Friday, January 2, 2009

I can’t believe it isn’t Saturday.

Out early my ladies attended to ringing a hay bale just outside the yard I‘d want them in the later. I had gates swung wide here and there. I enjoyed my adventures trying to stay upright without slipping, without falling off a frozen mud ridge to slidding length wise a frozen puddled rut all down under to snow the must individual down. Yep, I had managed to be humbled. Be damd if when I hit all them ridges I believe each one of them left their individual marks. Can tell’em Herr Clink had made’em.
We busily run all the ladies through the chute and head gate worming all the lot save one. She’s headed for the livestock exchange come Monday. She’s been such a lovely lady so easy to get along with, a good neighbor, a delight to be around. I’m going to miss her. But, it’ll be far better she goes this way rather than wasting away a slow death when she’s finally fallen off her feed. The Cushman running rather poorly I had to get off, had to get down, and had to get under the vehicle, and changed a sparkplug. The snow bright and clean I didn’t make my tux any dirtier. Now that can’t be said for laying in the summer drive way.
To night’s supper was an easy fix. Philly made, delivered, and showed us her cooking abilities. I’ve got to call her tomorrow and tell her how well she‘d done. BGKC.

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