Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ever been a gopher?

Ever been turned into a gopher? Well, I was today. Kinda reminds me when I saw my wife walking down Phonix St. one day and turned into a bakery. (hehehohohaha) Strange things have been happening.
A couple of hay ring feeders needing some serious repairs I made like a gopher going for this or that giving Bro' a most of the day hand.
I looked at my broken VW part and asked Bro' for a thought or two on how to make better an already botched repair job. Interestingly enoughhe came up with the same solution as my having overnoight slept upon the problem. Just goes to show how great minds came run in the same groove. Bundled up some heavily nail laden rotten boards for this week's trash pick up. So while my worked efforts might have appeared lame I nonetheless made some accomplished headways.
Home early or so it seamed having gotten home after midnight, woke up, got up tired this morning. Them by the time I had me some breakfast it was lunch time. Now I'm hungry enough to chew a raw staek off a live bull's hind quarter. Why is it an hour is longer when a body has to wait it out after consuming an afternoon's ration of scriped pills.
One thing I'm going to his evening is retire early and lay my back on an ice pack. Later!

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