Saturday, April 24, 2010

I’m learning

It’s 7:00 PM my sitting down to me keyboard. I’ve finally taken my rattlers having to wait an hour before eating. I fed my ladies. Was about to park the JD when I saw a lady cutting across the pasture headed my way, away from the maddening crowd so to speak. The JD parked hot footing it my plan to go around the old chicken house, I didn’t make it to even come close to passing the hen house. Looking right she’d stopped she was already well into labor. Stopping in my tracks a mount later the calf was one the ground, Just like that. So much for an opportunity to photograph a new calf half way into it’s brand new world. (sigh) Oh well, maybe another time.
Right out of the driveway, I had headed to dig the last Keith’s leach field trench. The digger refused to turn over. So I put a charger on it and headed for some wrenches. I never made the wrenches I had another need to attend to. By the time got back the digger started when I had noticed I had failed to simply push the ignition key all the way in. That was one horse upon me.
Digging done I head home for lunch. By way of the elevator for some fixings. I’ve been informed I need grind tomorrow. That out of the way I did something else I no not remember, what? (bummer) It was time to take on the Leland I haven’t been able to start all week. It took four hours entrenching a portion of the fuel system working each part for working until the fuel filter body had to come off the tractor engine. It was found the fuel breathing holes on the filter body frame were plugged tight, denying any fuel running into the distributor pump. Finally tightening up an injector line here and there I finally had the tractor running. Amazingly enough the tractor hadn’t sounded this good for the last four months. Well now, after all the hours I’ve put into that tractor for a couple plugged fuel vents I’ll be more attuned to them from now on. Live, wrench, and learn on. Those fuel filter venting jets were another long hours wasted horse upon me. No more to write for today I’m finished while I am ahead. I don't think I could crry the weight of three horses upon my back. BGKC.

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