Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day five

Spent my entire day either making fix on the 1816 Case or sleeping. The 1816 Case first.
I attacked that stubborn machine with all the zeal of a gladiator knowing I was going beat that sucker, it was mine! The starter wires taken care of, checking and rechecking the ignition switch wiring I knew I had it made to work. The acid test, The engine enthusiastically rolled over and over and over. What? Sticking a screwdriver in the spark plug wire, no spark. Checking and rechecking, no spark on the rollovers. What is this? I get one end a-working and the other end craps out. What’s this machine need, a high-colonic? Disgusted by the time 2:30 lunch time FINALLY rolled around I was home snacking a skimpy luncheon meal. Not feeling good, perhaps psychological depression. Five days? I never, I mean I’ve never had this much revolting fun in a long time. At least not since such last time. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, to Hell with it, I laid down. Holy smokes! I shelpt 5 hours, five whole hours I slept. That’s it.
Checking upon the ladies they’s produced nobody new. 1001’s daughter calf is doing alright for a heifer. A lovely little girl. I’ve had a hole over twice. The last time might have ben my last at that. BGKC.