Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It’s evening now. And I no longer remember what I was going to write about laughter. But I’ll take a condensed stab at as long as I had brought the subject up. One advantage laughter it is the best medicine. Laughter goes hand in hand with a body keeping busy enough the ache and pains are forgotten for a spell. And, of-course smiles just naturally go along with laughs. Oh how much prettier a maid when she’s wearing a smile on her face. Also should a body find him or herself caught up in a conundrum amongst some serious minded people. Let that person wear a smile, the rest of them will wonder what smiling person is up to?
A quick synopsis of today’s Shorthorn country activities: Rains continue over our country side. I’ll accept them as a means to catch us up on all the snow we didn’t befall us all last winter.
The parts supplier for the Tecumseh engine called, “The parts are in.”
Knowing Handy might enjoy getting out of his house for a ride, since he had broken his leg, I asked if he wanted to go along. He did. We picked up my parts first. On the way back we stopped by the crossroads hardware, supermarket, and filling station. I got glues at the hardware. We both got a couple grocery items the supermarket, handy doing me one better picking a temporary medication for one his mom had spilled. Lastly I fueled Ugly at the end a pointed spout held leveled at Ugly by a gasoline pump for ransom. Miserable thief fleecing my pockets at least once a week.
Getting back, had lunch, dropped a keyboard off for Handy’s use. In the shop I repaired the 1816 Case skid steer’s starter motor. It’s ready for installation when the rains stop and we’ve had a couple day’s drying time. I looked at the azzkicker giving it some deep thought. For something different, tomorrow, I’ll wire into it a three channel remote radio switch and two relays. If it don’t work by then, at least it’s working will have gotten closer. BGKC.

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