Sunday, April 11, 2010

time’s value

I’ve never been one to enjoy going or seeing a sporting event. I view it as time wasted. Give me friends and a gab fest over a couple coffees or beers and I’ll have had a good time. Or, let me alone in my shop working on one of my-special-project’s whether it be in woodworking or mechanical involving moving parts for an end’s usefulness. I enjoy standing back looking at a created work of art; or, gloating (even if it be private) over a mechanical accomplishment to make my life easier. Then it’s celebration time if it’s no more than a beer or a glass of fine wine. Give me a sense of accomplishment and I’m a happy camper.
When I’ve finished this, checked my laundry, remove my fifty pound boots each, and I may feel like writing another page in my very private journal. (a slim smile smiled slim)
*Saturday evening’s ramblings.
I was doing alright until I got caught in this for four hrs. The top element went ka-put. The bottom of the ten year old water heater filled with lime. It took a variable bit of effort to drain the cussed tank wiggling a piece of 17gage fence wire worked through the valve PLUS a shot of compressed air to clear that passage and put pressure into the system to open that passage to let the water mostly dribble out. A clean but miserable job.
After lunch I finally got back to TRYING to make fix the 1816 Case. While I fiddled with the water heater Bro’ picked up water heater and Case parts. For all my efforts the afternoon was a complete waste of time. While I had figured out the wires or wiring And temporarily had all the parts lined up for their fittings I found none of them would fit within the space allotted. Thankfully tomorrow is another day.
Halleluiah! The bovine stork as finally made in corner of Shorthorn country.
Newly born the cow and calf having some difficulty getting a solid connection at the udder end; I left the critters alone. I can record the vitals tomorrow.
It has been a particularly interesting Shorthorn country day. Either to hard or boring to explain it in an adventurous style, ya’d had to been here to have truly enjoied it. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I'm with you on watching the sporting events. I can find so many more things to do.