Wednesday, November 7, 2012

'Twas one busy day

Before I could get out of the house, before I had driven Fillip to work, I'd been called, "You need to grind today." Wonderful! While it was expected, the appropriate amount of time having passed, I didn't want this news as I had to take my help to work for a neighbor.
Fillip disposed of, I ran by the elevator for supplements and bicarbonate of soda. Cussed corn we been feeding the livestock the corn-seed had been treated against some root worm which had caused some cattle, four of our own, to bloat and die.
The grind was more weight lifting than I had wanted to do. So the whole grind was carefully attended to in slow and deliberately carefully executed moves. Toten bags, hand-lifting the elevator, all this taxes my aged muscles and fibers. When the grind was done the ground mixed feed delivered and spotted, it was time to move onto then ext task.
A bright day, another timely coming along doubtful I had to put the 455 baler inside the back of the barn there was moving some stuff involved to make room for the baler. Last Spring there was only one bicycle don in the barn. This afternoon I counted either five or six, relocating four of them making space for baler. Any help unavailable to even stand by and watch I didn't back into something for me was unavailable. So it was climbing on and off the tractor a number of times to check my own clearances. Low and behold I prevailed.
About the last chore for the day was to deliver a hay bale to the little girls down in the hollow. When I had taken care of all I had to do today the sun was just peering at me through the leafless trees below the tree-line's top's. I was physically finished, and hungry. Quitting time this day couldn't have been any sweeter.

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