Thursday, November 29, 2012

Four ways to go & then some

Almost feels like my time is being drawn and quartered in four directions all at the same time. First thing this morning I need to be in two places today at the same time. That’ll be a good trick. I had enlisting Bro’s help to take Herr Clink to her afternoon’s Doctor’s appointment. I’ll have Fillip herd Ugly in the opposite direction to keep an appointment in my stead. Thankfully the concrete pour has been put off until tomorrow afternoon. During my morning travels I’ve managed to procure a high lift bucket truck to replace a single sheet of metal roofing on the hill top barn. Must do’s for this operation make sure the power drivers are charged and ready to go, have the roofing material handy, and all necessary screws readily available. Oh yeah, me thinks we need to do a bit of tree trimming to make way to back that truck up to the barn.
Yesterday’s TV12 experience was a winner. I was kept busy this morning writing up an all-purpose thank you note. Then packaging and mailing out my Santa’s Reindeer Hay story books. Then I don’t know what’s going on? The last mailed out shipments went for $2.51/@ postage. Today the postage rate was $2.10/@ including a “to and from” addressed thank you note. What could be the explanation for this discrepancy?
I wanted to see if I could get a DVD or CD copy my TV Santa story interview? The requested CD costing a boo-coo bunch of dollars was passed up for a news link. Then trying to download it had become a problem? It may be I’ll have to go a long way around to get it. Nuts!
Ya’s got to see what I did yesterday…….
Was fun; but, I rather put up with a mad wife or a demanding Mistress? Sheesh, I was so nervous and jerky I had plum forgotten my vocabulary. Meanwhile, from under cold northern sky “Aurora Borealis.”

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