Sunday, January 18, 2009

Temperature’s Raising

Yup, temperatures rising. I got to enjoy the heat-wave all morning long. Managing to get a ride to Ugly truck down the road, I was able to bring back my milk house heater and a couple 13 MM wrenches. The heater I laid it on its back pointed straight-up at the Ollie’s oil pan. That done I turned to the JCB’s poor battery connections With two wrenches one holding the square bolt head to keep me from loosing the battery to able prevent it from slipping off (or loosing its questionable grip on (its post when I had tried to tightened the battery clamp, earlier. With two wrenches I finally gotten it fixed, tight..., I think.
Somewhere in here my having to mark the forgotten time I looked up and saw the ladies muzzles encircled with snow. A sure sign they’d been eating snow as water was unavailable. Oh shyit, The barnyard fountain had froze my not even having to check it. It was a-okay yesterday my checking light bulbs. Getting Frieda’s hair drier I opened the cabinet and pointed the heat guns muzzle inside to warm the manifold and all its tapings. I must of set there with all the know it all ladies trying to advise my how this fountain worked. I can’t tell who all had been sticking their nose in my face between the first and last offering their reamed nose/licked chops advice. I was in so much good company. I can’t begin to express my delight. Having spent some time on my kness my applied heat seemingly slow I managed to tuck the appliance inside the cabinet. Here I went for a coffee ending up taping the handle broken the other day. I never got the coffee. Back out to check, the fountain still wasn’t offering any my lady acquaintances a satisfying snort. Okay, where do I look next. Eureka, I remembered something I hadn’t had to think about for years. There was a water pipe in the basement near a crack in the basement foundation wall. Yup my feed sack what had protected that pipe had slipped down the wall and exposed itself to the frosted wall behind it. Here taking another bit of power cord unplugging the freezer I had just enough cord for the heat gun to reach the a-ledged frozen water pipe I sweep the heat over it for sometime until all of five foot of that water pipe felt comfortably warm to my naked hand. Here I removed myself back outside. Walking down to the barn there was but one lady quizzedly looking at the fountain and me in turn. Amongst the machine what had been my morning’s primary concern, looking at the poor girl once more I noticed I had left the fountain’s water bowls covered. Oh ,me, my, I opened them. Hungry and taking it no more I went for lunch. The machines could well wait for me until I could comfortably get back to them…. (grrr)
Afternoon, Frieda getting wind my making a list, she made one also. Whoopee! I’m sure glad she keeps my spare time filled and me out of trouble during my free time. I had decided I needed one of the foam insulating thingamajigs to put over that vertical-bit water line in the basement corner to protect if from the frosted wall behind it. That was all. She needed milk bread and eggs, simple enough, but why should it be so simple when I can show her my what’s what. Plainly needed a few extras: soft cheese by her demand the other day, longhorn cheese for me, Sure as I’m sitting here trying to remember what all more I picked up I had also gotten food for the cats. I wasn’t about to take another bad mouthing from the cats in a couple days as well as having suffered the indignant looks I had gotten from the ladies this very morning. Sheesh, what a man don’t have to do to keep his ladies happy whether their two or four legged.
Taking off for the crossroads I had gotten a bright idea along the way I just might enjoy a WHOLE cup of coffee with one additional stop off at Loopy Acres., the idea being nobody’s know where I was. It worked and I had enjoyed iy with no interruptions. Two cups I was on my way again. Darn Hardware store was closed. Ralph will get a small piece of my mind tomorrow as I can’t afford anymore than a small piece. So I made a donut turn hitting the grocer’s parking lot. That my Mrs.‘s wanted I got plus. Back home I was delighted to see Terry had the Ford tractor out plowing both our driveways clear of some twenty inches snow.
The grocery’s taken into the house, I headed for the tractors. Checking the Ollie’s oil it was warm to the touch right off the dipstick. Could it be? I pulled away the rags so’s not one of them would get caught in the cooling fan or the coupling bicycle chain. I climbed aboard, turned the key, and almost instantaneously had forty pounds oil pressure. I was once more delighted. It was turning into one Hell of a good day. I did my chores, parked tractor. As well as the JCB what had started as it was supposed to. I parked it as well. Coming into the house looking to relax and soak up the heat given off a wood fire. Before I could even start taking it off the phone rings, Some ya-who down the road decides he’s got to inoculate some steers. And if I didn’t need the JCB bring it with me.
Being out in the cold all day I was looking forward to enjoyment of another kind. I went and when I got there I bitched my piece. The jerk needn’t start this bullshit at sundown. One reason I already had put in my day. Second and third reasons more importantly to me, my eyes aren’t what they used to be after dark, and the biggy I was denied taking my life keeping medications on delaying my supper until 8:00 PM. When I did get home, when I was more than comfortable enough I show all my sides to the woodstove’s warmth. It felt oh so good. Supper was a butter bean, hamburger, and an onion soup. Now that I’m feeling like a fattened cat I’m ready for a brown cow dessert getting black cherry instead. I’m thinking Shorthorn country saw me earn it today. BGKC.

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