Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ever been a gopher?

Ever been turned into a gopher? Well, I was today. Kinda reminds me when I saw my wife walking down Phonix St. one day and turned into a bakery. (hehehohohaha) Strange things have been happening.
A couple of hay ring feeders needing some serious repairs I made like a gopher going for this or that giving Bro' a most of the day hand.
I looked at my broken VW part and asked Bro' for a thought or two on how to make better an already botched repair job. Interestingly enoughhe came up with the same solution as my having overnoight slept upon the problem. Just goes to show how great minds came run in the same groove. Bundled up some heavily nail laden rotten boards for this week's trash pick up. So while my worked efforts might have appeared lame I nonetheless made some accomplished headways.
Home early or so it seamed having gotten home after midnight, woke up, got up tired this morning. Them by the time I had me some breakfast it was lunch time. Now I'm hungry enough to chew a raw staek off a live bull's hind quarter. Why is it an hour is longer when a body has to wait it out after consuming an afternoon's ration of scriped pills.
One thing I'm going to his evening is retire early and lay my back on an ice pack. Later!

Fore Last Night

Gosh, I had made it another writer's club meeting. My presentation was awful and I was so proud of it before I had started reading it. Oh well! Having bravely continued reading it to the end I recieved some very valueable critisisim. This was about the best what had happened all day.
A bit of luck had followed ourdrive out of the city. Just making it to alast prechosen fillng station for gasoline, we must have been running on vapors, for when Fillip fueled the gastank it filled from a completely empty condition. Thankfully the price of gasoline has steadily come down tyhe last few days. Evening'slast price was a keen $3.18.9/gallon. I can't remember how many months or years ago I'd seen gasoline at this price. Only a month ago gasoline was selling for over $4.00/gallon. Such is commerace around mid-Michigan these last few days.
Had to grind yesterday. I set the machinery and Fillip did most the work all by himself. Not particularly feeling good at that start's moment, I left Fillip to it. I retired to the house hoping something'd come out of it. Bless his heart.
After lunch we removed ourselves to the shop delivering the grind along the way. Then recovering it with a new tarp. After that my daylight part of my day started going down hill. Had some bad luck working on the Bettle Buggy breaking an irreplacable part. I get to try again today to try and save it one way or another. Nuts!
There's a 10% chance of rain for today. I doubt very much we'll see a single drop unlike the USA's East coast huricane's coming ashore the upper mid Atlantic states. Looks like all our country's eastern neighbors are in for a good time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I believe in Santa

Holy smokems Mom and Dad, I wish you were here to see this, I recieved an early call this very AM to make a 4 minute appearance for my book "Santa's Reindeer Hay" on a local TV station. 'Tis perfectly okay I make the appointment for a rainy day appearance. I'm either so scared and/or excited I'm vibrating like a 1925 Fliver all over the place.
Phone call out of the way it was a run by the bank to juggle funds, then a run into Mt Morris for Buggy parts. Fillip was called to drive harvest trucks for the afternoon. I ran into another villiage to pick up some groceries. we nneded some bread for Fillips lunch bucket, baking soda for laundry, and mothballs to go around the house footings to help keep some mice at bay. A quick lunch I alone went to work on reassembling Fillip's VW Buggy. That lasted until I felt myself going brain dead somewhere about 6:00PM.
Home I'll be lucky if I can put any kind of a supper together. In the house within my home element, personally I'm ready for cooky, a glass of milk, and beddy bye....zzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A long Fall Day

We lost a very precious life this morning. Taking Fillip's pet cat, Stats, to the vet this this morning. Stats crying in pain all night into this morning somethinghad to be done. So it was off to the pet hospital. He was found to have some kind of a urinary problem. Bottom line Fillip (We) could have spent a mere 1/2grand and gauranteed surgury would likely do him no good. So Fillip elected to have his friend put down. Parts of today have been rather dismal at times. Stata was an entertaining loving good friend to the whole household. He'll be missed.
Draging Fillip's roadster ut of the fence line weeds. The engine rolled over. After some tinkering we got the the ignition to fire. However the buggy having set unatended for so long the brakes had caroded tight. So, finding brake fluid wet to the rear brakes, where-as the frontones were dry. In taking the front brake drums off I found indeed the wheel cylinders were frozen in place never to work again. All so found a bad wheel bearing and the front brake hoses not to be trusted. Parts are now ordered and should be here tomorrow. With a little more to come the buggy needs at least one new tire and an improvised throttle-cable. He-he, my brother shutting us out of the shop we had found the old buggy thing fun to work on. Brakes fixed tomorrow we may only be another day or so from having it runing and in working order to finally store it away in my barn for the Winter. Next year maybe a paint job and a new canvas top?
Next up either the Dumpy or Greene truck to work on. The Dumpy would be rather handy arond here; yet, the Greene would be a more economical drive. Decisions-decisions?
The "Santa's Reindeer Hay" book sales continue to slowly plod-on-a-long. The book getting around just enough, I'm averaging a sale a day, thus far I have been contacted for two County Library story-telling speaker engagements. I've also managed to send out some locally healthy 1st round press releases to radio, TV, and newspapers, over the last weekend. Another week or so I'll be sending out a follow-up 2nd press releases. I'll predict right now a 3rd press release will be putting some stretch to my salesmanship imagination.
Inspite our pet's loss, we're having fun-fun-fun! Still wishing we had a few more bucks to work with, for all the poping up surprises.