Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plowed today

Having to run into Otisville I picked a urn permit, talked to twp supervisor about my truck she wanted gone. I gave her an explanation on my side of the mutual problem and she saw my side (?????), Picked up my medications, Mailed my GrDaughter a packet of story book sketches, and forgot to check to see if the Fairhaven store would special order in some yarn paid in advance yarn.
Swung by and picked up Barry. On shop arrival we put the heavy battery charger on the 2150 Ollie, we got my tools sorted out and put away, fix hole in fence the bulls had knocked open eager to attend the yearling heifers, and broke for lunch.
Lunch quick as I was anxious to get at some plowing we were off again. It took some doing, but the field is plowed with but one misshape. The ground a bit wet I had managed get the 2150 not only stuck but buried as well. Had to bring the 4-180 into play retrieving the 2150 back into usefulness. That’s good. Having it out on the road I experience some serious vibration. The hydraulic drive shaft the unbalanced cause along with a leaking driveshaft seal. That’s bad. The field laying fallow for more years than we can remember it had to have had a two inch and more matting loosely woven together under many winters snows Just a holding bucks’n’bucks water. It could have been the close end of June before that field might ever be dry enough to work. Well, as badly a plow job I did the field today, its sod is at least opened to breezy airs and sunshine’s drying. As rough as the field is we should be able disc it in a bout three days.
Side note: Barry and Tom witnessed my back plowing all the dead furrows including feathering the field sides and headlands. There’re no heavy equipment damaging ditch liking dead furrows to beat up the machinery this field this year. (whew) halleluiah. That’s good. I got to show these men how it’s done.
Getting earlier this evening by 8:15 PM, having to wait an hour for supper, eating late, I’m exhausted. This has been Shorthorn country for another day.
Oh yeah, another calf born last night and still another this morning. The count here is seven as of noon today. And, There’re at least seven more down the road. Life is good. BGKC.

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Paula said...

John has lots of new babies too and more to come. Aren't they the sweetest things? I like to see them when they are so curious and play with each other like kids.