Friday, April 16, 2010

She’s She

Frieda’s busier than a beaver (note: no mention the big animal’s size). Yesterday I caught her using a broom. This morning she’s stirring doing dishes, before my waking and facing another glorious Shorthorn country day. She’s served me herbal tea. She asked/reminded me to take my rattlers. She’s gone through my unmentionables looking for sizes, I’m thinking she’s preparing/warming-up to have me take her shopping. Oh! The things I have to do to let her take care of me in the fashion I have/had become so accustomed. (grin)
I had a Moment
Oh Oh!
I’ve been thinking again, or whether I been thinking about this planet Earth. I’m wondering is it just my imagination or is the heart of the Earth cooling down more rapidly more recently than in the past. I mean like there have been more earthquakes (in more the unusual places), salomies beating the beaches in the oceans and seas, and more and more volcanoes are blowing there tops, spewing their guts more most recently.
All these happenings news from so many more places we’ve ever herd of. Is it the earth ticked off what man has done to its surface? Could it be laid upon communications coming to us from so many more places equipped with computers and cell phones? Could it be so many people buying and driving Toyota’s they can’t stop getting to more’n’more news faster‘n‘faster the drivers punching their blackberrys on the way? Has all man kinds responsible to thawing out the cold poles set the earth up for its axis change. With global warming is the Earth headed for another rush of globball ice-caps and smoothy glaciers?
I’ve got questions? I’d like answers before I’m involved in another same old grind.
This evening’s coming in Frieda asked, “How’d your day go, Hon.?” I don’t want to talk about it. “It went to crap in a hand bag.” I told her, “And, I’m in no mood to even talk about it.” I grab me a glass filling with water. From my pocket I withdrew my bottled rattlers I’ve started again carrying with me as I won’t know from day to day where or what I may be doing come each day’s afternoon rattler time.
I was as tired as if I had worked hard all day. Why I might have thought I had suffered a anxiety attack until I had set down to get my second wind, when from out of the blue A muscle spasm had attacked my left calf and a cramp hardened around my right shin bone. Holy by Dalia! I needed a valium. What water I had left washed one down just as quickly I could find one plus as easily as I could have ever wished. In retrospect I had a number of almost stumbling episodes, my knees almost letting me down. Them’s are some strange feeling when the knee becomes a jellied influential rubbery mass doing no more tha merely holding a shin bone to a leg bone.
I might have done a pea poor job taking care of a plumbing issue? Picking up another style ignition switch worked out in dud fashion. And that switch was only one stop of many I made as long as I had to go to town. Another stop was for a plumbing repair pipe fitting supplies. I needed cat food. Save-a-lot’s is no longer a cat food bargain stop. The twenty pound bags of only a couple/three years ago have not only gone up in price they’ve gotten four pounds lighter. I stopped by the seamstresses storefront, a place where they know my name. “My tux ready?” I had asked, but was told instead, “No, but well get to it this afternoon.” No, I didn’t hang around. I had to get back to things needing doing. “It’s alright.” I told them, I’ll stop in again next time I’m in town.” Hmm, I’m thinking they’re a couple starved females so yearning my charm. It is such a shame there just isn’t enough of me to go around. Before the morning running was over I had made five stops.
Well! It is all to embarrassing all the wrongs I pulled today. I’ll know come morning if I should have gotten two of my concerted job efforts actually worked out. In finishing here’s wishing nobody has as bad a criminally as poor an accomplished work as I had. BGKC.

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