Friday, November 9, 2012

11-8-2012 Been a Busy One

My first waking thought was, "I want a day off." After yesterday's busy-busy weight liftingsI wanted an easy going day. So, this is the way it went.
Had to have help haying my yearling heifers. The JD readied with a bale on it for Bro's help, when he got here, I thought it'd be an easy feed today. Wrong'o! One of the heifer's determined to get inside the hay ring had tangled her leg in the lower multipules of rings. The critter was darn near determined to break that leg off. My climbing over the ring's side I had to do a-full belly flop across her entire being to hold her down. Then it was my pushing and pulling my almost getting the dummy free. Yeah, right, almost. Bro' on crutches had to abandon the JD loader and joined me on his crutches just short of wading mud to get to us. With his added pull we finally had gotten the last half inch her hind leg's inside toe freed. Then when the id-jut was freed and out of the ring I opened the gate keeping an eye on the little ladies while Bro' finaly delivered them a bale of first class fall cut hay.
Every thing copensetic here I drifted on down the road for the shop. There I drilled a couple low holes for Bro' in his feeder project. Then turned my attention towards Fillip's bug. The left rear wheel brake cylinder was an easy replacement. Not so when I got to the right rear. The new wheel cylinder in place I couldn't put the brake drum back on without grinding a bit of a 16th" of an inch metal off the top ends the steel part of the shoes.
Timing couldn't have been closer. Coming up five o'clock it was pill time and I just happened to have them in my pocket today. On reaching home I hooked up the empty sheled corn wagon for an early morning go, got a couple forks out of the barn for retarping the load, and raided the house for four out-going trash bags, two of them needing a secured bit of tieing to keep the cats out of them. Getting dark I had handily finished up all my chores farm and domestic inclusive. Then as I finished writing this, I found myself tired. Now hoping I last long enough for my supper before drifting off into dream land for I'm sure the Sandman cometh.

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