into the warmth of my cheery home my head ache had froze in, my left hand become near frozen to useless. Once I was in the house trying to make myself comfortable, reaching for a bit of help with my shirt cuffs, Her Mostess takes hold my hand. When I happened to mention I needed help with my buttons, she says, “I thought you wanted to hold hand.” I answered her with, “I thought we were all over that a long time ago.”
Supper was Chile Fried’s way of making it quick and simple and good. Then I tried a couple little naps so’s I be well rested to sleep soundly the night. BGKC.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Second Day Running Around

Yesterday’s time was filled with running around shopping expeditions picking up Leland Tractor parts and fluids, tools, prosthesis supplies Bro’ had ordered and needed, hygienic products for Frieda she needed, and a run on my bank for depression’s shopping cash.
Being as I was a rider rather than the driver I went where the driver drove and made my best of it. She (Her Mostess) wanted some depends like products and I got her a whole batch of them. Only when I finally got home with my procurements the packages brought tears to her eyes. I’d had no idear my seeing to it so simple an act upon my part she had everything she needed would be so touching. Only she weren’t teary eyed with joy. She was weeping for I had brought home everything she hadn’t wanted. This was sadness on her part for I hadn’t gone where she had supposedly sent me to pickup her specified needs.
My getting home near to late it took me an hour to do my chore while freezing my face nearly off at the same time.
It went about the same way today, only it weren’t shopping. I escorted my lady to see her knee surgeon. A most attractive so young a lady its hard to believe she’s old enough to practice doctoring plus being a surgery specialist at that. I’m telling ya’s?!?!?!
Leaving her surgeons office’s rooms, my driving today about a block driven I came close to rear-ending a car stopped ahead of me waiting (backing up) for a light. Pulling to the right on black ice I plowed that van right into a snow bank. And before anyone thought to much of it I backed right of that snow bank and melted away right in to the traffic just as if I had as much right to be driving as anybody else. An expressway ramp but a few yards away I got on it, headed east on I-69 until I got to I-75 and headed north. Got off at Clio and when I got to the Tuscola Road I took it, chauffering Her Mostess to where she wanted me to go in the first place yesterday, when somebody more alert than I was doing the driving. Eventually nearing home I had thought it better if found her some female company to share some of those bent up feelings I don’t understand and never will. The visit worked out well for both wimmen. I didn’t know what they were talking about anywhere near half the time.
Getting home I was more than enough ready for lunch. Then had van to unload yesterday’s goods as well as those we’d picked up today. Brought Cushman out and hauled two loads wood, Terry keeping me company, one load each his garage and my hard pressed wood room. Did my chores by evening’s last light getting right at dark. BGKC.
So cold I missed a day, 1-15-o9.
Because I was froze near through my involved with yesterday’s activities. The cold continues to beset upon us so bitterly cold, all the Senior Citizen Centers around here are closed to day, even the poor one just a bit NorthEast of us what meets outside until they can afford rent money enough for a hall. The rest of them wimps, it's alright. I ain't going anyway. They all ways demand I stand down wind the rest of them any how.
I’ll try a more detailed catching up later, maybe even use the weekend?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It might be chilly but with ths kind of weather I ain’t working up any miserable July sweat to cuss out. I’ve had a good morning down in the barn. Having been -19* below zero before adding on wind-chill this very AM it’s been a right nice day working in the shade. I managed to take the English Leland apart having smartly gotten all the way down to the water pump before braking for lunch. I might say I broke for lunch while I still had a few whiskers left still keeping my both plates my dentures from freezing. If it weren’t for the cold steel, my tux’s zippers and Velcro closings I might even had gotten the water pump off. But I’m telling it like it is, my seeing all them silver colored whiskers coming out roots included I had to quit while I still had something worth quitting for.
A lunch and two naps out of the way I was back down to the barn for the last operation removing the uncovered water pump. It took a-wile my having to take it off with an and wrench. When I finished I packed it plus the fan belt and lower radiator hose for replacements while I was this far along and gathered up the tractor’s books after I had fought and won getting Ugly o run against such bone chilling weather. Took every thing to Bro’ for his expertise in either finding the rebuild parts or water pump rebuild in the area.
Returning home I fed the ladies and got back into the house about twenty minutes before sundown. Made myself comfortable, then Her Mostess suggested laundry needed done. So I took down those cellar stairs into the cold dank dungeons for one of the laundry twins to do my bidding. While I was there, earlier Her Mostess had plainly suggested my night shirt needed laundering, what with so many meals dribbled down my front when I had previously been in it. So I whipped it off, including all late night snacks, and threw it in a-top the rest of the wash load. Sock-le-blue, that was one drafty mistake my more than bare footen it mounting them cellar stairs re-seeking the warmth of the parlor stove what seemed so so-far far-away.
My mind questions the accuracy of divorce statistics?
It’s said half of all marriages end in divorce. What bothers me here is the accuracy when it come to couples married for life, to never divorce period. I’m going to include widows and widowers in this as they often times remarry for life a second time. All these a-fore mentioned people had taken their relationships seriously.
Now, how many times do the marrying people divorce and repeatedly remarry and divorce. May I assume these last numbers of peoples un fairly unbalance the divorce rate statistics. I wonder? I’ve tried researching the E-net for answers to this burning question without a definitive answer.
In my mind I’m thinking more couples have stayed together than have strayed away one another.
I’ve written about cattle breeds. Don’t know much of nothing about cats other than: tiger, black, tabby, Siamese, Burmese, and little else.
So, I’ve elected to share this picture:
So, what have I got here? A Galloway cat?
What I’d like to know is where had this normally pain in the ass cat stuck both ends to manage to have its middle snowed on? Animals can be so entertaining. BGKC.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Alberta Clipper’s coming

Thinking I was going to get an early start the neighborhood ladies aid society came by intervening by upsetting my good intentions. And, when I wrote coming by they was by my window. “What the….?” I thought to myself.
Putting my second leg in my pants I was hopping … (not mad) just trying to force my foot out the lower end of the folded pant leg. Ever notice how much longer it takes to do something when you’re hurried? That’s the way it was with me this early AM. Carnsarned ladies anyway! When I finally got outside moving quickly from the deck to the field of my troubles below. One contingent of the ladies had taken it upon themselves to check out this week’s trash before pickup. A second contingent of the ladies were busily checking over the wagon load of shelled corn I had brought home only a couple days ago. A third contingent the Ladies Aid were inspecting today’s food stuffs to have been delivered their way a bit later yet today. Now if this weren’t enough, there was still a fourth contingent of ladies checking out the wind breaking benefits of my home and the wind they had decided to avoid while looking in my bedroom windows. All of them earnestly taken an interest in their varied tasks, none of them were paying any attention to me. I asked Terry to help me out. While I waited for Terry a township cop showed up asking if I had gotten all my cows out of the road. I mentioned two things. One, it looked like it. The second if he had a moment he could help me out, where upon he anxiously motored off. Some freaking public servant???
It weren’t until I had asked for the assistance of Terry had I/we had between us enough clout to redirect the ladies to a more harmonious conclusive understanding the boundaries of good conduct between the differences of minds. Namely mine and all of theirs; they in their place, and I in mine. While Terry helpfully ushered the ladies around the east side of the house I took up a position further down the driveway making sure my pushed charges as well as those what were joining them didn’t loose their way into that area more condusive the place I wanted them to rethink their early morning activities. Carnsarned Shorthorn country busy bodies anyway!
When the Ladies Aid Society had been redirected their place in our association I made a beneficial proposal for the both of us with Terry. “Keep my Ford tractor warmed up in your garage and we’ll be set for the Alberta clipper when it hits us head on.” I liked the thought. Terry liked the idea. So did the Ford. It actually steered, though stiffly across the road knowing it was going to be keep inside where it’d be cozily kept nice and warm.
Being another day to grind, I was off to the elevator for supplements and then the empty feed box. Getting back the English Leland came to life for having had everything plugged in earlier. I ground and mixed grain without problem. However when shutting down the equipment to an idle the Leland was making some disturbing rattling noises. Checking it out I saw sparks coming off the fan blade against the radiator shroud. On closer inspection I’m assuming the water pump shaft had broken. Wonderful. I guess I’ll be deep freezing taking Leland tractor apart the next couple days. See to it the water pump is rebuilt and readied for installation when the deep deepest cold gets here. Fun! To talk about the rest of the day is likely an even more of a bore, So I’m hanging it up right about here! BGKC.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hey “Sneak”

This entry starts with an unrelated quote, “yanno what it's like to rely on FERN for conversation?” So, Here in lies another reminiscent‘s tale. It must have been around-about 1973, Phillip our youngest son three going on four was already sneakily learning to think on his feet. He was becoming character to be reckoned with. Liking in this tale, Should his mother be making Sunday Morning’s raised donuts, deep frying bread dough, as she was accustomed. Phillip’s love for his mother and her donuts was never higher than that year and/or the next. So fond of her donuts he had taken up two fisted eating them while repeatedly walking through all the rooms of our home, smiling, just smiling. Yeah sure! We’d learn later that while he appeared to be eating two donuts at the same time, he was actually taking a single bite out of one and hiding it somewhere: in a drawer, behind a book or three in a bookcase, any place where it’d be out of sight, and every body else’s mind. When the last known donut had been presumably eatened by any one the rest of the eight of us, here’d come Phillip proudly walking by all of us with a big possum’s eating grin on his face, meaning, I got something you ain‘t got, the rest of us wondering where he’d found just one more uneatened donut. And, the missing bite, was his assurance nobody else will have eatened it.
When we had finally caught onto his sneaky hording tricks he’d earned for himself the nickname “Sneak.” Phillip proudly accepted his nickname as that of a crafty entrepreneur of covert activates having fooled the rest of us with an act ver this or that.
So it came pass we all got to calling him Sneak, That was until one day when me, my oldest and youngest son’s with me we were shopping a Quality Farm Fleet Store some forty mile from home, we’d all become separated. Well, its not a particularly good idea to leave a four year old moseying about a farm store with so many interesting products to get a growing boy’s imagination, not even speaking of counters or shelve ladened with farmyard liking toys. My eldest son tall enough I could see of his whereabouts at all times, I started calling out his name, “Sneak!” walking an aisle or two repeating myself, “Sneak!” until I caught up with number one son. “Dad.” he says, “The way some people are starting to look at us, it might be a good idea, we quit calling Phillip, “Sneak.” Right he was. The nickname laid on him for only a few months, it indeed was a good idea to change our out in public ways. And so it had come to pass, that’s the way this tale come about back in 1974.
No prolonged signs any headaches coming on, I thought I had a good day started. So, I set out to start accomplishing something in that light today. Chores split up over the day they were preformed easy enough. Thought I try fixing a couple tires in the shop. Shucks one of the air hoses was frozen. Took that into Bro’s house to thaw. He hadn’t eatened yet for the day. It was his treat over at the Crossroads. All what was managed taken care of today was taking the through-out bearing out of the 4020 JD. Then found the replacement part wasn’t going to work. Interesting. So while Bro. chased a replacement part I emptied Ugly all the stuff what should have been emptied out of truck long ago.
Picked up calf primer feeds, hauled and fueled Ollie gasser. Some wood in, trash hauled out, a couple phone calls made; this has been my Shorthorn country day. BGKC.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I tried only nothing done

Well almost nothing done. Been sorting undone paper work today. Wrote a pile of checks making our household broke and near destitute for another three weeks all over again.
Susan’s furnace quitting on her I couldn’t do nothing for her. Bummer. Furnace man’s coming out tomorrow with parts in hand she’ll need. It one of the later models what needs electronic parts. Bah Humbug.
Feeling much better lately, been working my way up to starting Spring cleaning the house early this winter. Remember, I purchased new shop-vac a couple weeks ago. Feeling this new burst of energy, I’m thinking maybe I haven’t been in the pink for some time. A couple little things need my attention. I get busy with these little things, the big things will keep me even busier so’s I may get more done. May not make sense but that’s the way it works for me. I even found my Santa Book today it’s showing up to make me feel even more neglectful my misbehaviors. BGKC.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Me, absent minded?

.......don't bother me?

Good Day

Another good night’s rest. Slept late as usual following the good day. I already knew I had one yesterday.
By the number ash buckets I emptied this morning broadcasting them over a poor spot of poor top soil aear out back I’m figuring we’re more than half way through this heating season maybe by 2/3’s. We’ll see? What’ll cross up my prediction will be the ash residue this season’s ash firewood leave behind this season’s the end.
Come afternoon’s lunch I sort let myself laze around. I wrote a few words on a couple pieces I’ve been playing with. And found I was about to think a perfectly lazy afternoon was about to abate me.
Going out to hay the ladies, a chore I should really have done earlier, when I started Ollie gasser, I got the loveliest waling and screaming coming at me from the far end the hood. Shyit, I climbed down, throttled held back as far as it’d retreat, stepped down, walked up front. The water pump was trying to turn. Walking further around the nose I found the curly tailed hog callings coming off the immovable alternator pulley. ‘Twas time to shut her down and program a fix. It were to shop I go for 55 gallon barrel, and my milk house heater. Ollie partial engine side cover. The hundred foot power cord to home. Some supplement sacks behind Ugly’s seat It wasn’t long an I was on my way into the house for 30 >45 minute wait for the electric heater to do its best shot.
The tractor fixed I belatedly honored the ladies with two bales hay. Well, while it were just late enough I did quietly managed to slip into the house while there was some twilight left. And as usual I didn’t see nor hear a creepy thing coming to me from out-a The Twilight Zone.
One more thing, as I wish I could truthfully tell it, I brought home a priceless gift of unadulterated pure seasonings for my Frieda. It had even been professionally gift wrapped. It fills my heart with a warm all over feeling when I can help a body out. In this case bargaining taking gift off another’s hands.
1-10-o9 Copy Cat I

Warning! I’ve copycatted Donna before causing me to be my own blogger after her. Sooooooo! If this goes wrong it’ll be her fault all over again! (snicker snicker)

Donna said, “Here are this week’s “Saturday Six” questions. Either answer the questions in a comment at Patrick's Place, or put the answers in an entry on your journal…but either way, leave a link to your journal at Patrick's Place so that everyone else can visit! To be counted as “first to play,” you must be the first player to either answer the questions in a comment or to provide a complete link to the specific entry in your journal in which you answer the questions. A link to your journal in general cannot count. Enjoy!”

1. Which of the following methods of travel do you most prefer: plane, train or automobile? I’ve reddened the Detroit Zoo and House of David park trains, If I had a choice I’d ride the Canadian trans continental train both ways. I like road trips; so it’d be by pickup truck (I dislike automobiles). But if it had to be correctly answerd by mood it’d be by automobile.
2. What is the furthest distance you have traveled by each method listed above? I’ve had pilot training lessons, and unofficially soloed a P40 from South Haven to Grand Rapids, Mi.. Road trips I been to Florida driven straight south form Mi. up the east coast to N.Y. City and back home.
3. When flying, do you prefer to fly during the daytime or during the night? It’d Daytime, so may see the earth!
4. What’s Your Travel Personality?
I like to either get there post haste to play or take my own sweet sight seeing time leading parades on extreme rural byways.
5. If you had the chance to take a one-year vacation and spend that time traveling anywhere in the country you wanted by motor home, would you do it, and if so, where would you most likely wind up? If I had to travel via motor home for year, I’d want to see the New England states, dawdle in Vermont, ship the motor home to Vancouver, and totally enjoy a zig zag drive over the High Sierras, the Cascades, and Rockies’ . I’d like to sit-down/work visit a number of working farms/ranches. And, hit a couple seasonal fishing holes.
6. Do you have any superstitions or rituals you rely on before or during a big trip? I like to remind myself I’m having fun and know when I get there. There is no place like home. One place I could never go again over and about the many civil war and Indian war battle fields, for I hear the still unsettled the unsettled voices of the mortal spirits who had died before their time.

Patrick's place

Friday, January 9, 2009

Busy busy-day all day

The aching back what followed me everywhere yesterday I had finally left it behind me keeping meself on the move all day. And only three head ache bouts a couple/three strikes each. That is an improvement.
Handy calling me needing ride over to the Crossroads. What the heck, Frieda had been working on a three day old shopping list. Hey, I took care of that as well. Hardest item to fill was reading spice container labels looking for spices made up without pepper. Until she makes up her mind, my only thought left is she’ll have to settle for the purest unadulterated spices and mix her own concoctions.
Had to go for grain, have it weighed, and find out when the church free clothing sale was on, and boarded two tractors for moving wagons loaded and unloaded until feeders swapping in repair for feeders needing repair around here. That driveway, I talked about a month ago, is still on the drive, healthily well insulated and still causing the loss of traction whatever I do on it, it’s slip and slide still there. Nature can be so what comes naturally funny.
Moved wood to house about noon. Finally finished unloading it at 8:00 this evening. It has been a good day. BGKC.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things to do

First and foremost, I thinking of demanding all my kisses returned to cover my disappointment they haven’t kept me the same spoiled adult child as I was only a short time back. I’ll show her I’ll not be taken for granted.
Have to check on the insured coverage for my medications. If this continues another jerking me around day, I’ll be looking up my state insurance commissioner. And if still unsatisfied I’ll go to my State Senators (Democrats both of them) in Washington. Their loyal staffs do a fantastic service for their constituents.
Getting down in the barn in time The Indy Ollie was found very unhappy. He wanted out. It was noticeably tired of being walked all over by a bunch of dirty pawed cats then taking to sitting on the genuine imitation Naugahyde seat covering, the place where its seat and my seat happen to come together when we‘ve work to share.
The Leland near couldn’t wait to get back. What a crank. This one should have been thankful it had been so easily a well treated for a lighter problem than a required heavier fix. I wasn’t particularly impressed with its high and mighty attitude when it couldn’t even pickup it’s arms only this last Monday.
Last but not least the Cushman did itself proud wiggling its behind across the street bringing everything home I had taken over there for the Leland’s on that site recovery.
And I spent part of the day writing some of my tales and stories. That was fun until I discovered I had been sitting wrong and inadvertently brought about a sharp pain at the base of my spine. Thankfully tomorrow’s another day I can walk and work this one out. BGKC.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I want an Email addy

Barack Obama address?
I want Barack Obama's current email address before he's moved into the White House.
Doing several searches all I get is oily Governor Bush's addy. I got no use for him and I want my letter going to Obama’s mail period rather than round filed in the current White House mail room.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Well, I’ve been treated to one likely Email address I haven’t been able to figure out??? Yet???
So farm stuff went like this. I spent the day in neighbor’s garage getting three drain plugs freed and out of the Leland Tractor. Biggest probem removing them was their refusal to budge. Calling about found a 11/16” socket unavailable. Making one last effort checking my tool box for such a socket I was sure I didn’t have. Lo and behold I found I had one. Seeing what drained out, water mixed oil, its hard telling how many years it’ll take this drained sludge to separate and settle out. The oil filter came in mid afternoon, as did the fresh new hydraulic-transmission oil.
Everything taken care of the tractor had been put back in order, the reservoir refilled, tractor started and hydraulics tried worked fine. Tomorrow the Oliver will be moved out of the low barn and the Leland back in where it likely imagines it belongs. [It is fun assuming machines have souls. The way they behave its almost as if they indeed do so.] But, back to reality, before I’m done tomorrow I’ve a number assorted cans and tools to put away. It weren’t all that bad a day today to see the tractor fixed. BGKC.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A current polytics answer….

I’ve got to answer this comment even if it is only in part upon my part………
“now...I'm worried.....
It'll be okey dokey now that Fern's heroes have control of everything!”
First off, I can not say it any other way. During my 14+ lustrums of life under my (suggested) “heroes” leadership I’ve had steadier and more fruitful employment than I’ve ever had under Reaganomics insistent government deregulation. Under less government legislated rules only the filthy rich benefiting the most given the rules having been dropped. Consumer protection under unscrupulous money lenders goes unchecked under Democratic watchdogs what are no longer funded or enlisted to protect us from the selfish money grubbing financial kings. Up front lenders no longer exist for the potential borrower may speak to in difficult times.
No rules cover consumer protection of all the nasty tricks the few money grabbers may levy upon the middle class American. Load limits on consumer plastic debt. And what about the open ended interest rates on home loan borrowed money at the unscrupulous money mongers lining their own pockets. Tricky extra charges for miniscule banking errors charged to the consumer. How about unregulated credit card fraud legalized in the corporate halls where nobody may be held accountable. How about the ridiculous surcharges leveled upon bank accounts over miner mistakes by clerks, mailrooms, faulty computer errors. How about the credit ratings destroyed aimlessly jeopardizing future borrowers ability to purchase economical loans. The money misers have unfairly loaded down the consumer with unsolicited, unchecked demands and responsibilities, what are clearly hidden in the ultra fine print.
Now for a real biggy! What is it with these stimulant packages? A third one coming up? I simply don’t see “three stimuli packages as making a right.” Hell, the first two didn’t do anything for the economy! …. Somebody’s are already suggesting I should use my stimulus check for a down payment upon a vehicle I‘m I’ll prepared to pay for. Watch closely now, this is some of the propaganda on commercial TV these days.
I’m reminded the old adage… “Give a man a fish he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” All this stimulant money should be spent on public works. Bring back the CCC, WPA, whatever is necessary. We’ve failing bridges needing attention or replacement. Roads becoming more and more in deplorable shape. Road improvement guard rails where they are seriously needed.
For the auto factories? Mothball some of them. Insist upon a free exchange, of ideas, patent developments for green fuel efficient transportation between these bailed out auto manufactorures. Establish and build some inner-urban transportation lines about our major cities. To make them more fashionable charge city employed motorists city streets use tax (London).
How about bus service later in and out those cities where they shut down the service before 6:00 PM (5:00 PM Flint).
How about legislating the money lenders (banks) to get families back into their homes. Empty houses don’t fair well against the elements unheated, hoodlum damage, firebugs, manufacturing, wholesales and retail controlled abused substance drug houses. Left unattended these properties loose value and weaken the local tax bases.
We need an all inclusive medical plan that’ll cover everybody and reduce manufacturing overhead. The costs to each one would roughly remain the same. How many health premiums is every working American paying now? For a lot of folks health care is contract provided coverage. Okay, half of us will have to pickup some of this cost. Okay, what about all the other heath care premiums we neglect to count:
accident and hospital care under automobile coverages,
home owners policies,
workmen’s compensation,
supplements coverage’s.
How about supposed institutions looking after our needs disguised being governmental watchdogs what are actually insurance company’s preying on the aged. AARP for example.
How about all the medical liability coverage premiums paid by all the merchants we all frequent.
How about the temporary or seasonal employee health and accident premiumed coverage.
How about the so called Excellent carrier and provide temporary major medical health insurance coverage from 30 days up to six months. Keep in mind that you may apply for one additional benefit period if no claims were incurred under a previous plan and if there has been no significant change in your health. BEWARE!
Self Employed Health Insurance premium premiums. OUCH!
How about institutions of learning. They’re also compelled to pay accidental injury coverage’s upon their grounds. PLUS, children involved in school sports programs are compelled to pay yet more monies for parallel insurance protection.
Health and accident coverage’s are duplicated over and over again likely half the people or businesses each of us come in contact with everyday. It’s time to streamline this unused duplicated money grubbing practice now.
And how but the coverage’s I haven‘t mentioned lumped together here………. (Medical, plus Prescription, Dental & Vision)

Costs will likely even out over all what’s been paid for our protections the majority of us will never see nor use. As it stands we are legally being assessed and bilked out of delicately collected moneys the money collectors have no consciences or intending to pay out.
Then there are the unscrupulous who collect monies for services they have no intention of paid or reimburse claims.
Holy hour glass sandman. I over slept my usual wakeup moment by three hours. It must have been I put in another one of them satisfying workdays yesterday. Which reminds me, I better get off and on. Got to hustle up some firewood for the neighbor’s garage.
My day has most absurdly been unproductive. I spent most my time trying to figure out how to make fix the Leland tractor’s hydraulic system. The loader bucket moved today. Good sign the hydraulic system no longer frozen. I sat and looked at nigh on to an hour or more the mechanical beast’s rear end. Tomorrow, I’ll open three drain plugs looking for signs freed water to run out. If fluid’s clear I’ll top off the reservoir. If not I’ll drain system to let fluid’s stand quiet a couple years for reuse another time. The worst part of this bothersome maintenance procedure involves crappy documentation in a serviceable manual for the Leland tractor.
My simply looking to have filled some ‘scrips’ I fouled up, I found I had been switched to another medication insurance provider. What the ……? Tom my pharmacist, doc’s office and myself have been getting passed off, hung up on, put off, redirected, and totally unsatisfied. My calling about my insured medications, they’re listed as provided yet denied. What kind of double talk is this? Then I’m told I may only have some medication over others. I ask which of these am I okayed for? Owe, I can’t tell you that, she’d said. I can only give that information to your pharmacist. Here we go again. I call Tom and told him what information I was denied including the phone number he‘s contact for my authorized medication; and, he must make the call again on my behalf. Tom said, “At least I got to talk to Americans.” I answered that with, “That may be so, only she sounded as though she were from the ghetto.” BGKC.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tricycle thoughts

Saw me a 24" tricycle (grany) the other day. Got me thinking. I add a five horse (max hp) motor plus a basket front and rear I'd have me a fair weather un-license-able inexpensive mode of (35 > 45 mph) penny pinching transportation.
Hmmm, Giving this a wee bit further thought I wonder what it take to make it a quadra-cycle from scratch.
Hmmm, I’d need that viewed tricycle’s rear axel differential, and some molly steel tubing.
Hmmm? How about two bicycle frames side by side so to speak? Naugh, I don’t like that idea. Perhaps if I may find some go-cart parts.
I just might have something here???
As it do, grain grinding day had come around again. Spent most of the morning swapping stories over coffee while letting the power company warmed up the Leland’s coolant and battery. When I did get around to going down to the barn to bring tractor and grinder up and over the grade to turn it around on the boulevard he hydraulics quit working just as nicely as if one had asked for it. Shyit! How welcome surpises come to one working agriculture.
Today’s grind was just as full of adventure as last weeks slipping and skidding most of that traction-less day. Seeing the garage chimney smoking across the street. Asking Terry if he had room for a tractor in his garage? We had a convenient place to go as all the equipment was headed that away anyway. Using the Ollie gasser’s high lift, I picked up the loader bucket just enough to move it. Then to move it I put a chain around the material bucket and a lift’s cross member and towed it across the road where I shoved it at the neighbor’s garage. Close but not in yet, we managed raise the bucket high enough on some locking between the loader arms and tractor frame. Them backed the Leland into the garage on its own power. Wonderful. Parking the high-lift implemented Gas Ollie for use later to feed the ladies. I fired up my favorite Ollie, hooked it to the abandoned grinder-mixer at the end of the driveway. Then turned the whole rig around in the road to bring it back the shelled corn wagon for the same old grind. And when the grind and unloading done, the same Ollie backed the GM back down into the barn complete with the Ollie. I hope this last act wont ruin that Ollie? I can’t remember when that Oliver has been treated so well?
Before I had done all what was required of me making machinery swaps. Tote tools in and out of the barn. Put tomorrow’s trash out, and lastly delivered and spotted the gravity box the sun was well on its way down. Last thing I did was give Handy” a ride over to the Crossroads for his medication. I managed to only take 4 ½ hrs to grind today, my second non best grind time I’ve ever done, getting in an hour after sundown. Sure has been a humdinger of a day. Sun shined all day over weathered Shorthorn countrified 20* temperatures what felt like 30*. Why did the Hydraulics quit? I figure some moisture in the hydraulic system had likely collected in a filter and froze. That’s what happens when fall maintenance failed to crack a few reservoirs drain plugs. BGKC.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rain & stocken an empty cabin

Rain & stocked cabin details
I’m going to blame today’s short headache experience upon the sudden downward turn for the change in the weather. Thankfully it were a short episode, not to distractingly unmanageable I survived in good order.
Some wilderness camp suggestions. Personally I never thought it a good idea to leave any wilderness cabin unsupplied. The idea is in my absence should a passer by finding himself in trouble: confused as to his location, he’s overtaken by nightfall or storm, needing shelter from exposure, hungry, and without light I have always left any cabin supplied for any passing guest in need.
A Mattress my be suspended from the ceiling on wires out of the way of rodents. Food stuffs need be plastic dry packaged and protected from moisture and rodents (mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.). To protect the moisture proofed packaged foods The must be kept in quart one or two gallon glass jars for coffee, flour and beans. A couple/four cookie tins come in handy for keeping table ware clean, be it metal or plastic forks, spoons, paper plates and bowls clean and ready for use. There needs be a wood stove for heat and cooking. Candles and matches. An oil lamp plus oil for light. Holiday popcorn tins also come in handy. Square five gallon pails (used soap, or kitty liter containers) with lids come in handy for storing blankets and pillows. Kitchen utensils come in handy: skillet, couple pots and pan coffee pot, bucket for water. A flour sifter as come in handy for fixing chunky flour. Powdered milk and dehydrated foods maintain offer some luxury finishing touches.
And, may our quest leave the cabin in as good an order as he had entered it.
Days activities? Chore naturally and a two bale day at that. The Cushman had begged to get out. I fixed it by loading it up and parking it up to the deck to cool its heals its loaded covered dry until my evening’s time to bring in the firewood.
Had to make a pill run for Frieda getting on me for never bringing home her needs. Its all her fault. I’ve got a cell phone! She could call me just as I’m stepping side one of these stores. Yeah, she could have told me when I needed to know. };^))
I filled, toted and fueled tractors. And, reconfigured the Ford-backhoe’s loader, removed the hay forks assemblies for the material bucket. No driving it here I didn’t a ride to get me back down the road. This about covered my day. It’d been a good one! BGKC.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day light thoughts

Waking a bit later than the usual time (or whether the usual way) I must have had a great day yesterday. One of yesterday’s more appreciative blessing’s. A mere half hour skirmish was still persistent to remind me I’m vulnerable to one of natures unpleasant companions.
Then there was an unwarranted observation upon myself. Nobody here had asked me for. I had ridiculously blurted out an admission. It started with “Why didn’t you turn the light on before you sat down.” she’d asked. I said, “I like to sit in the dark. My eye’s itch less upon my rising.” Then as true to form, I’d completely forgotten what that admission __word___ was what should have been written here __in the blank space____.
However I also had another ridiculous thought oddly self serving over a couple personal observations over things I had managed to do to myself that I, at the time, I considered quite serious medical problems. The first one was some years ago. Truthfully as serious as I thought I might have been ill over a serious matter, I had sought the noble diagnosis and treatment for pains in my right side shoulder, arm and hand from a learned man of science, I sought out my physician’s knowledge and treatment.
Everything had checked out. I had a pulse, I was breathing, and had walked into his office under my own power. He likely gave me a gazebo. It was rather tasteless pill, know that remember it, for in the end it was exactly what I had happened to do to myself, what turned out to be a self inflicted condition I interpreted as serious, a later time and day.
Now I shall backup upon my assumed ailment what had actually started in the honeymoon bedroom via way of my beloved routines what normally didn’t necessarily happen between a man and his life‘s wife. As it was we had slept together like grandma‘s finest Sunday silver what she best kept in the felt lined silver case her table service had come in.
I had liked our sleeping arrangement finding comfort in our way of settling in for a nights sleep. I might even had reveled in it, both of us in our way.
First married our combined retiring, (and I mean combined) my darling wife had taken the place of my teddy bear. Poor Teddy (and I mean poor Teddy, but that‘s another story…….). And as a child I used to find poor Teddy come dawn somewhere on the floor either along side or under the bed checking that area out and collecting dust bunnies for me. Annoying it was some ensuing mornings, I’d find my honey missing. Looking for her I’d never found her beside nor understandably under the bed. But rather curled up on a coach or chair somewhere in the house. Each time I asked her what happened? I had wondered if she no longer liked or loved me? Naugh, not after the way we’d behaved between the sheets last time exchanging siliva. It took about three of these missing person‘s search and the recovering her delightful body wrapped in a blanket rather than my arms, did she finnnnnnaly tell me the cause and her slippering self offensive salvation.
Through discussion I learned of her problem? Me! I was an arm flailing windmill sleeper. The back of my elbow had perhaps back whacked her person somewhere in the dark of night. Hardest on her part to take it, was on her nose. Then again I might have choked her to death had she not the strength I had seen within her to take care of herself. She merely lifted the inside of my elbow off her neck when I had rolled the opposite whole way over to near choke her. While this woke her up, I had never felt a thing.
From that day on I had before me the prettiest girl to protect, cherish, and hold onto if I weren’t going to freeze to death sleeping alone. I had already given up Teddy’s fuzzy coat.
Any number of solutions before me, I only remember one of them. And as simple as it might have been from that day on it’d hurt me more than her, but, it worked. The last thing I was ever to do under the covers from that night on, I slept on my hands until I don’t remember how long before I hadn’t wind-milled again for sure. I’m sure my wind-milling affliction’s burden had been eased from my subconscious. Which was about another eight months ahead of us. But, that is yet for true another story…….
So, it was later, I had somehow managed to roll myself either on top one of my old solutions for anti-wind-milling, or I believe I had taken to rolling even further over to bring on a new misery. Perhaps more recently I had rolled a little further perhaps a few to many times to hold closer each time either one us had left the other alone, only to be met with a brand new reunion. This might have been the start of my misery again drawing us ever physically closer maybe perhaps closer than we had been ever before. It had to have been my laying on that shoulder and arm again what had cut off the circulation blood’s coming and going, plus the pinching of the nerves in that arm and hand to cause the Lord given awful pains I was unknowingly inflicting upon myself.
Unknowing all my pain self inflicted, nothing further than what Doc had done giving me than them no-where pills did I figure the dumb problem out for myself. I swear there’re day’s I’m my own worst enemy.
What a colossal sunshiny day for going to a farm auction. This was a good one. Nobody selling any body’s gathered homestead’s lifetime history. It was a consignment auction those thing neighbors no longer needed up for more neighbors given a chance at changing ownership for their individual needs. I had a good time, regardless, seeing only one individual I hadn’t seen for years mistakenly admitted he’d known me. Well! Not really! Many years ago our having shared some county fair good times, on day’s when he couldn’t make the fair scene to look after his animals, a couple my kids looked after then walking, watering, feeding them, keeping the animals bedding changed and clean for him and his family. In spite the whole width of the county between our households, in those days, our families melded for a week and a couple days every year.. Those times were another part of some fun time easy Summer days.
HOLY MEDICINE MAN, I hadn’t had a single visit from the headachen spiker! Even skipping the normal interest in that pain chasing bottle of feeling better magic. I was no taker today, all day! It’s felt so good, this freedom’s return. I can only hope those paining attachments leave me for good!
Getting back so late the afternoon, by time I had lunch, I didn’t imagine it enough daylight between then and sundown to start anything new.
Now what? Me think’s me’s written enough of this. BGKC.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I can’t believe it isn’t Saturday.

Out early my ladies attended to ringing a hay bale just outside the yard I‘d want them in the later. I had gates swung wide here and there. I enjoyed my adventures trying to stay upright without slipping, without falling off a frozen mud ridge to slidding length wise a frozen puddled rut all down under to snow the must individual down. Yep, I had managed to be humbled. Be damd if when I hit all them ridges I believe each one of them left their individual marks. Can tell’em Herr Clink had made’em.
We busily run all the ladies through the chute and head gate worming all the lot save one. She’s headed for the livestock exchange come Monday. She’s been such a lovely lady so easy to get along with, a good neighbor, a delight to be around. I’m going to miss her. But, it’ll be far better she goes this way rather than wasting away a slow death when she’s finally fallen off her feed. The Cushman running rather poorly I had to get off, had to get down, and had to get under the vehicle, and changed a sparkplug. The snow bright and clean I didn’t make my tux any dirtier. Now that can’t be said for laying in the summer drive way.
To night’s supper was an easy fix. Philly made, delivered, and showed us her cooking abilities. I’ve got to call her tomorrow and tell her how well she‘d done. BGKC.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It was a grand day for farming

I haven’t suffered one of then headache’s of any sort all day today. Lawd, It were a feel good day.
I spent most the day up at the barn doing my part with inoculating and worming, the cows up there, a bull what got stuck in the squeeze chute, a couple heifers and 4H club calves (steers).
We had a time getting the bull out (3 1/2 yrs old and big). Should-a taken picture only no time. When plan A failed to work, I went for plan B tools which didn't work either. Then having to go for still more tools for plan C. When I got back plan B had worked in my absence. I missed seeing that act. Drat! Sure glad he was (is) a calm bull (Shorthorn) for the fix he had gotten himself into.
Was near sundown before I got o my ladies hay. Was alright. They’d done one swell job cleaning everything I had given them the last couple days. That is important this winter. It’s going to be tough enough making the last longer than the hay we’ve got, let alone wasting any.
A good day’s work outside, I was ravenous when I came in after my chores. Sure glad we’d gotten the snow he had on the ground it making it easier my seeing past sundown.
Supper was sooooo goooood. Venison extra tasty my knowing exactly where the free loader had been having eaten my corn and hay.
In answer to an issue raised upon a net board……….
What was the question?
The simplicities of education?
Upon the subject of learning I suspect a great many clever kids are (were) irresponsibly pushed through the education system as I was. I had a terrible time with some of my schooling. My first schooling started in a very citified rural school at the corner of 13 Mile Rd and John R, east-northeast Royal Oak, Mi. north of Detroit.
My very first years in school was a gorilla learning undertaking for me. I was accused of disrupting the class because I just didn’t get it, or accused of monkeying around. I new Lamphere School’s halls well walking them to the office and the office instructing me to sit the punishment bench (oak) in the hall. I was guilty by disassociating upon my part the letters symbols with their sounds. I plainly was unable to make head nor tails of the letters. I was totally unable to tell a number of letters front from back. Examples: (the equals sign means any particular letter looked like one or more of others in the alphabet) b = p = q = g = q, an o = q, m & w & n & u, all looked alike to me, ph often looked like an f, some letters even had more than one reading all depending whether they were used in upper and lower case writing. I had a HELL of a time figuring out the black board, not to mention ciphering “Dick and Jane playing with an even smarter dog.”
Math was a snap. I had no problems with numbers. Grammar school numbers were a snap as was high school later. More on HS later……
I must have been 11 years old when my folks went back to the farm. In farm life I was enrolled in a two room country school. Now there was a real house of learning. Four classes in my room I had pressed upon me an opportunity to listen to last year’s learning all over again; but, I also listened to next year’s learning as well, next year’s whatever was previewed I got a head’s up head start on preparation. Of course there was this year’s learning to contend with.
Two trying conditions involved my teacher and I. I struggled with my reading and writing. My teacher, her hands full four grades, she was to busy for any special helping me extra attention. Both of us lucking out I found two books in the schools limited library “Freddy the Pig” a story, the barnyard animals given speech in this story, as well written in subsequent books. I was reading delighting the teacher. For writing I had to write a more lengthy book report than the norm. Then we’d go over it together now and then as I read more Freddy’s adventures.
Having to study science I found a book covering animal husbandry. All sorts of critters on the farm this was for me. Another book covering horticulture I managed to get into with my teachers blessings. We were both happy my taking up interests what covered what she had supposed to teach us. And again I had more writing Chapter by Chapter book reports.
Country school was where I learned the best, the most, and caught up grammar school for High School.
So it was all the way from first grade until HS numbers didn’t lie. 2 was 2 and two 2’s put together you had 4. Now when it came to fractions, I never got it right in my mind what a numerator or denominator was. I couldn’t understand where or why one always had to be on top the other. Just put the top and bottom lines on the paper with line between them I figure them without some silly worded rules. Even when I had more math years way ahead of me, I breezed through Algebra (hardest part substituting words for A‘s and B‘s), Geometry (was a wiz a body knowing where he was doing this). Of course advance Geometry and Trig were merely more games. I could miss math class for days and come back to school ahead of the class in my book and written home work. What classes required reading and writing I worked three options: History comics and arguing current events (current events saved me), for English I managed my way out of High school handcrafting projects upon the subjects we studied (Mac Beth‘s castle was an enormous winner).
Reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic plus Social studies. I liked geography regardless being so ridiculously boring. Having to totally devote all my time on require subjects I managed woodshop, art class for lesser subject requirements. To satisfy extra circular activities I participated in the class play every year. Fun place to have started licking my shyness around girls. Okay I had a Mom only she was Mom, not a girl.

My parents were my most devoted teachers. Mom all-ways had another approach. Dad was a repetitive instructor. No escaping them I learned more from them than I did my struggling thru the inept schools, the first one being the absolute worst. I was so short changed and my not knowing any better so were my sons. Now what pisses me off is our beloved Washington, DC governor elect who’s been playing president mandated “The no child be left behind” concept then turned around and cut federal funding for schools plus not making any financial arrangement to support such programs.
My fondest activity had always been making or fixing something from nothing. I’ve learned more, made my living, and loved my wife with my big course hands earning our keep.