Sunday, November 4, 2012


Our phone so durned busy about worn its bells out near hoping off the hooks. We've received calls from Clinton, Michell, Killdee, Paul Nemman, Elvis, and both political party bosses. I for one will be glad when next Tuesday has come and gone. The Mostess and I had cast our absent minded ballots a couple weeks ago. So they's ain't gonna influence one way or another for approximately another four years.
Fillip and I have continued working on his Bug. Want to finish the master cylinder installation today as he goes back to wheeling a harvest semi-truck tomorrow for a neighbor. Hope he makes a bunch of money. He owes me a bundle,the same bundle I was going to use to order more books.
Herr Clink and I are about as well as can be expected. I wish the boss lady would lose some weight. Myself I wish I could give up my attachment to nightly laying on the ice packs for the gathering inflammation in my daily-back.
Stats is sorrily missed around her. Della having kept to herself all the years she's resided under our roof is seemingly trying to take Stats place. Crazy Cat! She's sitting where Stats had set for any passing pet or pat on the head. And, she's taken to spending hours upon Herr Clinks lap and chest. Crazy Cat!
Welp! This it again for rat now. Just a fwe words to indicate we're still here live and somewhat well. I'm still moving refusing idol-y sit liken Her Mostess. I've got to much to do. And to many projects started and unfinished. But I'm gaining on them, I think

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Paula said...

Good to see a post from you Fernan. Glad you and Frieda are doing as well as you can. Take care.