Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another new day

Gosh, in spite little of little sleep (short really) I’m here to see another one. I’ve a few things to do around here I’ve let go. But knowing my luck I’ll likely have to pull the JCB skid steer’s radiator so’s Bro’ may fix the contrary mechanical animal himself single handedly. (hahahohohehe) Believe me, a many a strange thing happens around here, if it hasn’t been noticed.
Weather feels like rain. Between my sinuses, my bones and there conjoining joints it feels like rain to me.
Well now all my aches and pains weren’t for naught. Shortly afternoon it had started raining. Not a lot as yet nor near enough. Supposed to rain all night and tomorrow. We’ll see what this prediction brings us?
What with the physical abuse I felt evening last, I vowed I was taking it easy today. Oh I didn’t just sit around doing nothing. One task I had staring me in the face when His Nibs was to show up I managed to look it over upon an earlier hour. (evil grin here) without His Nibs under foot I took to removing the water pump pulley as easily as a tortoise rolling off a log. While boss man wanted me to remove radiator, I slipped to it (the pump pulley), a carpenter’s ripping bar. No mechanics bar their coming in at least two styles in four sizes each style. Patients and slow going with but no more wiggle than was necessary to take Bro’s troublesome parts off the JCB. Then I disappeared. Having brought my asskicker with me to the shop I had misplaced the remote controls schematics. Home finding extras I tried copying them to no avail. I know all the printed matter recorded and stowed away. It seems I remember not where?
With no real interest in overly exercising my brain neither I opted for cleverly reworking a dozen or so fairly broken electric wire gate handles. It was an easy sit down job in the shop doorway under plenty natural light. Tools included pliers, bolt-cutters, medium sized swatski (hammer), A drift punch, and my portable vise stand with an advantageous hole in the vice deck. Materials included all dozen the useless handles and a roll of #9 wire, the wire cut into about 14”>16”. Four handles completed, several more started I’ll take pictures next time showing what I had worked out for some sneaky recycling repairs.
While I worked on these things, being handy I occasionally goffered for His Nibs also.
Another calf born this afternoon I just missed seeing it dropped. Still wet un-mama dried off the critter was doing it’s darndest to stand up. Falling a couple times the poor thing nearly got itself caught in an electric fence. Knowing this critter to heavy for myself to pickup anymore I was more than pleased to see Keith coming over the rise to pack it over to the other side of the hill. (whew)
The afternoon marginally drippy, the day was called at 4:00 PM, chores included, the JD moved back home, and my rethinking the afternoon hour. Oh My God….. A bath or shower and a haircut came to mind this early on this Spring already. My mind’s diffidently slipping. Oh well, I guess it wont hurt to wash some of winter’s stink off. Gosh, I’ve just got to knuckle under and bear this civilized travesty. Oh well, first things first. Gonna try out my new hobby grinder on my own toe nails before I’ve water softened them in Bath water. (eeeeck) Well I have lived down worse!
Frieda made biscuits and gravy for supper with a blueberry shortcake for dessert. ‘Twas good. .From my Shorthorn country to yours, BGKC.

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