Thursday, November 22, 2012

11-22-2012 Turkey Day

4:00 AM and I find myself sleepless. So I'm up and at it, my key board that is. A repeat of last night's sleeplessness. Last night I had put together four emailed press releases and four snail-mail pony express offerings. Then on to yesterday's daylight hours had been a busy lot.
Morning chores started ot with a having come apart tei rod end on the 4020 JD between relocated hay bales. Reassembly done properly, moving a clamp about 180* retightening it bolt, I don't think those parts will be coming apart again. Then it on down the road upon a request to put a stop to a Ford digers oil leak. A couple pieces pallet cardboard to lay on I avoided wearing that barnyard offal. The fix a temporay one at best, a piece of heater hose strategically clamped on a hydralic line, and it was good to go until a proper repair this winter.
Followed a quick run into Mt Morris for another VW master cylinder. That in hand maybe part of todays fun we can replace it. Next stop, the post ofice to mail off "Santa's Reindeer Hay" books. Ouch packaging and postage ain't cheap.
Interestingly enough the water and powerline for a new waterer had been dug in by sundown's last gleaming. My farmday was done. Then getting home I found all my written press releases still in the mail box. I had forgotten the postage stamps. Oh well, let me hope I do better today.
Maybe more this evening?

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