Saturday, January 24, 2009

Leland’s done

[i] Zippity do da,
zip pidy yea.
At long last,
Leland’s done today.[/i]
Herr Clink more or less on the war path for months over her tool draw always sacrificing its pliers to my forgotten returning them after an important use, I got a whole new set all her own. When one halfway decent pair was priced at $4.45, a set of six at $8.99, what else could logistically I do?
When she questioned me as to, “What celebration are all were these for? I mentioned, “How about this last December’s Anniversary, plus Christmas just past,…….”
Then she chimed in with, “And, what am I getting for my birthday?”
To wit I pointed at the still packaged goods, “… of all these is for Valentine’s Day, uh….your up coming Birthday, err…the Holy Saint Patrick’s day, and plus one more to be named later.”
I can’t believe she didn’t buy it?????? My butt, I tried!
Best part of the day I took Her Mostess shop lifting in a very prestigious shopping centered around about a very famously individual who‘s name is often on many lips. This wholesale outlet carried only the most priceless designer clothing of all labels. She had a most delightful time with three of the enterprises associates near to waiting on her hand and foot. They showed her this dress, that gown, this color and multi colors, in singular piece’s and complete fashion sets. I couldn’t remember the last shopping spree seen my seeing her having such a good time. I denied her nothing. Before we’re done we’d packed away an ugly pickup truck load. Secretly, I’m not at liberty to divulge my means as to how I could afford such an extravagant shopping spree. But alas, as long as she’s happy, I’m happy….
Get me? I am such a totally modest genius. (grin)
Afternoon into evening chores was a bare skin wind burning facial adventure. Driving the tractor anywhere beyond the wind broken farm yard out buildings was a wind chilling below a cold 0* experience for sure. BGKC.

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