Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things to do

First and foremost, I thinking of demanding all my kisses returned to cover my disappointment they haven’t kept me the same spoiled adult child as I was only a short time back. I’ll show her I’ll not be taken for granted.
Have to check on the insured coverage for my medications. If this continues another jerking me around day, I’ll be looking up my state insurance commissioner. And if still unsatisfied I’ll go to my State Senators (Democrats both of them) in Washington. Their loyal staffs do a fantastic service for their constituents.
Getting down in the barn in time The Indy Ollie was found very unhappy. He wanted out. It was noticeably tired of being walked all over by a bunch of dirty pawed cats then taking to sitting on the genuine imitation Naugahyde seat covering, the place where its seat and my seat happen to come together when we‘ve work to share.
The Leland near couldn’t wait to get back. What a crank. This one should have been thankful it had been so easily a well treated for a lighter problem than a required heavier fix. I wasn’t particularly impressed with its high and mighty attitude when it couldn’t even pickup it’s arms only this last Monday.
Last but not least the Cushman did itself proud wiggling its behind across the street bringing everything home I had taken over there for the Leland’s on that site recovery.
And I spent part of the day writing some of my tales and stories. That was fun until I discovered I had been sitting wrong and inadvertently brought about a sharp pain at the base of my spine. Thankfully tomorrow’s another day I can walk and work this one out. BGKC.

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Kelly said...

Good afternoon Fern. :) I hope you are feeling alright this moment. I have missed so much here. I am always falling behind on my reading! You would think with all the bad weather I wouldnt be that busy, but it turns out I am just as busy as ever, oh well. I am going down below now and catch up on what you have been into, or up Hugs, Kelly