Tuesday, January 27, 2009

11-27-o9 Do nothing day

Another do nothing day.
Saw Juan. If it weren’t for their going away for a few days, he and his senora also wanted to see the ice sculptures. Saw Chip, he needs a couple more days rest and he’ll take us.
I also Talked to Annette, she’d have to ask Mick to leave her Envoy home, and she’ll take us, she’d like to see them also, only Mick would rather work in his shop all weekend.
Mick builds modified racing cars from ground up. Seems one is always on order all the time. Their son races one of them under the family colors.
I didn’t bother the family around the corner we been sending care packages each month since before Thanksgiving. Jobs lost, money’s gone, facing home foreclosure, he's taken on beer and pot, I want to stay away of that. They ain’t got what Frieda and I have had.
Thursday is my UM appointment. All of sudden this week’s time is running out. I insulated a water pipe, removed snow off traps covering the loaded gravity wagons, and wrote some fiction. This then has been my day. BGKC.

unfairly jumped on.......
.....lets back the bus up here.
I don't think I remember any mention between us about any Frankenmuth joy ride. I do remember your asking what condition my part of our road was in, because you were going to take your sons out to drive on such some snow. I fully understood your plate was full; and, understanding that, that was the end of it. So, I had not asked of you a joy ride to that community. What I do remember is asking a third party if she could take us up to Frankenmuth to see and enjoy the winter art. She put me off a day or so earlier and my asking again that same day she told me she was going with you to Frankenmuth. Now that's being shelved.
PS: Since then I've managed to find two more rides missing another by one day the last third party committed else where a couple days. We may make it yet, in spite the one I should be mad MAD at?


loopymamain06 said...

I didn't know you had asked a third party, my bad. I apologize.
loopymama being loopy.....................again..... so what's new

Paula said...

I sure hope you and Frieda get to go. It sounds like a worthwhile trip.