Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I had more’an….

…….plenty to do,, and didn’t know which way to turn. First thing first I had better get Handy to the Doc where I had failed him yesterday. Handy delivered, I fueled Ugly, and headed for Barry’s home. I needed Barry’s help as well as a hydra-cylinder on a spring tooth drag a-setting stored there. Getting the cylinder freed of the drag implement I had it’s use for the corn planter. The corn planter, I’ve got to get it out any day now. Talking to Tom he was going to the shop to cut and weld patches into the original feed wagon that I had taken out of service. I need it now for a storage facility. So Bro’ is finally getting to making fix. He sure knows how to cut working time short. So, Bro’ with Tom’s help Barry and I weren’t needed. We could split, with my pocketed cell phone commencing to make a nuisance of itself. Handy was ready to come home. Dropping Barry off to ready equipment’s use for tree trimming I fetched Handy back home.
Some reasonable amount of order achieved, the ladies fed, Cushman loaded, The staging pictured yesterday on Ugly’s back we were ready to set tree trimming. For a trial run we started on a tree in the barnyard and made a mess of it. The next tree we faired some better with it than the first. The trimming nothing fancy as that near dead oak has to come down one these days. Only trimmed a couple limbs off so that they mighten not catch some the hay bales when comes time to move’em into hay-yard storage. Back to the oak it is so big I expect it’d heat a house for a whole winter’s season.
Heads up, motors running, we moved on out to threaten the sanctity of fully bloomed trees. The first stop was the originally the farm’s first private railroad crossing. The name stuck, to it, t’s been known as ever since. From there on we managed to cover between 2/3’s to ¾’s the problem trees trimmed back. A limb fallen mess about the farm borders, I’ve got to cut them up tomorrow for what firewood I may gleam and stack the remains of the limbs for brush piling transport. Can’t let this wood go to waste be it a healthy mix of oak, hard maple, and some hickory. The house’ll be cozy warm next winter.
Barry getting up side the dying old oak tree he had ridden that boxy looking thing from out of Ugly’s back side. That platform (I’ll call it) fit to the 4020’s hay forks I did all the heavy lifting from my bored position on the tractor seat putting Barry and the chainsaw where they were the most advantageous.
We had sure made a mess, a mess requiring cleaning up before any more tree cutting.
What else has been going on around here? Frieda’s oxygen making machine was replaced for her yesterday. She wanted me to look at it. Hmmm, I thought once/twice about it and reasoned it’d be better the company charging such a high monthly rate for its use, let them fix it. And, that was that. BGKC.

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