Saturday, January 31, 2009

little done.

As I tried all day Ugly has refused all day to start. Been laying under it all day un-managing to hit the right spot if it’s a frozen fuel line I’m contending with.
Heavy wrestling the old compressor down at the barn my getting the best of it two out of three falls with the help of a heavy hammer and a pry bar on my side I had finally gotten the new belt on that contrary machine. Then wondered it it were going to warm up enough for use. It had me worried stinking some trying to run in heavy oil. Watching it I had eventually aired up Ugly’s flat tire, just in case I should find somebody to take pity upon either one or both of us for a warm heated in-sided place’s fix. Still don’t know if it is a frozen fuel line or an exhausted mechanical fuel pump. Checked and fixed barnyard’s fence what had been buried in snow’s.
Also haven’t heard a thing from drug store. The headaches continue the neurologist doctor telling me it’d take time until the medication a can’t get kicks in. Original estimation, I should feel some relief in about two weeks. Problem is last three medications need to work in combination with each other. Sheesh, when I read what all these medication are supposed to do, the side effects, and my thinking a couple of them paralleling my present meds, a few more days I’ll feel better informed when I may see my favorite Doc and pharmacist. Meanwhile, my neck continues to feel rather thick between the ears. BGKC.

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Donna said...

If it makes you feel any better, I've felt "thick between the ears" for most of my life.