Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rain & stocken an empty cabin

Rain & stocked cabin details
I’m going to blame today’s short headache experience upon the sudden downward turn for the change in the weather. Thankfully it were a short episode, not to distractingly unmanageable I survived in good order.
Some wilderness camp suggestions. Personally I never thought it a good idea to leave any wilderness cabin unsupplied. The idea is in my absence should a passer by finding himself in trouble: confused as to his location, he’s overtaken by nightfall or storm, needing shelter from exposure, hungry, and without light I have always left any cabin supplied for any passing guest in need.
A Mattress my be suspended from the ceiling on wires out of the way of rodents. Food stuffs need be plastic dry packaged and protected from moisture and rodents (mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.). To protect the moisture proofed packaged foods The must be kept in quart one or two gallon glass jars for coffee, flour and beans. A couple/four cookie tins come in handy for keeping table ware clean, be it metal or plastic forks, spoons, paper plates and bowls clean and ready for use. There needs be a wood stove for heat and cooking. Candles and matches. An oil lamp plus oil for light. Holiday popcorn tins also come in handy. Square five gallon pails (used soap, or kitty liter containers) with lids come in handy for storing blankets and pillows. Kitchen utensils come in handy: skillet, couple pots and pan coffee pot, bucket for water. A flour sifter as come in handy for fixing chunky flour. Powdered milk and dehydrated foods maintain offer some luxury finishing touches.
And, may our quest leave the cabin in as good an order as he had entered it.
Days activities? Chore naturally and a two bale day at that. The Cushman had begged to get out. I fixed it by loading it up and parking it up to the deck to cool its heals its loaded covered dry until my evening’s time to bring in the firewood.
Had to make a pill run for Frieda getting on me for never bringing home her needs. Its all her fault. I’ve got a cell phone! She could call me just as I’m stepping side one of these stores. Yeah, she could have told me when I needed to know. };^))
I filled, toted and fueled tractors. And, reconfigured the Ford-backhoe’s loader, removed the hay forks assemblies for the material bucket. No driving it here I didn’t a ride to get me back down the road. This about covered my day. It’d been a good one! BGKC.


Paula said...

That is a very thoughtful entry Fernan. I know people from Mexico used to use hunting cabins a lot but I don't know if they always left them in order.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

That is a good thing you do leaving the cabin stocked just in case.