Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It might be chilly but with ths kind of weather I ain’t working up any miserable July sweat to cuss out. I’ve had a good morning down in the barn. Having been -19* below zero before adding on wind-chill this very AM it’s been a right nice day working in the shade. I managed to take the English Leland apart having smartly gotten all the way down to the water pump before braking for lunch. I might say I broke for lunch while I still had a few whiskers left still keeping my both plates my dentures from freezing. If it weren’t for the cold steel, my tux’s zippers and Velcro closings I might even had gotten the water pump off. But I’m telling it like it is, my seeing all them silver colored whiskers coming out roots included I had to quit while I still had something worth quitting for.
A lunch and two naps out of the way I was back down to the barn for the last operation removing the uncovered water pump. It took a-wile my having to take it off with an and wrench. When I finished I packed it plus the fan belt and lower radiator hose for replacements while I was this far along and gathered up the tractor’s books after I had fought and won getting Ugly o run against such bone chilling weather. Took every thing to Bro’ for his expertise in either finding the rebuild parts or water pump rebuild in the area.
Returning home I fed the ladies and got back into the house about twenty minutes before sundown. Made myself comfortable, then Her Mostess suggested laundry needed done. So I took down those cellar stairs into the cold dank dungeons for one of the laundry twins to do my bidding. While I was there, earlier Her Mostess had plainly suggested my night shirt needed laundering, what with so many meals dribbled down my front when I had previously been in it. So I whipped it off, including all late night snacks, and threw it in a-top the rest of the wash load. Sock-le-blue, that was one drafty mistake my more than bare footen it mounting them cellar stairs re-seeking the warmth of the parlor stove what seemed so so-far far-away.
My mind questions the accuracy of divorce statistics?
It’s said half of all marriages end in divorce. What bothers me here is the accuracy when it come to couples married for life, to never divorce period. I’m going to include widows and widowers in this as they often times remarry for life a second time. All these a-fore mentioned people had taken their relationships seriously.
Now, how many times do the marrying people divorce and repeatedly remarry and divorce. May I assume these last numbers of peoples un fairly unbalance the divorce rate statistics. I wonder? I’ve tried researching the E-net for answers to this burning question without a definitive answer.
In my mind I’m thinking more couples have stayed together than have strayed away one another.
I’ve written about cattle breeds. Don’t know much of nothing about cats other than: tiger, black, tabby, Siamese, Burmese, and little else.
So, I’ve elected to share this picture:
So, what have I got here? A Galloway cat?
What I’d like to know is where had this normally pain in the ass cat stuck both ends to manage to have its middle snowed on? Animals can be so entertaining. BGKC.


Alice said...

Hi Fernan. If you figure out how the cat got snow just on it's mid-section, please let us know! They really do have on thick winter coats and yes, all animals are so very entertaining. Take care :)....

Paula said...

Now that is one interesting cat. I guess it's head and tail was somewhere warm so it didn't feel the middle getting bombarded with snow or ice.

Kelly said...

I dont see how you stand it, the cold that is. I went out this morning to let the chickens out and that north wind hit me and sliced me up like a loaf of bread! I am wimpy, I just cant take the cold. The temps are still dropping here. Cats...silly creatures, but like you say, entertaining. ;) XOXO Kelly