Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I want an Email addy

Barack Obama address?
I want Barack Obama's current email address before he's moved into the White House.
Doing several searches all I get is oily Governor Bush's addy. I got no use for him and I want my letter going to Obama’s mail period rather than round filed in the current White House mail room.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Well, I’ve been treated to one likely Email address I haven’t been able to figure out??? Yet???
So farm stuff went like this. I spent the day in neighbor’s garage getting three drain plugs freed and out of the Leland Tractor. Biggest probem removing them was their refusal to budge. Calling about found a 11/16” socket unavailable. Making one last effort checking my tool box for such a socket I was sure I didn’t have. Lo and behold I found I had one. Seeing what drained out, water mixed oil, its hard telling how many years it’ll take this drained sludge to separate and settle out. The oil filter came in mid afternoon, as did the fresh new hydraulic-transmission oil.
Everything taken care of the tractor had been put back in order, the reservoir refilled, tractor started and hydraulics tried worked fine. Tomorrow the Oliver will be moved out of the low barn and the Leland back in where it likely imagines it belongs. [It is fun assuming machines have souls. The way they behave its almost as if they indeed do so.] But, back to reality, before I’m done tomorrow I’ve a number assorted cans and tools to put away. It weren’t all that bad a day today to see the tractor fixed. BGKC.

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Donna said...

Pssst, Fern: Don't you DARE tell Cliff tractors don't have souls. He probably wouldn't sleep for a month.