Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Accounting Day

Day six or seven, so many days spent my back bent over the 1816 Case I’ve seen the light. Along with the book relinquished into my care and some common sense rethinking ALL the experts thinking, pulled the so called ignition wire off the ignition switch. Walla! I had spark. Not once, but twice, three times in front of unbiased witness. It had even tried to run happiness swelling the machines heart. The surgeon had finaly gotten the poor machine’s nervous system figured out. Come to morrow the case will be happily in operating running condition. The switch I had been given. the same switch it was insisted I wire it the engineer’s only way. (hehehehehe) I go to town tomorrow to select my own idea of a proper 1816 Case key switch. I’ll go alright taking my ohm meter with me checking them until I find the one that’ll suit me and the Case. Before the day’s out, my patient being such a good machine I’ll even treat it to an oil change and a grease job. Nothing’s to good for my barn cleaning, shyt kicking buddy.
7:30 AM the wrecker arrived and slid the 1816 Case up upon its aluminum fishplate deck. Giving it a two mile ride down the road I had to pull it off his truck at the shop end.
Got caught up with this morning having to grind two tons the neighbor’s grain. No supplements added it seemed to take forever get that job done with nothing but waiting to do.
To dispel any rumors floating around I not but lay round doing nothing all day long let this picture of a thousand words affirm my always on the tenacity go all day long.
Just gotta show we’re turning green and the choke-cherries are blossoming. One of these days I’ve got to the old oak tree down. That’s a lot of firewood standing there.
No new calves. The ladies are back to holding them in from me. The girls fed this morning my evening had come earlier this night. I’m thinking these ladies are going to become part of an accounting. Between Escalade and the ladies, if there isn’t any countable production numbers by falls promised coming some o f them are about to get free passage to Disneyland for some individual burger ratings..
Meanwhile. By golly, it is quarter to beer and I ain’t waiting any longer. I’ve got a long time coming celebration to drink to. Hick!
From Shorthorn country BGKC.

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