Monday, January 26, 2009

1-26-o9 ICE

I looked up these sites. One a suggestion, the other a surmised guess. Internet pictures are a long way of depicting the art forms try beauty.
Plymouth MI's Ice Sculpture
Frankenmuth Mi’s Ice Sculpture
Ever hear the partial term “This and that.” associated with personal problems.
My personal trails could more usefully include
the wording “Tractor and tractor.”
The gasser 1850’s oil pump had remained frozen this morning regardless 1500 watts electrical heat applied to it’s oil pan with the entire underside the tractor engine area closed in with cardboard and rags for the entire night. Unable to run the gas Ollie I used the Indy Ollie*
To pull the gasser up from the barn where I had parked it better sheltered from prevailing winds for easier starts. So much for a good idea. The Indy Ollie had to have a jump because unplugged fore I hadn’t foreseen it’s need to be pre-warmed to go. Running and warming on the go the Indy Ollie did it’s thing as was required of it all day. Included was my first time burying ugly in a combined 20” snow plus falling through an ice sheet to chuck the wheels the Indy Ollie was employed yet a second time this day to tow Ugly out of its humiliated position. {Do to a total lack of proper respect, Frieda’s over to my side laughing her azz off at my writing about treating machines as if they’ve souls. She just doesn’t understand this man and machine’s relationship.} As well as ringing the empty feed wagon upon higher ground. Thankfully I had no problems with the genuinely English Leland import. I had fixed it.
I ground grain, put out five overflowing tubs trash. Fed the ladies with the remarkable help of an uncomplaining Indy Ollie. Got myself, ground grain, picked up Handy, who incidentally had helped steer the gasser up from the barn. We dropped the grain off before going on to the crossroads supper market, our both needing a few things. Getting back home it was pushing 5:30 PM.
This was my sunnyfied Shorthorn country day. BGKC.

*Indy Oliver, so named, for it had originally followed my brother home from Indians a few years back. It was a mediocre to poor deal as it needed an immediate engine overhaul for a tractor he had paid to much for.

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