Friday, April 30, 2010

For Opinions Sake

Having run out of beer coolers, I took it upon myself to experiment a bit. In a tall glass I filled half full with a Light Bud, filling the other half with Faygo’s caffeine free peach soda. I stirred it and offered it to My Frieda for taste test and approval. She tried it and liked it. I in turn took it back and with me to my favorite sitting place, sat and enjoyed it.
It was a busy day. First thing out we were to move the disk off the 1850 Tall Oliver onto the 2150 Oliver. Before we scarcely got started when starting the Tall Ollie I couldn’t put it into gear. I feared the clutch had gotten stuck????? What????? Starting and stopping the machine several times one of them the tractor in gear. The starter growled the tractor tried to roll on the starter, I was about to give it up as a futile effort. What the???? I rested my forearms on the steering wheel in a more or less defeated mood. Relaxed thinking what to do next. It come up why has this tractors clutch been in working order before this, what’s with it today? Not sure what to do I tried it one more time. Scherzooks, The clutch was free. I know not how, nor why it had stuck over night in the first place. Hmmm…. Thinking back a ways, to last fall, if I remember right it ’s clutch had stuck then but come off freely moments later just as if nothing had happened. This could become very interesting.
The disk traded off onto the 2150 Tom took off for the first disking the field I had had so much fun plowing the other day were Tom was left to do his thing. Moving on Barry and I returned my place, loaded the trimming basket on Ugly as well as chainsaw and it’s assorted paraphernalia. On the other end we got onto wash-cleaning, scrapping, wire wheeling, sanding, wire brushing, and final degreasing, before my dragging out all the junk’n’stuff to prime the gravity boxes many patched repairs. Everything readied I mixed up about 15 ounces paint poured it into a (all the way around) brand new gravity spray gun. For the need of only a small amount of paint that spray gun did a heck of a job. I has me sold on it for small job touch ups. We were done with gravity box for today.
Tree trimming well equipped we took on a tree just the other side the upper barn. A box elder it manages to grow a new rick of firewood every year. It took some doing our getting it trimmed back so’s it was no longer hampering moving hay bales into those yards the other side that upper barn.
I don’t know where the day went? A day may surely go fast when we’re having fun. Scarcly started it were time to do chores plus handle some other odds’n’ends. Everything taken care of for another day I was more than happy to come home. It had been a beautiful Shorthorn country day.
One more thing, trying o find time to go shopping has proved to be impossible. BGKC.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today’s entry lost.

Crap, I had this all written out and lost it. Once written I didn’t hold any wanton memory what wasn’t all that important. So it’s gone….unless I should remember ir at another time.
What wasn’t forgotten is the following as I had forgotten to write it out earlier.
A message had come to us earlier in the day, this Sunday there’s a free breakfast for all the parish mothers attending church this Sunday. The gentlemen are expected to make an unspecified donation. In light of the last part of this news I’ve decided to save a couple bucks for my own breakfast finding one of my gowns, wash and iron it if I want the lace nice and crispy looking plus find all the proper accessories to go with it. In dire need, I’m afraid I’ll never find a more stylish sized fifteen feminine shoe. Being six feet four inches tall and not to steady on heals. Flats suit me my fashion sense well enough as I feel don’t need to appear any taller than I already am.
Gosh, only two day’s to put this ensemble together. I think I’ve got an idea for the shoes. As I could use a pair of loafers, they’s got to be a pair to purchase somewhere. I could glue a quarter on each shoe and call them my two bit loafers should I happen to become engaged in foot wear conversation.
Oh, I remember some what we did today. While Tom gave ray a hand, Barry was my right hand mane. Barry learned some important lessons in tire repairs. We covered my whole back yard picking up bits and pieces of brush lost when I was colleting it with the JCB’s grappler. We started a brush pile fire, having clouds move over us dumping a good dose of rain on us putting out the fire and soaking us to the skin before we got back up to the farmyard for cover.
And, we moved the tall Ollie with disk in tow out of yonder farmyard leaving it standing ready to work up the tenet farm’s earth just prior to planting. First time driven, it was a middle of the road tractor. Most likely the easiest steering fastest Ollie of the whole lot. I’m wondering if it had been used as a puller as much as it smokes on acceleration. No new calves today. The ones we’ve got should prove a trick for Keith to catch if the tattoo and tagging crew are going to do these guy’s before their meat-market ready? BGKC.

Today’s entry lost.

Crap, I had this all written out and lost it. Once written I didn’t hold any wanton memory what wasn’t all that important. So it’s gone….unless I should remember ir at another time.
What wasn’t forgotten is the following as I had forgotten to write it out earlier.
A message had come to us earlier in the day, this Sunday there’s a free breakfast for all the parish mothers attending church this Sunday. The gentlemen are expected to make an unspecified donation. In light of the last part of this news I’ve decided to save a couple bucks for my own breakfast finding one of my gowns, wash and iron it if I want the lace nice and crispy looking plus find all the proper accessories to go with it. In dire need, I’m afraid I’ll never find a more stylish sized fifteen feminine shoe. Being six feet four inches tall and not to steady on heals. Flats suit me my fashion sense well enough as I feel don’t need to appear any taller than I already am.
Gosh, only two day’s to put this ensemble together. I think I’ve got an idea for the shoes. As I could use a pair of loafers, they’s got to be a pair to purchase somewhere. I could glue a quarter on each shoe and call them my two bit loafers should I happen to become engaged in foot wear conversation.
Oh, I remember some what we did today. While Tom gave ray a hand, Barry was my right hand mane. Barry learned some important lessons in tire repairs. We covered my whole back yard picking up bits and pieces of brush lost when I was colleting it with the JCB’s grappler. We started a brush pile fire, having clouds move over us dumping a good dose of rain on us putting out the fire and soaking us to the skin before we got back up to the farmyard for cover.
And, we moved the tall Ollie with disk in tow out of yonder farmyard leaving it standing ready to work up the tenet farm’s earth just prior to planting. First time driven, it was a middle of the road tractor. Most likely the easiest steering fastest Ollie of the whole lot. I’m wondering if it had been used as a puller as much as it smokes on acceleration. No new calves today. The ones we’ve got should prove a trick for Keith to catch if the tattoo and tagging crew are going to I’d these guy’s before their meat market ready? BGKC.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What people notice?

Sitting here trying to eat my breakfast I’ve got the shakes. I mean I got them. There are times I’m thinking I need a bigger spoon to substitute for a shovel to get it in, for chewing before sliding down. A bigger spoon, liking a serving spoon, dipper, scoop shovel and a scoop. Frieda’s getting up set with me my request when she wants to take care of serving my milk in a full glass. I’ve repeatedly asked (told) Frieda again and again and each time she gets upset with me. My only option is to head her off at the frig to fill my own glass. I just want to drink the stuff, not wear it.
Frieda gets upset with me missing lunch fore I come in exhausted and/or burned out that I never quite recover from by bed time, most the time just having to give it laying down for hours of sleep.
Lunch time looming on the immediate horizon, Barry said to me, “It’s time you go for lunch.” I asked, “Why do you say that?” He answered, “Because you’re shaking. The shaking stops after you’ve eatened.” So, I guess Herr Clink isn’t to far off base watching me and my more important needs.
Another occasional condition of mine rose its ugly head evening last. I got my first cramp of the 2010 busiest farm effort. A-feared to chance more contortionist pain I opted instead for a large orange, as to try and find my valium. So this morning already I found my little used valium and gotten it out where it’s easier gotten to. The cramps cause, my bouncing around on the tractor all afternoon, the vibrations, the physical and emotional tension dealing with fallow land, wet land, near stuck a number of times making at least one colossal burying the 2150 once. Fun, fun, fun!
Now we all know what real friends are for, and if I may, one lover. };^))
So much to do today I hadn’t gotten to yesterday should keep us busy today. Parts are here, ignition switch for fixing 1816 Case once and for all; and, there’s combined old and new modified and welded together coupler for the manure spreader. Before that repair is finished it will have one nicely drilled large hole for greasing that very coupler. (An access the manufacturer had shamefully neglected to put or furnish in the machine.) Oh, and if we’ve time, relocate and/or try disking last years Sudex fields of last summer (could be considered no till farming?).
Today’s doings:
At last the manure spreader is fixed and working again. The1816 Case is back together again and starting. Now if the engine stator would only generate to keep the battery charged.
Was 3:00 PM I finally got to come home for lunch. Not sure whether I’ll go out again. I’ve hit that wall hard this afternoon. The pain I’m experiencing is likely in my lungs. I questioned myself whether a little rest would allow me to continue for this day more adventures.
As it turned out I napped off and on for about three hours, played some solitaire, and didn’t a darn thing beneficial nor important. Took my meds to the nearest on time for almost all week, had supper, edited this, before posting it. Now I’m ready to call this day quits. BGKC.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plowed today

Having to run into Otisville I picked a urn permit, talked to twp supervisor about my truck she wanted gone. I gave her an explanation on my side of the mutual problem and she saw my side (?????), Picked up my medications, Mailed my GrDaughter a packet of story book sketches, and forgot to check to see if the Fairhaven store would special order in some yarn paid in advance yarn.
Swung by and picked up Barry. On shop arrival we put the heavy battery charger on the 2150 Ollie, we got my tools sorted out and put away, fix hole in fence the bulls had knocked open eager to attend the yearling heifers, and broke for lunch.
Lunch quick as I was anxious to get at some plowing we were off again. It took some doing, but the field is plowed with but one misshape. The ground a bit wet I had managed get the 2150 not only stuck but buried as well. Had to bring the 4-180 into play retrieving the 2150 back into usefulness. That’s good. Having it out on the road I experience some serious vibration. The hydraulic drive shaft the unbalanced cause along with a leaking driveshaft seal. That’s bad. The field laying fallow for more years than we can remember it had to have had a two inch and more matting loosely woven together under many winters snows Just a holding bucks’n’bucks water. It could have been the close end of June before that field might ever be dry enough to work. Well, as badly a plow job I did the field today, its sod is at least opened to breezy airs and sunshine’s drying. As rough as the field is we should be able disc it in a bout three days.
Side note: Barry and Tom witnessed my back plowing all the dead furrows including feathering the field sides and headlands. There’re no heavy equipment damaging ditch liking dead furrows to beat up the machinery this field this year. (whew) halleluiah. That’s good. I got to show these men how it’s done.
Getting earlier this evening by 8:15 PM, having to wait an hour for supper, eating late, I’m exhausted. This has been Shorthorn country for another day.
Oh yeah, another calf born last night and still another this morning. The count here is seven as of noon today. And, There’re at least seven more down the road. Life is good. BGKC.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Family history

Some Family history
Have researched both our sides. Frieda's side: Found her sir name not Irish but English, another not English but Irish, Her mother a Dutch descendant coming into US through Grand Haven Mi. an entry port (surprise).
While two of Frieda's grgrparents sir names so did also two of my family sir names.
I found my Dad's mom a Mayflower descendant. (I'd liked to have known him! Hard working, hot tempered)
Had found all four our principle grgrparents sir names migrating into Michigan roughly about 1850, related or there abouts. Some from other US locals.
Frieda’s original Sir name: Three William Dells, the only all three Wm Dell’s from UK settled in SW Mi. were a great deal of fun sorting out. (All had settled (via today's auto's & roads no more than 40 min apart.)
Backtracking the lot of them my hard hit wall going back for six of them was the 1850’s census. Did find some suspected old time cousins of mine might have migrated into the Gobles Mi. area SW Mi. in about 1835. An interesting side handed bit of recent history three TV personalities we’ve all likely watched in the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s come from that today’s village community area.
As the farm goes it has been a good day my just waking up. Sun shinning, reasonably warm made it an even better day to be alive. I fixed or better said modified the lower lot’s fence for keeping the yearling heifers safely in and free of harm. It took all day with Barry’s help my taking only a minute every now’n’then to tell him all I knew. He is becoming an apt student.. The modified parts done,still have a broken out section to mend tomorrow.
I was going to tote all my tools to one location, (shop) sort them and put them away. Shop tools to shop tools, field tools to field tools. I wonder just how long these separate tool use tool box distinctions will stand as corrected. Oh well, that toting part, I can try that dreamed up routine all over again tomorrow.
Here’s a picture of the wood lot’s replenished wildlife habitat.
Plus, a picture of the burn pile as it looks today. Compacter like it is it should burn quickly and completely when I touch it off after I’ve gotten a new burn permit.
Sundown but minutes away I got in at 8:15 PM the sun having already dropped down behind the western tree line, the moon almost full was well high in the southeastern sky.
Supper was sliced cold wild turkey sandwiches made with mayonnaise, having green olives and cranberries on the side. It was good. To save space, Frieda’s sliced away at the bird so it fit in a couple tidy little refrigerator packages. My husbandry and husbandly duties handled I’m exhausted a prepared to retire. BGKC.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bit a 3 Catch-up’s
5:30 AM
(1)The harder work at it the behinder I get. First’s first. To answer a call when I want them, it is, “Come boss!” Yelled long on the “come” with a lilt in the middle, “boss” hard on the “b.” Okay the coming is taken care of. Now for the go, I get behind them when need be and I personally yell out “yeah!” heavy on the “ye” and long on the “ah” parts of the encouragement.
(2)Someone I’d given a turkey hunting permission to gave Frieda the bird. The used bird weighed in at 24#’s with a 10” beard. The bird’s tough enough Frieda can’t cut him apart. The bird’s so lean I need to pick up a pound or two of bacon or more to cover the big bird for baking. Playing so late with the Leland I have to go shoplifting very first thing this AM. That is if we’re going to eat on that bird?
(3) While I had written I got the Leland running, evening last, I hadn’t finished putting it back together. When I’ve got it all together……I’ll pick-up and clean-up tools, put away the goods and bag the trash. All this finished I may get back to the same old grind, and likely a short one at that.
Monday’s respelling shelled corn day. The Sixguys’ bunch have already been forewarned.
10:30 AM
Was sprinkling when I came in last night, getting with it a rain lasting all night long right up until I measured an inch of rain fall here. The ladies fed, the Leland final assembly, the tools picked up, I headed for the super market. Don’t know exactly when I’ll get it right. Having put the turkey in the freezer for no room in the frig, my cooking it, it could become a late night supper.
I had figured I’d got grocery store for some turkey baking bacon, to help keep the lean bird from drying out. While there the feed grind I was looking forward to in the rain was called off. Darn, wished I had known that earlier. I’d have changed my cooking routine. I could have started earlier. Arrggghhhhh!
Back home the bird moved from the freezer to a pan of hot water I’m hoping to have my cooking under way before sundown. Regardless, I was on my way to bring the JCB equipped with grappler home for moving and consolidating most of these homemade brush piles into both a burn pile and some wildlife habitat.
12:30 PM
With three brush piles moved I came in and checked out the bird’s thawing process and had lunch. I was back out the door at 1:00 to move more brush.
4:00 PM
The bird vegetable-stuffed plus lots of bacon substituting for the birds selfish lack of his own fat had gone into the oven.
Then I was off and out picking up brush loosing a few singular pieces along the way, I can pick them up on another field drier day. Just wishing I had had the last two trees cut down and readied brush to go. Oh well, If I should get to them I’ll figure out something for clean up. Either dragging them out before limbing out or limbing them and bring the JCB back once more for clean up? I’ll see?
5:00 PM
Returning home after returning the JCB skidsteer, walking into the house it’s surely smelling good. (I’m drooling already)
A bit of time passing, my wondering, I’m asking Frieda, “How much longer does that turkey needs to roast.”
She asks “Why?”
“Uh? Do you think I’ve put enough onions in that bird?”
“Why?” she asked again, with a one tracked commenting mind, adding, “Your eyes burning?”
“If they ain’t, they’s sure watering for no reason.” I admitted, “Do you suppose I might take the lid off and check it, or wait out my guesstimated roasting time?”
“No. It should be all right in that roaster.” She’d said.
My still asking, “You think I might ought to baste it?”
“No. It’ll be alright with all the bacon you put on it.”
Darn it there’re times I come up short on patients.
6:00 PM
Finally Frieda says, “I want to check it.”
You can bet her sweet butt, I was going to be right there beside her. Heck, she needed me. She couldn’t pick it up leaving it to me. The lid off it looked and smelled good. Thermometer checking the breast it wasn’t done quite enough yet. I basted the bird, covered it, and put it back in the oven for another hour. Yup, I think I’m right on my first impulse three hours roasting till meal time.
When I had written about wildlife habitat this small area needed some fortifying. May seem hard to imagine but I’ve been feeding this brush pile for years.
Might say I outdid myself refortifying this area today. Should-a taken a picture when I had finished. Opps. Maybe another day soon.
This one grappler load. There’s more than three large pickup loads in these jaws. This implement makes quick work out of clean up or building a burn pile.
It isn’t easy taking a pear tree in blossom picture. The picture can not do the beauty justice. It’s remarkable with all the frosts we’ve had we haven’t lost the blossoms. It’s been ears since I cared for a fruit tree. Oddly enough I’m watching this tree this year to watch those eddy bitty fruits develop way down there in the blossom when the petals start falling away. When that happens it is like seeing each flower giving birth to a new seed, another descendent, for each year’s pear has seeds with in it at maturity.
7:15 PM
Was time to dig in and carve off a few pieces. Turkey come out moist enough for not having any hide to hold the juices in. The cranberry came out of the can perfectly; but, getting back to the bird it’s flavor surprised me. “Goooood!” as Gommer Pyle might have said. Me? I’m saying, Yummy. Wish you all were here.
7:45 PM
Life is good.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I’m learning

It’s 7:00 PM my sitting down to me keyboard. I’ve finally taken my rattlers having to wait an hour before eating. I fed my ladies. Was about to park the JD when I saw a lady cutting across the pasture headed my way, away from the maddening crowd so to speak. The JD parked hot footing it my plan to go around the old chicken house, I didn’t make it to even come close to passing the hen house. Looking right she’d stopped she was already well into labor. Stopping in my tracks a mount later the calf was one the ground, Just like that. So much for an opportunity to photograph a new calf half way into it’s brand new world. (sigh) Oh well, maybe another time.
Right out of the driveway, I had headed to dig the last Keith’s leach field trench. The digger refused to turn over. So I put a charger on it and headed for some wrenches. I never made the wrenches I had another need to attend to. By the time got back the digger started when I had noticed I had failed to simply push the ignition key all the way in. That was one horse upon me.
Digging done I head home for lunch. By way of the elevator for some fixings. I’ve been informed I need grind tomorrow. That out of the way I did something else I no not remember, what? (bummer) It was time to take on the Leland I haven’t been able to start all week. It took four hours entrenching a portion of the fuel system working each part for working until the fuel filter body had to come off the tractor engine. It was found the fuel breathing holes on the filter body frame were plugged tight, denying any fuel running into the distributor pump. Finally tightening up an injector line here and there I finally had the tractor running. Amazingly enough the tractor hadn’t sounded this good for the last four months. Well now, after all the hours I’ve put into that tractor for a couple plugged fuel vents I’ll be more attuned to them from now on. Live, wrench, and learn on. Those fuel filter venting jets were another long hours wasted horse upon me. No more to write for today I’m finished while I am ahead. I don't think I could crry the weight of three horses upon my back. BGKC.

Friday, April 23, 2010

What’d I do?

Yeah! What’d I do today? A very good question. And, I cab not remember. I know I didn’t cut, load, or haul firewood. Although, I had managed to half unload the wood-hauler this evening. Whew. I really don’t want another day’s worth of wood cutting right now. Well, that’s what I’m saying. I’ve a mulberry tree to cut down. Two of them would be even better. And, then there’s a box elder tree between the house and barn I’d like to take down. That’s enough of that.
Checked on tires and rims. The first tire and rim unusable I found two more up and willing to hold air. I eventually set them out with the wagon that’ll soon be on the road. I made two trips hauling fuel (gasoline) easily emptying the cans into the JD out here.
I set a small fire in our ditch out front this evening. I know! Being a farmer I should be knowing better than to do such a despicable act. But raking last summers leaves out of the depths of a ditch isn’t for me anymore. To many ups’n’downs, banks to steep, limbs getting shakier, I admit to blatantly going against nature over this burning leaves mater. Why? Because I’m getting to damned old to be making like a mountain got even on flat land. When the first burning was all though the tiger lilies I had planed a year ago looked like survivors. I may see some flowers out there yet. Frieda says the little slips of Lilac bushes I planted a year ago have flower buds on them. Wow. I’m tickled pink. Leaning on the wood-hauler looking at the house I was reminded of a screen repair. Then thinking I’ll just take the whole storm and screen unit down so’s I may scrape and paint the window’s sash and frame. I’d just better build me some sort of a portable window doing scaffold I may move from window to window. That’d make doing all the window easier. I prime and paint the windows and trim, painting the siding will be a snap. Now I’m wondering if a wagoner power paint sprayer could take care of the eves? That would speed things up a bit. BGKC.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ho Hum More the Same

Hah! We only had a few little firewood piles to pickup until one of us got the big idea to trim just a few more overhanging limbs. Wished it were Barry’s idea in stead of mine. Then, I could blame it all on him. We wound up as late as yesterday or later we finished the trimming and loading. We’ve brought up the same amount of a wood-hauler full as last night. We even managed to trim off some over hanging nuisance limbs from one enormous tree only as high off the JD as Barry could reach. That was down to the tenant farm. I may not have all the fence lines cleaned, but we’ve made a great improvement for what we’ve gotten done. I’ll venture to guess I’ve likely uncovered four acres of inaccessible ground. We can use it.
Was a good day for spotting wildlife. A lone Goose entertained us from down in the bottom ground, what bottom ground there is. We had a cock pheasant meander through my barn’s west side holding pen. We were surprised not one of the barn cats hadn’t taken an interest in him. We heard a couple raccoons talking back and forth out in the woods near where we were trimming and cutting. Not understanding raccoon I don’t know what they were say let alone what they had decided?
Took some more pictures. I skipped another proof picture of the wood hauler’s new load.
This is the stalled gravity box project I wanted finished yesterday:

This morning’s bull addition here:

On arrival the other end this morning the cattle were out again. Starting to bring them in Bro’ disliking my hollering method, we eventually had words over more than one difference of opinion. He likes splicing fence wire with a western union splice. I prefer a square knot. He tells me my splices break. That part I refused to argue. But my knots outlast his windings unwinding at least 10 to 1. He can pucker up and I told him so. I’m also tired of bringing his girls back in everyday because he won’t admit my methods are better. Now, this is how it’ll work, when he finds my way superior, two/three years from now my methods will all be his idea. Arrggghhhh! I’ve been told I can choose my friends. But, no such luck on the other….}:^)

A new born bull calf on the other end, while I was holding him in the ranger for transport, he peed all over me. When we finished on the other end getting the cattle back in again. I come home to go to field with wet pants. The shirt I hung out to day. And, it is in the laundry now.

Saw this in my field to field travels today. My first thought it were some sort of grub. Look closely it appears to be wearing sunglasses. So, what is it? A grub or worm? Smaller than a bread box, bigger than if our imaginations run wild.

I know I’d done more than this. One thing I’m sure of, I've forgotten something, maybe two. {;^)) BGKC.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ever yawn so wide you feared a monumental instant case of lockjaw about to beset yourself. I mean fly trap opened wide. I mean like vision’s closed eyes shut tight lips yanked high wide. That’d be a Hell of a way to go through life’s remainder, unable to see, chew, talk, and eating. Eating, then would be liquid somebody handing to you so’s you may pour it in for yourself. Now add a sneeze to that uncompromising eternal yawn. You feel as though your body could loose your noggin, your noggin lost at the top of the stairs to comedown bouncing step to step skipping some your mouth wide open landing over the big wooden knob on top the balaster post at the bottom of the stairs.  Lawd, I’m so glad this butt’s in only a one story house.
Oh did I shlept, 10 ½ hours worth all night long a not so uncommon prone activity. Sheesh, Now I’ve got to wait out the customary waiting time between chucking pills till I may wrap my lips about a bear paw roll. :^)
This morning’s normal farm activity underway, who let the cows out? That’s what we found when Barry and I wheeled into the farm on the other end. Some fence fixing, then a hoop and a holler from behind the ladies and young they were all back in do time without any more than an interrupted start on all our projects. Bro’ had to make a steel supply run. Tom had some gravity box patches ready to weld and he brought the Ford digger home. It’s needed to dig Keith another leach field trench. Barry and came back here to continue the cleaning up the mess we cut out of the tree lines yesterday. Little Ford tractor unusable (details later) it was the Cushman’s requirement to carry Barry and I round about the fields cut the firewood up and stack-pile the limbs for consolidated burn pile pickup in a couple/three days. Unable to carry the firewood home we did what we could get done.
It was after lunch when I could confront Terry about the missing Ford tractor’s drawbar (he had removed it for easier handling the back-blade in this last winter’s snow, “Hey!” when I saw him asking, “Are you building yourself a Ford tractor one part at a time?” ;^) We do have our funning.
With the Ford Tractor’s use Barry went about picking up the scattered piles of fire wood we’d cut earlier. I with the Cushman headed out to cut and trim more limbs from more firewood. Surprisingly to both of us we’d filled the wood hauler to the brim and then some. With what we couldn’t load up yet we’ve our first good full cord a wood cut for next winter.
A few pictures taken today:
This first picture catches some Hickory tree two inc in length buds or blossoms about to open up, or using more scientific terms DO SOMETHING!.

The tree trimmings are typically piled higher than the Cushman.

The wood hauler parked beside the house for mornings unloading and stacking. This load only a part of the fire wood we’d cut along the fields edges the last couple days.

Think maybe I could use or had better build me a new saw buck. This one without the door piece what has absolutely nothing to do with sawbuck which has been around for about 20 years.
Backing up a bit My entire bodily system had hit that invisible preverbaly wall at about 5:00PM. I managed to deliver Barry home. Returned myself home. (yawn). Took my meds and while I waited an hour four supper I wrote this. Supper eatened I was up and out again on the road again . (yawn) I had promised Keith I’d dig him another leach field tranh. It was dark when I again returned home. The ravages of a long day working me over, (yawn) I’m going to eat an orange, find me a program of inter that’ll surely put me to sleep then lay down to think I might get to see it. BGKC.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I had more’an….

…….plenty to do,, and didn’t know which way to turn. First thing first I had better get Handy to the Doc where I had failed him yesterday. Handy delivered, I fueled Ugly, and headed for Barry’s home. I needed Barry’s help as well as a hydra-cylinder on a spring tooth drag a-setting stored there. Getting the cylinder freed of the drag implement I had it’s use for the corn planter. The corn planter, I’ve got to get it out any day now. Talking to Tom he was going to the shop to cut and weld patches into the original feed wagon that I had taken out of service. I need it now for a storage facility. So Bro’ is finally getting to making fix. He sure knows how to cut working time short. So, Bro’ with Tom’s help Barry and I weren’t needed. We could split, with my pocketed cell phone commencing to make a nuisance of itself. Handy was ready to come home. Dropping Barry off to ready equipment’s use for tree trimming I fetched Handy back home.
Some reasonable amount of order achieved, the ladies fed, Cushman loaded, The staging pictured yesterday on Ugly’s back we were ready to set tree trimming. For a trial run we started on a tree in the barnyard and made a mess of it. The next tree we faired some better with it than the first. The trimming nothing fancy as that near dead oak has to come down one these days. Only trimmed a couple limbs off so that they mighten not catch some the hay bales when comes time to move’em into hay-yard storage. Back to the oak it is so big I expect it’d heat a house for a whole winter’s season.
Heads up, motors running, we moved on out to threaten the sanctity of fully bloomed trees. The first stop was the originally the farm’s first private railroad crossing. The name stuck, to it, t’s been known as ever since. From there on we managed to cover between 2/3’s to ¾’s the problem trees trimmed back. A limb fallen mess about the farm borders, I’ve got to cut them up tomorrow for what firewood I may gleam and stack the remains of the limbs for brush piling transport. Can’t let this wood go to waste be it a healthy mix of oak, hard maple, and some hickory. The house’ll be cozy warm next winter.
Barry getting up side the dying old oak tree he had ridden that boxy looking thing from out of Ugly’s back side. That platform (I’ll call it) fit to the 4020’s hay forks I did all the heavy lifting from my bored position on the tractor seat putting Barry and the chainsaw where they were the most advantageous.
We had sure made a mess, a mess requiring cleaning up before any more tree cutting.
What else has been going on around here? Frieda’s oxygen making machine was replaced for her yesterday. She wanted me to look at it. Hmmm, I thought once/twice about it and reasoned it’d be better the company charging such a high monthly rate for its use, let them fix it. And, that was that. BGKC.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Getting Readies

The tires unchecked on toped off wagon’s improved yesterday I took it with this AM. Checking the tires one of them is an out and out problem requiring replacement. There aught to be a good replacement around her somewhere. Well, at least it isn’t a driver. And having to pickup supplements I got a weigh slip on it. Two wagons both of them almost ready to go.
The same old grind went smoothly today. No comedy of errors liking last time twice hauling, twice setting up the grinding procedures. Oh yeah, as to quote one of youngster from long ago. “It was more better” this time.
Here I am taking time out to size up a brand new bull calf. Get a load of mama making sure I’m not making any changes. “Sides, how’d I ever improve on that?
href="¤t=2010shorthorncountry005-Copy-1.jpg" target="_blank">Photobucket
That went well.
About the time we finished up what had to be done Barry was chirping away and away he wanting to get up in the air on a pallet trimming trees. Hey whoa hold on there. This required some thought. I’ve already done that out of a material bucket and off a shortened pallet. By the time I’d figured it out a scarfted up some 2”x4”’s and pieces plywood when we got to shop we were on way establishing a safer way for some airborne cutting up, and by quitting time we proudly had this thing.
href="¤t=2010shorthorncountry006-2.jpg" target="_blank">Photobucket
We’ll see how it works out tomorrow?
Coming back home, I’d had a good day. Frieda insists it was ‘cause I had taken some time for dinner today as compared to missing dinner the last two.
I sat for an hour after taken rattlers, then ate, and for my last act of domesticities I took out the trash. Then o’darn. I had forgotten to grab more of those ugly tire chunks for trash disposal.
Being was a good day for all things done and/or planned, coming home a little less tired for wear I’ll sleep good tonight. BGKC.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny Sunday

No new calves. The ladies, I may only assume are holding out on me. I’m anxiously wanting to see these bright eyed little critters brightly colored fur cover bodies. I’ve so enjoyed watching their celebrations of life hightailing in circles with their mates making lasting bubby buddy lifetime associations.
Down the road I stopped by R.D.’s place getting his son’s permission to use his gravity box for a shelled corn storage facility over the next three months. That’s some relief on my mind. This is my second needed wagon. We’ve one more gravity box seriously needing the chute rebuilt. Bro’s feeling ambitious and that can foul things up around here quicker than anything. Should he experience phantom pains or broken skin he may be laif up for days. This worries me, his getting into something unable to finish it in a timely manor, especially when needed storage is so closely needed at this time. I’d still like to have one more gravity box just to be on the extra sure enough safe side. This wagon cover our second day’s project I believe worked out fair enough for temporary shelled corn protection.
While the wagon cover was our second project the first project of the day was taking the damaged pieces in the manure spreader apart. A coupler we knew nothing about requiring greasing from time to time was seriously buried from any operators eyes for years ever since the machine had rolled out of the factory. It seems through one machinery engineer’s good sense and foresight a zerk fitting had been machined into a shaft couple for an regularly occasional wear protection’s greasing. However through the short sighted body design the zerk fitting was covered up under protective PTO shielding without so much as an access opening for neither inspection nor grease zerk attention. Luckily the AG bearing’s mounts were bolted on the lee side of the supports making it easier for us to separate the two parts of the driveshaft. It wasn’t easy. Some hammering here’n’there using a brass hammer, a couple different heavy steel blocks for drifts while using a length of 2”x4” for a wooden pry and a steel crowbar for yet another heavier surer pry. We had managed to pry the shaft ends apart until the shafts were separated enough and the longer shaft pried or sprung enough one-way to knock the coupler off the driving shaft. Things parted we could see and think about a badly needed repair to a worn out piece of two steel pieces that weren’t of any operator’s doing.
These activities filled our day, particularly mine until I couldn’t walk a straight line. It was Shorthorn country’s quitting time.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Witching Ways

Waking this morning wrapped in my blanky the house chilly I did not want to get up. I was comfortably wrapped in my cocoon; but, alas somebody had to be the first to stir. Attentive to the cold heart beast in the living room I carefully laid all my selected pieces for a house warming fire, set a match to it, and recovering in my blanky I parked my carcass in my favorite chair and waited and waited and waited. What was this? The wood to cold to burn. Impossible for wood what had been inside this house some before all the winter long and then some.
Her Mostess upon rising paddied right past the cold cold-beast enclosing her goose bumps with another handy bed spread sized wrap joining me in my fruitless visual. My waiting out the witch, yes witch, her being my White Witched Mother’s faithful apprentice learning all my mother had to teach her in ways of handling my mother’s son, she got up first. Passing the cold beast she looked in. seeing only a spark or two she added more waist paper and tinder to the cold wood already laid earlier before moving on. Upon her returning carrying rolls she had said were mine, she saw and bragged about what she had decided to take credit for a flickering flame before rewrapping herself settling in to continue waiting the warmth to dress by.
Some time passing, my taken care of a pressing nature’s demand. In passing I saw nary a flicker within the iron vessel what just what might qualify it as scrap iron. My water hauled, coffee poured and delivered to my seating station, I returned to the supposed woodstove. Looking inside I saw but what could be described a red glow deep down under given off some renegade bark on a split wood chunk. I stuffed more red allover reading mater under the cribbed piled wood pieces plus more tinder, wood chips from the bottom of the kindling bucket. Done with all I could for this fourth moment I returned to my resting place for the continued awaiting some serious warmth. Bah Humbug! It’s a right nuisance building now and then house warming fires these rainy month day’s, only drier this year.
The preceding written this morning, the following’s written this day’s evening.
It was a day to catch up on a number of things. Primarily I was supposed to bury the three calves lost and clean and stockpile he manure for composting.
I picked up a bag of lime. Went to pick up Barry and had a second breakfast. For got to check with R.D. my use the gravity box/wagon in his yard. Going about our way the Ollie on the spreader refused to start. And the cowboys had parked near 200’. Ugly not cutting it jump starting the cold Ollie, I had us run out a couple hundred feet of power cord. Plugged into th end of it the chosen lighter weight battery charger I hooked to the Ollie’s batteries. The day near destroyed we were about to take on leveling the grass over my septic tank; when, it came to us we’ve been needing to mix and deliver salt to near the water fountains. Three assorted bags of three salts mixed we commenced to putting them out. The salt feeder for little girls destroyed a while back we got them out a big cows salt feed, just as if they were all grown up. (smile)
That task at lo……ng last taken care of I wondered if the Ollie’d start. Climbing aboard did it ever. So, Barry and I commenced to start cleaning up some the ladies feed lot. One load going out, I had dumbly sabotaged it loading it with manure mixed with plenty of twine. Opps, I knew I shouldn’t have done it to late. Another healthy loader full the same twine laced manure to get rid of I took it with the loader under it all the way out to the compost pile. Out there the manure spreader had broken something. What manure the spreader had managed to spit out had hung the back of the spread liking an exhausted dogs panting tongue. With the help of the loader clam shelling opening and closing I managed to remove some of my mistake not only off the back but also lifted some out of te spreader’s body.
The beaters cleaned the hands in way we got’em cleaned. Trying to unload the spreader it had in it a stripped splined collar and shaft end, a long time rusting away. Why I wasn’t totally responsible for its failure, why did it have to happen the day was using it?
All these tasks sounding like little time was spent upon each one, they still took time, plus all the other little accomplishments along the way made for us a full day. Another body and mind tiring day. My day ended I don’t remember what supper was called but it was good. Time already to turn in, BGKC.

Friday, April 16, 2010

She’s She

Frieda’s busier than a beaver (note: no mention the big animal’s size). Yesterday I caught her using a broom. This morning she’s stirring doing dishes, before my waking and facing another glorious Shorthorn country day. She’s served me herbal tea. She asked/reminded me to take my rattlers. She’s gone through my unmentionables looking for sizes, I’m thinking she’s preparing/warming-up to have me take her shopping. Oh! The things I have to do to let her take care of me in the fashion I have/had become so accustomed. (grin)
I had a Moment
Oh Oh!
I’ve been thinking again, or whether I been thinking about this planet Earth. I’m wondering is it just my imagination or is the heart of the Earth cooling down more rapidly more recently than in the past. I mean like there have been more earthquakes (in more the unusual places), salomies beating the beaches in the oceans and seas, and more and more volcanoes are blowing there tops, spewing their guts more most recently.
All these happenings news from so many more places we’ve ever herd of. Is it the earth ticked off what man has done to its surface? Could it be laid upon communications coming to us from so many more places equipped with computers and cell phones? Could it be so many people buying and driving Toyota’s they can’t stop getting to more’n’more news faster‘n‘faster the drivers punching their blackberrys on the way? Has all man kinds responsible to thawing out the cold poles set the earth up for its axis change. With global warming is the Earth headed for another rush of globball ice-caps and smoothy glaciers?
I’ve got questions? I’d like answers before I’m involved in another same old grind.
This evening’s coming in Frieda asked, “How’d your day go, Hon.?” I don’t want to talk about it. “It went to crap in a hand bag.” I told her, “And, I’m in no mood to even talk about it.” I grab me a glass filling with water. From my pocket I withdrew my bottled rattlers I’ve started again carrying with me as I won’t know from day to day where or what I may be doing come each day’s afternoon rattler time.
I was as tired as if I had worked hard all day. Why I might have thought I had suffered a anxiety attack until I had set down to get my second wind, when from out of the blue A muscle spasm had attacked my left calf and a cramp hardened around my right shin bone. Holy by Dalia! I needed a valium. What water I had left washed one down just as quickly I could find one plus as easily as I could have ever wished. In retrospect I had a number of almost stumbling episodes, my knees almost letting me down. Them’s are some strange feeling when the knee becomes a jellied influential rubbery mass doing no more tha merely holding a shin bone to a leg bone.
I might have done a pea poor job taking care of a plumbing issue? Picking up another style ignition switch worked out in dud fashion. And that switch was only one stop of many I made as long as I had to go to town. Another stop was for a plumbing repair pipe fitting supplies. I needed cat food. Save-a-lot’s is no longer a cat food bargain stop. The twenty pound bags of only a couple/three years ago have not only gone up in price they’ve gotten four pounds lighter. I stopped by the seamstresses storefront, a place where they know my name. “My tux ready?” I had asked, but was told instead, “No, but well get to it this afternoon.” No, I didn’t hang around. I had to get back to things needing doing. “It’s alright.” I told them, I’ll stop in again next time I’m in town.” Hmm, I’m thinking they’re a couple starved females so yearning my charm. It is such a shame there just isn’t enough of me to go around. Before the morning running was over I had made five stops.
Well! It is all to embarrassing all the wrongs I pulled today. I’ll know come morning if I should have gotten two of my concerted job efforts actually worked out. In finishing here’s wishing nobody has as bad a criminally as poor an accomplished work as I had. BGKC.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Accounting Day

Day six or seven, so many days spent my back bent over the 1816 Case I’ve seen the light. Along with the book relinquished into my care and some common sense rethinking ALL the experts thinking, pulled the so called ignition wire off the ignition switch. Walla! I had spark. Not once, but twice, three times in front of unbiased witness. It had even tried to run happiness swelling the machines heart. The surgeon had finaly gotten the poor machine’s nervous system figured out. Come to morrow the case will be happily in operating running condition. The switch I had been given. the same switch it was insisted I wire it the engineer’s only way. (hehehehehe) I go to town tomorrow to select my own idea of a proper 1816 Case key switch. I’ll go alright taking my ohm meter with me checking them until I find the one that’ll suit me and the Case. Before the day’s out, my patient being such a good machine I’ll even treat it to an oil change and a grease job. Nothing’s to good for my barn cleaning, shyt kicking buddy.
7:30 AM the wrecker arrived and slid the 1816 Case up upon its aluminum fishplate deck. Giving it a two mile ride down the road I had to pull it off his truck at the shop end.
Got caught up with this morning having to grind two tons the neighbor’s grain. No supplements added it seemed to take forever get that job done with nothing but waiting to do.
To dispel any rumors floating around I not but lay round doing nothing all day long let this picture of a thousand words affirm my always on the tenacity go all day long.
Just gotta show we’re turning green and the choke-cherries are blossoming. One of these days I’ve got to the old oak tree down. That’s a lot of firewood standing there.
No new calves. The ladies are back to holding them in from me. The girls fed this morning my evening had come earlier this night. I’m thinking these ladies are going to become part of an accounting. Between Escalade and the ladies, if there isn’t any countable production numbers by falls promised coming some o f them are about to get free passage to Disneyland for some individual burger ratings..
Meanwhile. By golly, it is quarter to beer and I ain’t waiting any longer. I’ve got a long time coming celebration to drink to. Hick!
From Shorthorn country BGKC.

4-14-2010 Case of Depression’s Dealings

Yesterday I believe I’ve had my fill of the 1816 Case Skid-Steer. All day I worked on that thing. Ray even got into the act checking rechecking my continuity efforts.. All appeared good and correct. Finally by lunch time we decided it were a coil failure. Calling about there is one available locally. Going to a local small engine repairman he had a used one. Installed it didn’t work either. It was used when he purchased the psrtt off the internet’s Ebay, paying a healthy price for it.
Taking it upon approval, he didn’t know whether it was working or not? It hasn’t worked for me. So until we find the problem or cause of spark failure. We haven’t closed the tentative purchase agreement between us until we‘ve determined whether the part‘s working.
Having given up on the Case before I had purchased a howitzer field piece to put it out of my misery I picked up my tools and milk crate fill assorted parts before doing something that cussed out machine would be sorry for. Next thought how do I get it to shop for the duration. About that time a wreaker passed me, my field working place. Moments later he was my safest towing solution. Hence a few more of those moments later I followed him to his place of encampment, while he’s farming a couple pieces of ground, in the area. No explaining once upon a time neighbor camp for farming around here I shall not presume to explain further. For the use of his equipment is the cost of maybe week’s brew supply. Those stores should last him a week.
Putting the Case out of my mind I decided to check on the troops. Catching up with those two platoon troop Tom had put the forks on the diggers load bucket wrong. Barry knew their placement wasn’t the same as when he’d joined me once while I put them on a while back, But he didn’t know why? So it was a suggestive bit of showing the younger men the proper where, how and why I had installed the same forks in my fashion. Made sense to them and I’ve passed along another equipment saving tip. I could sure use a Case tip right about now! Meanwhile they were waiting for a fuel supply for feeding the Ford digger. They were clearing an access lane and a piece of land that has laid fallow for the last eight ten years or so.
I checked the ladies for the second time today. The calves on both fronts have settled in liking seasoned Shorthorn country veterans behaving themselves staying inside the fences. It’s good when I experience even little successes to brighten my day. And, it looked as though the morning’s feeding will hold the mobs need for the night through to this morning.
The damnable Case repairs even followed me into the late hours my searching and researching the Enet for the 1816 Case coil. It burns me Tecumseh having gone bankrupt and gone out of business two years before my hour of need. Some parts are available as after market contributions, excluding the coil. Having done all the afore mentioned after the Case is taken care of in a could be memorial state before facing a junkyards firing squad. I’ve plenty of other things to foul up around here. Like getting out the corn planter after a 12 year’s use absence to check it over and make necessary repairs and maintenance.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day five

Spent my entire day either making fix on the 1816 Case or sleeping. The 1816 Case first.
I attacked that stubborn machine with all the zeal of a gladiator knowing I was going beat that sucker, it was mine! The starter wires taken care of, checking and rechecking the ignition switch wiring I knew I had it made to work. The acid test, The engine enthusiastically rolled over and over and over. What? Sticking a screwdriver in the spark plug wire, no spark. Checking and rechecking, no spark on the rollovers. What is this? I get one end a-working and the other end craps out. What’s this machine need, a high-colonic? Disgusted by the time 2:30 lunch time FINALLY rolled around I was home snacking a skimpy luncheon meal. Not feeling good, perhaps psychological depression. Five days? I never, I mean I’ve never had this much revolting fun in a long time. At least not since such last time. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, to Hell with it, I laid down. Holy smokes! I shelpt 5 hours, five whole hours I slept. That’s it.
Checking upon the ladies they’s produced nobody new. 1001’s daughter calf is doing alright for a heifer. A lovely little girl. I’ve had a hole over twice. The last time might have ben my last at that. BGKC.

4-12-2010 Blessed Rain

Rain has slowen things down. I needed the rest. I’ve a sore back, an intimidated mind, and just plain disgusted with already having spent parts of the last four days trying to get the damnable 1816 Case to start. I’ve finally gotten the manuals for this cussed machine. Which indecently the books are near bigger than the skidsteer itself. Going for some edgmucation I cracked the covers.
Reading the book and internet info, I could find, I’ve finally gotten the starter end’s wiring correct, corrected. Now for the other end into the second ignition switch to replace the shot original I may still have the wrong one. Which incidentally I’d like to bring out my GUN and put that damnable machine out of MY misery. So Starter end figured out, I’ve got to tear the under dash assemblies back out AGAIN.
A friend of mine duplicating the same test on the starter solenoid swears it is in working condition. I haven’t made up my mind as to whether he’s right over my own undecided. A light rain, I may stop by the machine and quickly remove said third switch for terminal testing. If it don’t meet the internet criteria for a properly function-able keyed switch that specifically meets my needs I may just scream loudly enough to be heard over four boarders. I’m mad, angry, and wanting to hit something. Arrggghhhh!!!!!!

OH! THE RAIN! We need it. I don’t care if the fields have some the remnants the last 4”s rain we’ve gotten less than a week ago. The mud is only a marginal problem right now. A few more days we can start working the ground for an earth’s 54* planting start. Those required machines are ready to go. I’m glad their needs are out of the way. (whew)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

time’s value

I’ve never been one to enjoy going or seeing a sporting event. I view it as time wasted. Give me friends and a gab fest over a couple coffees or beers and I’ll have had a good time. Or, let me alone in my shop working on one of my-special-project’s whether it be in woodworking or mechanical involving moving parts for an end’s usefulness. I enjoy standing back looking at a created work of art; or, gloating (even if it be private) over a mechanical accomplishment to make my life easier. Then it’s celebration time if it’s no more than a beer or a glass of fine wine. Give me a sense of accomplishment and I’m a happy camper.
When I’ve finished this, checked my laundry, remove my fifty pound boots each, and I may feel like writing another page in my very private journal. (a slim smile smiled slim)
*Saturday evening’s ramblings.
I was doing alright until I got caught in this for four hrs. The top element went ka-put. The bottom of the ten year old water heater filled with lime. It took a variable bit of effort to drain the cussed tank wiggling a piece of 17gage fence wire worked through the valve PLUS a shot of compressed air to clear that passage and put pressure into the system to open that passage to let the water mostly dribble out. A clean but miserable job.
After lunch I finally got back to TRYING to make fix the 1816 Case. While I fiddled with the water heater Bro’ picked up water heater and Case parts. For all my efforts the afternoon was a complete waste of time. While I had figured out the wires or wiring And temporarily had all the parts lined up for their fittings I found none of them would fit within the space allotted. Thankfully tomorrow is another day.
Halleluiah! The bovine stork as finally made in corner of Shorthorn country.
Newly born the cow and calf having some difficulty getting a solid connection at the udder end; I left the critters alone. I can record the vitals tomorrow.
It has been a particularly interesting Shorthorn country day. Either to hard or boring to explain it in an adventurous style, ya’d had to been here to have truly enjoied it. BGKC.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Misinterpitation's ouch

Getting her usual taking good care of herself/myself (me particularly) mood again, she’d asked me, “Want a cup of coffee or another cup of tea?”
Without looking up, from some words I had stolen making like I was composing them, I had innocently said something like, ”Naugh, Throw the bag back in the cup and just hot it up again. Wlep, her hearing getting as inconsistent as my own, I think she missinturppited my words and now all I’m hearing are the cussed long distance telephone bells in my ears again. What, what’d I say so wong? Ugh?
Now on to the main event. Was brr chilly out this mornings door requiring shedding tux by noon. What a morning Barry come along to do my grind’s lifting. Everything set ready to go opening the gate there weren’t but about three bushes shelled corn for a grind. Ho Boy!
Hoping against hope we run over to Sixguys to find they had all gone home. Major disappointment until I see boss man pulling in pulling up to us. I explained my missing the replenishing boat as I should have stocked up before this. “How long will it take you to get back?” he asked, “Five minutes?” I asked him, “Give me ten.” and Barry and I were gone.
Grain loaded going around the block the elevator’s scale was at long last working. Also had to pick up just enough more fixings to go with what I’d gotten earlier. Later than usual we finished the grind. That could be expected for my dumb moves. Now, let’s get on to something else.
Getting back to the Case, I finally found my problem, Me. I hadn’t been bright enough to realize I had a two-fer one breakdown on my hands. Poking and prodding with the tester today I found the starter solenoid was also ka-put.
On the road left out of the driveway the two closest part shops were closed since 3:00PM. Wonderful, looks like it’ll be Monday before parts availability. So much for country mechanic--ing. Giving my problem some ulterior though whatever happened to all the garages that used to dot the country America. Almost home I had the idea of the week come to mind. I whirled Ugly around in the first driveway I came to and backtracked to Mike’s race car garage. Hey, a garage is a garage. And is was only across the road two doors east. By golly he had one. I owe him one. Needing a new hole for bolting it in I gave up on Case for tonight. I need cordless drill charged up to go come morning. Opps!!!!!
BiiiG Opp’s! Colossal Opp’s. I had told Frieda I’d go to church with her earlier today. AnnnnD, she’s going to hold me to it; save, should I have to Shorthorn country midwife a cow…… Come on cows!
Today’s dinner was chicken vegetable soup over rice. Frieda had made it. It wasn’t bad for being so good. Now, set down I don’t know if I’m tired or just naturally lame. I was quite active today. it could be some of both. Oh Lawd, I’d like to take a couple valiums with two jiggers bourbon. I doubt I’ll feel any better; but, I sure as Hell won’t care. BGKC.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Today’s plan……..

(Speaking of lollygagging)
Avoiding any lollys…….*
.....I've plenty to give me something to do everywhere on these farms up and down this road. I got all the necessary parts top put the 1816 Case back together and even have the contrary machine in working order when I've finished.

I've got my snowblower on the shop apron to take apart so's to free-up and remove the rotating discharge; so, I may turn it over bottom's replacement fix. This turning over mode also must include a mid turn over hesitation to remove stuck PTO telescoping part of it's workings.

And for kicks: I think I've finally figured out my azzkicker's working problem. I shall wire in two added relays to carry the final drive's juice with the two channel radio remote-control switching switch can’t handle.

Today’s plan…..was.
*Partially copied (my post) material.
Brrr! It was a mighty brisk rush of air caressing my face when I stepped out this morning’s door. Rainfalls for the last three days totaled over three inches deep here, with a sheet of ice laying from side to side, edge to edge, on top the accumulations holding tight that participation from to soon floating away.
Everything I needed to put the Case back together. I spent all day working on that damnable mechanical critter and haven’t got it anywhere starting yet.
I tried the local Crossroads Library for some kind of an electrical schematic or diagram germane to the 1816 Case workings. Only book what might have had info in it was checked out. I found the book I had managed to put together for the 16 HP Tecumseh in the Crapsman. While home-made book of gathered parts, pictures and diagrams are a benefit to the Sears machine, yet not quite near useless for the Case. The Crapsman is points’n’condenser ignition, the same blocked 17 HP Case engine has an electronic ignition. Arrggghhhh!
Crapola! I see myself near taking the whole of the sheet metal what ain’t welded together apart to get to the bottom of the electrical circuits, maybe the problem even?. Then when it’s torn down I do believe I’ll make a schematic for handy use come a needed later date. What was it two or three wires all on the one and only starter terminal? Damnable machine only needing a couple hours fix is taking two days? It’s not even Chinese or Toyota.
I’ve just had a thought. Perhaps if I were to tin all the terminals which, I thought, belong bolted on the starter will make some continuity-able closure for that circuit’s juncture.
The closest I got to the azzkicker, I walked by (past) it twice today

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rain continues.

Frieda’s sleep interrupted. I slept like a log for a near twelve hours last night. This cold damp weather is doing little to hold up my sweet disposition. We got another good inch rain last night and still continuing.
County nurse was out today to ruin my morning. Seniors citizens, or oldster as I prefer to refer to myself are evaluated twice a year. This for our situations and needs. Could be with more budget tightening we some services may be lost.
Bro’ in a dither called just before the nurses arrival with a couple needs: feeding and Bull pen attention. The feeding was easy enough. I’m needed for either removing bale wrap or plastic twine. The Bull pen was an entirely another matter. The two guys occupying the larger pen of the two must have been bumping heads and one of them got backed into the fence. I was near more likening what fence? I should have taken a picture of a before and after. One fence post leaning out a good 45* I lucked out pushing back up right and burying a rock beside it to told it upright. A bared wires stripped off an end post was the shorting out culprit. So much fun those two must have had they managed to break a number of wires in the woven wired part of the fence. A number of fence stretching’s with a number sleeved splices crimped in/on the fence was eventual repairing’s. I had done alright right up until the needed crimping’s. I called Bro’ for help. Having the shakes so cussed badly I couldn’t time all my motions to timely close the crimping tool. Bummer. Now, I’m wondering what’s going to be the new self control problem for tomorrow. Ya know, if that fence had only shaken in time with me today, I’d not have needed such a small simple amount of help.
With starter repair taken care of yesterday I was looking forward to putting the 1816 Case back together this afternoon, but for a more than a wetting need for towels I gave up on the idea. Undaunted determined to get something done even if it were wrong Frieda gladly mounted up in old Ugly for a back roads drive into Clio and TSC. I purchased a dual purpose auto battery that’d work in the skidsteer, two tractors and two trucks. Raining again and again I took another half mile north and looked an old writer’s club friend Frieda had not seen in a long time. We enjoyed each other’s company over coffee until we had to get back on the road so’s we’d be home before dark. We were, just. Here’s closing another day regardless what kind it might have been. BGKC.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It’s evening now. And I no longer remember what I was going to write about laughter. But I’ll take a condensed stab at as long as I had brought the subject up. One advantage laughter it is the best medicine. Laughter goes hand in hand with a body keeping busy enough the ache and pains are forgotten for a spell. And, of-course smiles just naturally go along with laughs. Oh how much prettier a maid when she’s wearing a smile on her face. Also should a body find him or herself caught up in a conundrum amongst some serious minded people. Let that person wear a smile, the rest of them will wonder what smiling person is up to?
A quick synopsis of today’s Shorthorn country activities: Rains continue over our country side. I’ll accept them as a means to catch us up on all the snow we didn’t befall us all last winter.
The parts supplier for the Tecumseh engine called, “The parts are in.”
Knowing Handy might enjoy getting out of his house for a ride, since he had broken his leg, I asked if he wanted to go along. He did. We picked up my parts first. On the way back we stopped by the crossroads hardware, supermarket, and filling station. I got glues at the hardware. We both got a couple grocery items the supermarket, handy doing me one better picking a temporary medication for one his mom had spilled. Lastly I fueled Ugly at the end a pointed spout held leveled at Ugly by a gasoline pump for ransom. Miserable thief fleecing my pockets at least once a week.
Getting back, had lunch, dropped a keyboard off for Handy’s use. In the shop I repaired the 1816 Case skid steer’s starter motor. It’s ready for installation when the rains stop and we’ve had a couple day’s drying time. I looked at the azzkicker giving it some deep thought. For something different, tomorrow, I’ll wire into it a three channel remote radio switch and two relays. If it don’t work by then, at least it’s working will have gotten closer. BGKC.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Couple Troubles

After a 10 lustrum marriage, Frieda imagines something’s wrong. She’d decided I had to take her in for counseling. The counselor talking to us asked Frieda first what was the problem, she went into a rage, listing every problem we’ve ever had in over a half century’s marriage.
She went on and on…..she did…..Spouting neglect, lack of intimacy, loneliness, unloved, unlovable……Getting her wind……he neglects me, he doesn’t pat me on my butt anymore….I don’t think he loves me anymore. I know its a list long of ignored needs for our over a half century marriage, I need help and understanding…...
After allowing this to go on and on for a couple minutes, the marriage counselor finally interrupts and asked her to shut up, then he stood up, walked around his desk, gave her his hand to help her up. Then he took her into his arms, hugged her, embraced her, caressed and kissed her deeply on her toothless mouth.
Frieda had been shut up, finally quiet, and dazed, sat back down. That…that counselor….he had the nerve to turn to me and say, “Your wife at least needs this treatment seven times a week. Think you can do this?”
Well, I looked at him. I was steaming but thought better than to blow off, and thought, “What if she needs this, she needs it.” Egads the cost in gas and time the daily drive……I finally gave in, “Well Mr., I’m gonna have a hard time doing it everyday. I’m getting into the midst of calf dropping, readying tractors and implements for planting, plus readying more tractors for cutting and baling hay. I spose I could bring her in on the rainy days.”
Once an for all we’ve have our good side of our farm life. Thunder storms all night long. Glory be, we at least got 2”…that’s two full inches and some…..over 2”sure enough rain last night. Its still raining as I, morning, write this before lunch. Ground’s so dry not a drop of it is run off the land. The land needs it so badly. We’ve got water puddles filled full. Got water laying in the barnyard creek not a going anywhere. I haven’t looked yet but I know’s all the swales have got to be holding some this thunderous delivered blessing from the heavens.
Dark and continuing thunder rolls and rain, making it a continued rainy day, I just might as well to take Frieda to where she’s got to be taken for that Mr..
No heavy projects in the shop, after lunch I’m gonna work on my azzkicker. It has set around here more than long enough. Gonna drop the 6v & 12v split wiring for motor and signal receiver, and wire anew a new different remote switch receiver and see what it‘ll do.
I’m disappointed. More than two maybe three hours I played with that cussed stubborn azzkicker. I ain’t got it to work yet. While I worked on that azzkicker I watched more the rain come down. By my fingered rain gauge I estimate we’ve totaled 2 ½” rain.
Somewhat disappointed in finding out what didn’t work to make my azzkicker function I called it quits for today. Did chores and come home to settle in for a rainy day.
Home. Inside, becoming total acclimated to a relaxed mode, I found I had been hurting all day with that darn Arthur Rite Ass. Well settled remembering I hadn’t finished my laundry the phone rings, “Do you know where the anti-kicker is?” The line sounding like accusation I was a mite peeved. I told him, It’s hanging on the wall up in the barn.” There were more words between us. Hanging up I tried to think of where it might have gotten to. I checked the back entry among all the things I had set in there for a mere overnight stay. Then I went down to the barn. Nope, not here, I hadn’t brought it home. Finally unable to take it any longer I got in Ugly truck and drove down to the other end.
Walking into the barn there it was leaning against the wall. Somebody had found it, rather, Keith had remembered he had put it in the lower shed with all the 4H stuff last summer. I didn’t say anything.
Having checked on the sick calf I found it hadn‘t made it. The poor mama cow morning her loss, I’m thinking Bro’ and Keith had taken a drive someplace and brought home an orphaned dairy calf. Light red in color, what was it. Getting no straight answers I’ll check it out tomorrow, my not wanting to interrupting a cow/calf bonding scene. And those two guys weren’t about to tell me nothing. What flavor calf was it: Jersey, Brown Swiss, Devon, Ayrshire, Guernsey, a dairy Shorthorn? BGKC.

Monday, April 5, 2010

More Four Day Weekend

The rains ended yesterday’s upcoming sun’ I felt a whole lot better’an Friday Night’s aches, pains, cramps and spasms. There’d had to been a time one body could have felt so bad all over all at once. Yesterday’s sun coming up was one bright healer making me all right. Shorthorn country responsibilities keep going right on everyday, no day excluded regardless my lazy behavior. The animals insist on being waited upon.
How about some varied pictures involving varied activities:
A couple for fences fix. making repair a number of electric fence gate handles. This picture’s one method I fix’em for some continued useful life around here. The spring load insides gone these handles I wind a piece #9 wire for use inside these handles. They come out a solid handle without give which is alright in two ways Some of my gate wires swing three ways. Both gate ends needn’t be spring loaded for a tight fitting when one will do. Secondly if it is an extra wide gate opening the weight of the wire spanding the opening will be heavy enough .

This second picture I’ve used an electric fence post stuck in a HM vice stand’s extra mounting holes. The #9wire coil wound keeps the wire from slipping for and after making it a very workable useful tool.
I’m laying on café to keep it comfortably still. The calf bloating we run a tube down it’s throat to ease of the stomach’s gas.

This fluid spilled out on the ground came up out the tubed calf‘s stomach.

It still remains to be seen if the bull calf will make it. Something’s wrong, the calf’s intake’s greater than the wrong colored output. Calf may have a twisted bowel or intestine. It remains to be seen if the big guy will make it?
You think you know what thems are? You’re wrong. Them’s trash!
Yup! They wont pickup tires; but, cut up they take trash away.
Getting ready all ready for next winter’s snow while we’s got the time.
The bottom of the impeller closure’s rusted out. The machine’s throwing the snow out the bottom instead of out the top.
Other than it needs a new steering cable for the chute, and the PTO shaft loosened up so it’ll slide, and just possibly a new drive chain; The machine is as factory fresh as new…….
To top off the day finally got around tuit, making fix the gate I didn’t drive through first (fingers crossed behind my back) . The evidence was merely all circumstantial. Ahem, It was the power company what finished off. (nodding my head up‘n‘down in circular motion). I do nothing wrong…………
The two pressed bars laying on the gate are leftovers. The metal sized just right for four pieces, that’s what was made. So we’ve two spares.
Getting back home just in time to down my rattlers. Got to get the trash household out to keep some black rubber trash company for the trash fellows stop, and myself oh so worn down I don’t think I want to wash both my hands. I’ll just simply wish’em clean for now, and wash’em twice next time. BGKC.

Written for Sunday’s Easter

4-5-2010 Four day weekend
At least in Michigan it was a four day weekend. Any day anybody can either not pay or earn a days pay in Michigan has become a new mainstay to Michigan’s economy. For anyone working in the tourist industry, I can hear it now, “Continue to smile even if you’re not paid for it.”
Yup I had never expected an Easter four day weekend. I can remember it being debatable during, my parent’s time, there was talk about how more saintly all peoples would be if they didn’t work Good Friday. What this country needs to truly establish shorter work weeks we need a few more three and four day weekend Holidays. Our work week holidays aren’t yet near as bad as the great state of India where they’ve a minimum 365 recognized holidays. To say moneys manufactures; nope, I’ve got that wrong; employers need not but pay for one work day per week. The rest of the week’s days these working peoples will work for nothing just for their job security.
At last my getting to the impotent part of Shorthorn country! Still no new calves out in my back yard. Cheese’n’Crackers, these ladies holding their young’s back they’ll be old enough to vote by the time those grown babies get here.
Only heavy thing I did all day. Nope, excuse me, two heavy things I did all day. One, I had my load lightened with a homemade hair cut. Gosh all mighty, she needn’t have said, “You’ve lost a lot of hair.” Lawd, that’s what happens when the shower stall screen over the drain becomes lost. Unsaved, my hair’s going right down the drain. Secondly, Taking the neighbor kid with me I drove all the way to the very first electric fence post and check the electrix fence’s voltage strength. Ha! Somebody else had fixed the fences after the winds had eased on down.
Our house hold blessed, we were invited our for Easter dinner. And, who was asked to say Grace? The agnostic, ME! There’s no getting away from the big guy as popular as he is. I thank the Same Lord every body presumes to exist for his blessings over good family and friends gathered together in harmony over the food we were about to receive. No better than the cooking’s been in our unpracticed household I had even included, in my own mind’s extra, “over all this good food.” The families inviting Frieda and I in, each and every one of them, excelled their contributions to the menu. Leftover’s, some the extra leftovers’ were even sent home with us. Seems we can’t even get away from leftovers having even invited out to eat. I’m still gonna eat well today.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another new day

Gosh, in spite little of little sleep (short really) I’m here to see another one. I’ve a few things to do around here I’ve let go. But knowing my luck I’ll likely have to pull the JCB skid steer’s radiator so’s Bro’ may fix the contrary mechanical animal himself single handedly. (hahahohohehe) Believe me, a many a strange thing happens around here, if it hasn’t been noticed.
Weather feels like rain. Between my sinuses, my bones and there conjoining joints it feels like rain to me.
Well now all my aches and pains weren’t for naught. Shortly afternoon it had started raining. Not a lot as yet nor near enough. Supposed to rain all night and tomorrow. We’ll see what this prediction brings us?
What with the physical abuse I felt evening last, I vowed I was taking it easy today. Oh I didn’t just sit around doing nothing. One task I had staring me in the face when His Nibs was to show up I managed to look it over upon an earlier hour. (evil grin here) without His Nibs under foot I took to removing the water pump pulley as easily as a tortoise rolling off a log. While boss man wanted me to remove radiator, I slipped to it (the pump pulley), a carpenter’s ripping bar. No mechanics bar their coming in at least two styles in four sizes each style. Patients and slow going with but no more wiggle than was necessary to take Bro’s troublesome parts off the JCB. Then I disappeared. Having brought my asskicker with me to the shop I had misplaced the remote controls schematics. Home finding extras I tried copying them to no avail. I know all the printed matter recorded and stowed away. It seems I remember not where?
With no real interest in overly exercising my brain neither I opted for cleverly reworking a dozen or so fairly broken electric wire gate handles. It was an easy sit down job in the shop doorway under plenty natural light. Tools included pliers, bolt-cutters, medium sized swatski (hammer), A drift punch, and my portable vise stand with an advantageous hole in the vice deck. Materials included all dozen the useless handles and a roll of #9 wire, the wire cut into about 14”>16”. Four handles completed, several more started I’ll take pictures next time showing what I had worked out for some sneaky recycling repairs.
While I worked on these things, being handy I occasionally goffered for His Nibs also.
Another calf born this afternoon I just missed seeing it dropped. Still wet un-mama dried off the critter was doing it’s darndest to stand up. Falling a couple times the poor thing nearly got itself caught in an electric fence. Knowing this critter to heavy for myself to pickup anymore I was more than pleased to see Keith coming over the rise to pack it over to the other side of the hill. (whew)
The afternoon marginally drippy, the day was called at 4:00 PM, chores included, the JD moved back home, and my rethinking the afternoon hour. Oh My God….. A bath or shower and a haircut came to mind this early on this Spring already. My mind’s diffidently slipping. Oh well, I guess it wont hurt to wash some of winter’s stink off. Gosh, I’ve just got to knuckle under and bear this civilized travesty. Oh well, first things first. Gonna try out my new hobby grinder on my own toe nails before I’ve water softened them in Bath water. (eeeeck) Well I have lived down worse!
Frieda made biscuits and gravy for supper with a blueberry shortcake for dessert. ‘Twas good. .From my Shorthorn country to yours, BGKC.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Full Morning

Our cable ph**led up yesterday, I was not a happy camper evening last. Only thing working on it was our telephone. TV reception was all ph**led up. Cab you tell I was pi**ed?
Want to get hard at finishing disc repair this morning. I want it fixed so’s it can go a-field. I want the fields worked up, for an early sudex planting, for an earlier maturing, for an earlier harvest, for an earlier working up the fields again, for a timely August alfalfa planting. We can do this if maybe FOR I do serious some pushing.
I shall start my day waiting for a cable repair man’s arrival, phone call. I want the double jeopardied opportunity to complain again. (hehe)
Another think I want to do is clean the miniature lens on/in my “E” camera. Yesterday’s pictures come out full of spots. Argh!
Having to check yet my hats stretched over conglomeration of ice-cream bucket bottoms, all hanging over the porch deck posts, some time today. Have got to disappointedly record it for pi**prosperity, the hats didn’t even come out pink even after all the simmering my kooking pot ingredients; three hats and three cans puréed beets. Didn’t taste bad although it could have used some seasoning. My second dish not to come out within a week. Maybe I need a crash course enrollment in a kooking school.
Damn! I swore I was doing my income tax months ago. How time has flown. I’ve less than two weeks to finish up my tax paperwork for an early April 14th mailing. (frown)
Right turn out the drive I picked up Barry. Together we took on finishing up the disc as if it were a vengeance. We did it with the help of ten carriage bolts from the Crossroads’ hardware. The project finished late morning we fussed around the shop for an hour and a half to lunch at about 1:00 PM.
After lunch the Cushman come out hearing I was going to make checks and make fix the fences in various places. We tightened up one east of the barn what wasn’t quite touching the earth. Next taking out the chainsaw I commenced to cut down a three piece box elder tree the west side the old chicken house. Good thing I had Barry with me, when I cut the tree off it come straight down which could have been a real fix if it weren’t for Barry lifting it off me. Learning a hard lesson on an improper approach to tree cutting The next two tree parts came down cleanly without me under them. The trees grown maybe sixteen/eighteen feet into the air and roughly 3”/3½” trunks They weren’t all that dangerous to me nor us, just overly limbed typically for a box elder tree, making them doubly more an nuisance. Gangly trees overly spiked (or suckered) grow fast rot their hearts out and snap off crushing everything they can reach when they lived fifty years or less.
The ladies snaking alone the western barnyard fence they hadn’t noticed the middle wire missing. So as we were about to string and new 14ga. wire in place of the original 17ga. Approaching one problem we found another. The wire gate was open. That was found to have had a defective gate handle as well as the latch it was meant to engage was broken. Everything presumably fixed I turned all the fences back on. Two things sure The gate open and down it were a wonder the ladies hadn’t walked out for a stroll around the neighborhood. The other thing, that tree removed that had grown around my fence wire now gone has given my fences new spark. They’re going to have an influential nasty bite for a while. Oh yeah and a third benefit with the 17ga wire replaced with the 14ga wire this year’s calves are going to bounce back this calving season.
Something’s accomplished today it were time for some R’n’R I took Barry for a ride around the place. While Barry looked for wildlife I was watching for windfalls and other aggravations needing taken care of before this year’s haying season gets underway. Did make one stop throwing a bunch of dead maple limbs up into an established wood pile already under that tree. This tree’s so large it could likely heat three homes for a winter.
The JCB not yet taken apart for a broken bolt in the engine block I had to feed my ladies before feeding those down the road tonight with the traveled JD. If necessary we’ll do it the other way around tomorrow night.
This covering most my day I was more than glad to get in some before dark. It was about that time I had finished cutting that box elder down making it ready for hauling away, I felt as though I had hit that invisibly mental and physical wall. It’s going to be a valium night tonight. They weren’t limb distorting cramps. They were body and limp shaking muscle spasms. So bad, it took me a while to eat my supper. I’ve got to find something easier to do for tomorrow. BGKC.

4-1-2010 April Fool’s Day

As it turned out or as it worked out today was feed grinding day. It was also Wilma’s moving day and Frieda wanted to see the action. So I loaded up Her Mostess to take the short drive. Upon getting there the sow drive was all over. Frieda did get to marvel over Wilma’s cut little piglets. Not all was lost. Checking out Wilma a near skinny image of her former self she was unappreciative the rest laid upon her. She wanted her baby’s. And that according to her master was not going to be.
Taking Frieda back home it were time I stop by the elevator for supplements and a couple bags selenium salt. Fine! No selenium until next Thursday. Argh! Madcap Larry got my a bit of my goat fooling with me, “Selenium had come eight bags on a pallet.” he‘d said. I looked for it. Ha ha! A feeble joke on me. Ho ho! I smiled and fussed a wee-bit to myself as I walked away.
Supplements loaded Barry and I were off for the empty feed wagon. The grind went smoothly enough. Before we were through I had backed the Leland tractor Bradley grinder combination from a-top the winding drive all the way down to the barn crossing the creek on the way to park the whole mechanical menagerie into the barn without so much as a single correction the whole normally irritating distance.
Barry having lunch with me/us dinner out of the way we progressed down to the shop and eventually worked on the heavy disc’s final assembly. We finish making and adding in the missing scraper attachments the machine will be ready to go to work. Now I’m wondering if the seed has been ordered.
It was about 3:)) PM when my body and mind hit that invisible debilitating wall. Sitting down for a few moments to collect myself I near fell asleep. A lot I’ll get done snoozing portions the afternoon away.
Tomorrow Good Friday Easter only this coming Sunday away, I can’t believe our hothouse weather. The disc put a-field I’ve the Duck Lake pasture fencing to possibly take up. The last act mentioned will depend upon how well our hay holds out s against my having to turn the ladies out without a Duck Lake first cutting haying.
First new Shorthorn country calves of the 2010 season.
Photobucket Photobucket
Damn, I was so exhausted last night, I finished this this morning. I had to let this go and finish it this morning. Hope everybody has continued to BGKC.