Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ever yawn so wide you feared a monumental instant case of lockjaw about to beset yourself. I mean fly trap opened wide. I mean like vision’s closed eyes shut tight lips yanked high wide. That’d be a Hell of a way to go through life’s remainder, unable to see, chew, talk, and eating. Eating, then would be liquid somebody handing to you so’s you may pour it in for yourself. Now add a sneeze to that uncompromising eternal yawn. You feel as though your body could loose your noggin, your noggin lost at the top of the stairs to comedown bouncing step to step skipping some your mouth wide open landing over the big wooden knob on top the balaster post at the bottom of the stairs.  Lawd, I’m so glad this butt’s in only a one story house.
Oh did I shlept, 10 ½ hours worth all night long a not so uncommon prone activity. Sheesh, Now I’ve got to wait out the customary waiting time between chucking pills till I may wrap my lips about a bear paw roll. :^)
This morning’s normal farm activity underway, who let the cows out? That’s what we found when Barry and I wheeled into the farm on the other end. Some fence fixing, then a hoop and a holler from behind the ladies and young they were all back in do time without any more than an interrupted start on all our projects. Bro’ had to make a steel supply run. Tom had some gravity box patches ready to weld and he brought the Ford digger home. It’s needed to dig Keith another leach field trench. Barry and came back here to continue the cleaning up the mess we cut out of the tree lines yesterday. Little Ford tractor unusable (details later) it was the Cushman’s requirement to carry Barry and I round about the fields cut the firewood up and stack-pile the limbs for consolidated burn pile pickup in a couple/three days. Unable to carry the firewood home we did what we could get done.
It was after lunch when I could confront Terry about the missing Ford tractor’s drawbar (he had removed it for easier handling the back-blade in this last winter’s snow, “Hey!” when I saw him asking, “Are you building yourself a Ford tractor one part at a time?” ;^) We do have our funning.
With the Ford Tractor’s use Barry went about picking up the scattered piles of fire wood we’d cut earlier. I with the Cushman headed out to cut and trim more limbs from more firewood. Surprisingly to both of us we’d filled the wood hauler to the brim and then some. With what we couldn’t load up yet we’ve our first good full cord a wood cut for next winter.
A few pictures taken today:
This first picture catches some Hickory tree two inc in length buds or blossoms about to open up, or using more scientific terms DO SOMETHING!.

The tree trimmings are typically piled higher than the Cushman.

The wood hauler parked beside the house for mornings unloading and stacking. This load only a part of the fire wood we’d cut along the fields edges the last couple days.

Think maybe I could use or had better build me a new saw buck. This one without the door piece what has absolutely nothing to do with sawbuck which has been around for about 20 years.
Backing up a bit My entire bodily system had hit that invisible preverbaly wall at about 5:00PM. I managed to deliver Barry home. Returned myself home. (yawn). Took my meds and while I waited an hour four supper I wrote this. Supper eatened I was up and out again on the road again . (yawn) I had promised Keith I’d dig him another leach field tranh. It was dark when I again returned home. The ravages of a long day working me over, (yawn) I’m going to eat an orange, find me a program of inter that’ll surely put me to sleep then lay down to think I might get to see it. BGKC.


Paula said...

First Part reminds me of something. When my youngest daughter was getting ready for braces on her teeth she had to have all four wisdom teeth cut out. The oral surgen told her afterwards to open her mouth as wide as she could and excercise her mouth. She was trying to do what he said and got her mouth caught open and couldn't close it. Very scary for her and me. Surgen said to come in. He bawled her out and said how would anyone be stupid enough to open their mouth so wide it got caught open. I should have layed into him but we were so glad to get it fixed and get out of there never to go back.

Anonymous said...

Many a true word is spoken in jest.......................................................