Friday, January 23, 2009

Finishing anything-d make happy

Re: Everyone still, asleep...wake up!
Hold the heat waves. When Spring comes to Shorthorn country I want it over over-night. I hates MUD.
As for playing or watching sports, I've got more to accomplish than watching a bunch of fanatical stupids watching even stupider stupids intentionally injuring each other. Then the self destructed seek the pity from the same fanatics who care damned little about all the accumulated short career injuries for the battered athletes small spot in the sun. The only real winners are the athletic medical practices living off the self inflicted injuries when the sun had gone down.
Wars between so called friendlies and enemies continue to be barbaric practices even beyond our supposedly up standing educated civilized time.
Its all Bull Shyit!
` ~~~~~~~~~~
Glory be, it has warmed just enough I’ve been comfortably wrenching without my beard freezing to the tractors cold hearted steel nor my tuxedo’s intrusive zippers. But not yet warming enough to keep my hands warm.
Here then I suspect the honeymoon is finally over? Like all those friends outside my family who’d had said we’d never last six months. How do I know honeymoon was over. Frieda had up and denied me those now older places where I pleasurably used to warm my hands all these so many years of supposedly contented living suffering all those up and downs in a trying life together. (sniff)
Working on the Leland this morning, rather than continuing beyond the onset of a darkening sky last night has been about as easy as I had suspected it to be. I even come up with another invention of need.
To install those hidden bolts after I had improvised this bolt holding tool it was a piece of wire folded around a bolt, four times.
Here I’m prepared to lower tricked bolt into space where my fingers couldn’t go, let alone fit and turn it in.
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Even with its use, my putting those hidden bolts back into the machine, where they were required, still took some patience and time to install and tighten.
Sheesh! It’s surprising I got anything done today, Bro’ continued having me waiting all day. If it weren’t one thing it were another. I gave up on him and went on with my own agendas. Handy had said he’d help with Leland’s hood. More than that once he got here he was a most invaluable help. While bolting up the radiator’s hidden bolts and all clamping the bottom radiator hose was almost enough to either send us to drink or set it on fire. Getting it together I started filling the radiator. But rather than take the time to fill it full and pickup the tools I took handy home expecting to load wood for the house. So getting back, wanting to load wood, I did so. Wanting a coffee break I took one. Bro’ finally calls. So truck’s load covered I prepare to go changing boots. On my way out Her Mostess wanted a Mason’s temple fish dinner for tonight’s supper. No lights on Ugly I made no promises. On my way I see daughter Philly’s in the neighborhood. I call’s her, she’s agreed to run that errand for me.
Helping Bro’ with his chores an old friend, Grace (931) came by to say hello and ask how I’ve been. She stayed long enough for me too scratch behind her ear before moseying on. Bro’ had just delivered the goods.
Then we finally got around to load out three steers for feeders. Delivered, it was looking good I could get back home in time my backing Ugly up to the porch deck. I could unload it after dark/after supper. The fish dinner’s timely arrival we ate. It’s good and dark now, time I go to bring in the wood.
The days getting longer I’m already near keeping a spring work schedule. I could use some warmer temperatures to spend some real time putting JD back together. We’re going to need it badly this Summer through next winter turned it into a double ended hay mover loader tractor.
Boring my readers enough. BGKC.


Paula said...

Like the pictures.

Alice said...

Hi Fernon:) Lookng at your pictures surely makes me appreciate the almost 60* each morn and 70+*'s in the eve at least a couple of days each week. We get winter/spring complete with blue birds. I think you must have antifreeze running through your veins to live in that climate and actually love it. Enjoy while you can :).....

Kelly said...

I sent you an email...on how to fix your journal so you can always see the fine pics you post. I am gonna check back in the mornin and I wanna see some results. ;) I hate mud too. We just happened to have a few dry days around here and then comes the rain last night, remaking all the mud again. Bleah..Love, Kelly