Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ho Hum More the Same

Hah! We only had a few little firewood piles to pickup until one of us got the big idea to trim just a few more overhanging limbs. Wished it were Barry’s idea in stead of mine. Then, I could blame it all on him. We wound up as late as yesterday or later we finished the trimming and loading. We’ve brought up the same amount of a wood-hauler full as last night. We even managed to trim off some over hanging nuisance limbs from one enormous tree only as high off the JD as Barry could reach. That was down to the tenant farm. I may not have all the fence lines cleaned, but we’ve made a great improvement for what we’ve gotten done. I’ll venture to guess I’ve likely uncovered four acres of inaccessible ground. We can use it.
Was a good day for spotting wildlife. A lone Goose entertained us from down in the bottom ground, what bottom ground there is. We had a cock pheasant meander through my barn’s west side holding pen. We were surprised not one of the barn cats hadn’t taken an interest in him. We heard a couple raccoons talking back and forth out in the woods near where we were trimming and cutting. Not understanding raccoon I don’t know what they were say let alone what they had decided?
Took some more pictures. I skipped another proof picture of the wood hauler’s new load.
This is the stalled gravity box project I wanted finished yesterday:

This morning’s bull addition here:

On arrival the other end this morning the cattle were out again. Starting to bring them in Bro’ disliking my hollering method, we eventually had words over more than one difference of opinion. He likes splicing fence wire with a western union splice. I prefer a square knot. He tells me my splices break. That part I refused to argue. But my knots outlast his windings unwinding at least 10 to 1. He can pucker up and I told him so. I’m also tired of bringing his girls back in everyday because he won’t admit my methods are better. Now, this is how it’ll work, when he finds my way superior, two/three years from now my methods will all be his idea. Arrggghhhh! I’ve been told I can choose my friends. But, no such luck on the other….}:^)

A new born bull calf on the other end, while I was holding him in the ranger for transport, he peed all over me. When we finished on the other end getting the cattle back in again. I come home to go to field with wet pants. The shirt I hung out to day. And, it is in the laundry now.

Saw this in my field to field travels today. My first thought it were some sort of grub. Look closely it appears to be wearing sunglasses. So, what is it? A grub or worm? Smaller than a bread box, bigger than if our imaginations run wild.

I know I’d done more than this. One thing I’m sure of, I've forgotten something, maybe two. {;^)) BGKC.

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Paula said...

What do you say when you call your cows? My Daddy used to say Sue cow. John says Too cow.