Monday, January 26, 2009

For what its worth???

I had writtened.....
'I’ve got to blow off some steam:
So listen up. For the last ten years or so we’ve been wanting to go up Dort Highway twenty (more likely 30) miles or so and see the ice carnival sculptures for years. First it we’re cataracts impeding my night vision. The cataracts replace with plastic lenses, macular degeneration had set in in one eye, treatment was little help only saving what dim sight I still had left. Regardless night blindness was here to stay. Latest malady to confront me, my driving is momentarily suffering bouts of involuntary memory loss, disconnection, and/or concentration. I can’t be taking chances upon heavily trafficked roads, highways, or city streets anymore. I continue holding my own around my local neighborhood out of traffic, driving slowly the back roads either going Otisville or the Crossroads for daily shopping or medical needs. Beyond these limits, aging is handicapping me, I can’t safely drive after dark or ease of mind drive any farther than about four miles from home.
The situation here is Frieda and I’d like to be driven up Dort highway to Frankenmuth to see the Ice Carnival. All our potential drivers being asked seem to manage to gather together and thoughtlessly go without us. I’m beginning to feel uselessly put upon a top self dually forgotten and almost ignored for evermore, that is until I’m needed for something/anything, tools, making a repair, request advice, borrow money, sending out weekly grocery baskets to a needy family, etc.
What’ll I do. Maybe post this where it maybe seen by some of the ignoring principles or keep my mouth shut without alienating us from the masses. I'm beginning feel as if this is the way it's going to be here on out, should I just accept my lot amongst my family and friends. Damn it, a person's got to be tough to grow old."

A few days later I added this:
"Because another individual suggested I just tell all I know “Piss on ya’s.”
Sorry fan. I just can't up and say "Piss on them." Most of these people have been here for my family many times in the past. Ten years ago most of these folks were either right behind or beside me when Bro' was so near death, fighting for his life, after he had lost a leg to his hip in a forage chopper. They'd been so close so tight if I had failed to signal a stop or turn I got trampled a few times. That support isn't that easy to cast aside. Lately, some have helped me keep my medical appointments. Some have even gladly delivered me to the hospital ER. One had even taken a dat off to see toit I made all my appointments for my headaches. Not all at once per say but spread out over the last ten year they've been might kind to me and mine. AND, I've been paying either little back or more forward any little help too some of my neighbors along this road and around the corners who've no way to help or repay another in kind. It's just something most of us around here have to do.
It's just that I haven't been on a fun ride for so long I can't remember the last time.
Shyit! I don't know how to end this? Maybe wait a day or two and put out some feeler's again for next weekend. Wont be long weather will be turning warmer and have so much shop work to catch up on. I'll not have time then.
Such is life I guess, some of us are put on a shelf and forgotten."

As good or bad as all this may turn out, I may only wish a few more of my cyber friends lived nearer.
PS: thank you all for letting me blow off some steam.


Paula said...

I think you should just come out and ask someone to take you. Wish I lived near. John only drives in our area too. The last time I drove at night I could tell my nights are numbered too. You are correct it takes a mighty strong person to grow old. I hope you two do get to go.

Alice said...

Maybe you could drop some really strong "hints" to some of your friends or do like Paula suggested:) Yes, you and Frieda would have a guaranteed trip if some of us lived close by :).....