Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A current polytics answer….

I’ve got to answer this comment even if it is only in part upon my part………
“now...I'm worried.....
It'll be okey dokey now that Fern's heroes have control of everything!”
First off, I can not say it any other way. During my 14+ lustrums of life under my (suggested) “heroes” leadership I’ve had steadier and more fruitful employment than I’ve ever had under Reaganomics insistent government deregulation. Under less government legislated rules only the filthy rich benefiting the most given the rules having been dropped. Consumer protection under unscrupulous money lenders goes unchecked under Democratic watchdogs what are no longer funded or enlisted to protect us from the selfish money grubbing financial kings. Up front lenders no longer exist for the potential borrower may speak to in difficult times.
No rules cover consumer protection of all the nasty tricks the few money grabbers may levy upon the middle class American. Load limits on consumer plastic debt. And what about the open ended interest rates on home loan borrowed money at the unscrupulous money mongers lining their own pockets. Tricky extra charges for miniscule banking errors charged to the consumer. How about unregulated credit card fraud legalized in the corporate halls where nobody may be held accountable. How about the ridiculous surcharges leveled upon bank accounts over miner mistakes by clerks, mailrooms, faulty computer errors. How about the credit ratings destroyed aimlessly jeopardizing future borrowers ability to purchase economical loans. The money misers have unfairly loaded down the consumer with unsolicited, unchecked demands and responsibilities, what are clearly hidden in the ultra fine print.
Now for a real biggy! What is it with these stimulant packages? A third one coming up? I simply don’t see “three stimuli packages as making a right.” Hell, the first two didn’t do anything for the economy! …. Somebody’s are already suggesting I should use my stimulus check for a down payment upon a vehicle I‘m I’ll prepared to pay for. Watch closely now, this is some of the propaganda on commercial TV these days.
I’m reminded the old adage… “Give a man a fish he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” All this stimulant money should be spent on public works. Bring back the CCC, WPA, whatever is necessary. We’ve failing bridges needing attention or replacement. Roads becoming more and more in deplorable shape. Road improvement guard rails where they are seriously needed.
For the auto factories? Mothball some of them. Insist upon a free exchange, of ideas, patent developments for green fuel efficient transportation between these bailed out auto manufactorures. Establish and build some inner-urban transportation lines about our major cities. To make them more fashionable charge city employed motorists city streets use tax (London).
How about bus service later in and out those cities where they shut down the service before 6:00 PM (5:00 PM Flint).
How about legislating the money lenders (banks) to get families back into their homes. Empty houses don’t fair well against the elements unheated, hoodlum damage, firebugs, manufacturing, wholesales and retail controlled abused substance drug houses. Left unattended these properties loose value and weaken the local tax bases.
We need an all inclusive medical plan that’ll cover everybody and reduce manufacturing overhead. The costs to each one would roughly remain the same. How many health premiums is every working American paying now? For a lot of folks health care is contract provided coverage. Okay, half of us will have to pickup some of this cost. Okay, what about all the other heath care premiums we neglect to count:
accident and hospital care under automobile coverages,
home owners policies,
workmen’s compensation,
supplements coverage’s.
How about supposed institutions looking after our needs disguised being governmental watchdogs what are actually insurance company’s preying on the aged. AARP for example.
How about all the medical liability coverage premiums paid by all the merchants we all frequent.
How about the temporary or seasonal employee health and accident premiumed coverage.
How about the so called Excellent carrier and provide temporary major medical health insurance coverage from 30 days up to six months. Keep in mind that you may apply for one additional benefit period if no claims were incurred under a previous plan and if there has been no significant change in your health. BEWARE!
Self Employed Health Insurance premium premiums. OUCH!
How about institutions of learning. They’re also compelled to pay accidental injury coverage’s upon their grounds. PLUS, children involved in school sports programs are compelled to pay yet more monies for parallel insurance protection.
Health and accident coverage’s are duplicated over and over again likely half the people or businesses each of us come in contact with everyday. It’s time to streamline this unused duplicated money grubbing practice now.
And how but the coverage’s I haven‘t mentioned lumped together here………. (Medical, plus Prescription, Dental & Vision)

Costs will likely even out over all what’s been paid for our protections the majority of us will never see nor use. As it stands we are legally being assessed and bilked out of delicately collected moneys the money collectors have no consciences or intending to pay out.
Then there are the unscrupulous who collect monies for services they have no intention of paid or reimburse claims.
Holy hour glass sandman. I over slept my usual wakeup moment by three hours. It must have been I put in another one of them satisfying workdays yesterday. Which reminds me, I better get off and on. Got to hustle up some firewood for the neighbor’s garage.
My day has most absurdly been unproductive. I spent most my time trying to figure out how to make fix the Leland tractor’s hydraulic system. The loader bucket moved today. Good sign the hydraulic system no longer frozen. I sat and looked at nigh on to an hour or more the mechanical beast’s rear end. Tomorrow, I’ll open three drain plugs looking for signs freed water to run out. If fluid’s clear I’ll top off the reservoir. If not I’ll drain system to let fluid’s stand quiet a couple years for reuse another time. The worst part of this bothersome maintenance procedure involves crappy documentation in a serviceable manual for the Leland tractor.
My simply looking to have filled some ‘scrips’ I fouled up, I found I had been switched to another medication insurance provider. What the ……? Tom my pharmacist, doc’s office and myself have been getting passed off, hung up on, put off, redirected, and totally unsatisfied. My calling about my insured medications, they’re listed as provided yet denied. What kind of double talk is this? Then I’m told I may only have some medication over others. I ask which of these am I okayed for? Owe, I can’t tell you that, she’d said. I can only give that information to your pharmacist. Here we go again. I call Tom and told him what information I was denied including the phone number he‘s contact for my authorized medication; and, he must make the call again on my behalf. Tom said, “At least I got to talk to Americans.” I answered that with, “That may be so, only she sounded as though she were from the ghetto.” BGKC.


Paula said...

I vote for Fernan for President.

Alice said...

Hi Fernan. Sadly have to agree with everything you say. I did not get a stimulus payment. Reason I was denied: I did not show enough income, limit being $3000 or more. Hmmmm sure glad to know I can survive on less than $3000. What a joke. I have other friends who got the same b.s. Guess I'd better get a tax preparer to do it this time since I surely must have done something wrong (you think). I give you my vote, too :)......