Friday, January 16, 2009

Second Day Running Around

Yesterday’s time was filled with running around shopping expeditions picking up Leland Tractor parts and fluids, tools, prosthesis supplies Bro’ had ordered and needed, hygienic products for Frieda she needed, and a run on my bank for depression’s shopping cash.
Being as I was a rider rather than the driver I went where the driver drove and made my best of it. She (Her Mostess) wanted some depends like products and I got her a whole batch of them. Only when I finally got home with my procurements the packages brought tears to her eyes. I’d had no idear my seeing to it so simple an act upon my part she had everything she needed would be so touching. Only she weren’t teary eyed with joy. She was weeping for I had brought home everything she hadn’t wanted. This was sadness on her part for I hadn’t gone where she had supposedly sent me to pickup her specified needs.
My getting home near to late it took me an hour to do my chore while freezing my face nearly off at the same time.
It went about the same way today, only it weren’t shopping. I escorted my lady to see her knee surgeon. A most attractive so young a lady its hard to believe she’s old enough to practice doctoring plus being a surgery specialist at that. I’m telling ya’s?!?!?!
Leaving her surgeons office’s rooms, my driving today about a block driven I came close to rear-ending a car stopped ahead of me waiting (backing up) for a light. Pulling to the right on black ice I plowed that van right into a snow bank. And before anyone thought to much of it I backed right of that snow bank and melted away right in to the traffic just as if I had as much right to be driving as anybody else. An expressway ramp but a few yards away I got on it, headed east on I-69 until I got to I-75 and headed north. Got off at Clio and when I got to the Tuscola Road I took it, chauffering Her Mostess to where she wanted me to go in the first place yesterday, when somebody more alert than I was doing the driving. Eventually nearing home I had thought it better if found her some female company to share some of those bent up feelings I don’t understand and never will. The visit worked out well for both wimmen. I didn’t know what they were talking about anywhere near half the time.
Getting home I was more than enough ready for lunch. Then had van to unload yesterday’s goods as well as those we’d picked up today. Brought Cushman out and hauled two loads wood, Terry keeping me company, one load each his garage and my hard pressed wood room. Did my chores by evening’s last light getting right at dark. BGKC.

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