Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twice green with envy

It ain’t fair. It just ain’t fair, I’m writing. The Lady’s husband in Misery, he’s painting one of the two shades of green on his Ollie. We get a tractor fixed during cold weather. Then as time would have it when the elements are right the field works are staring us in the faces.
OR, as it is going and going to be around here these next couple weeks I’m digging trenches for the neighbors. That’s a crappy job if there was ever one! Then/and be doing some heavy work taking the disc harrow apart for all new blades. Bro’ found some heavy heavy-duty 7 ga. ones this time. Whoopppeeeee! Sheesh! And again already it’ll be levers, short chains, large pipe wrenchES* with torque converters (cheaters), exercising tiring musculs*; and we haven’t even got the field work started for TB (tired butt (proDnoses*).
First thing out of the box I had to pickup my refilled scripts and turn a new one in for Her Mostess. I only had one more day‘s rattlers on hand.……
Speaking of Her Mostess, she’s slaving over a hot stove this AM making fresh thawen blueberries in pancakes. Yum!
…….Then I simply gotta Pickup my old tux’s before I permanently ruin my still good to go meeting one. And then while I’m only a block away, go Save-A-Lot for a few things like canned tomatoes, canned beets (a lot of these for my hats), maple syrup, and something else.
One old repaired tux picked up, two grocery store stops, and one more stop a filling station I was on my way home.
This is so embarrassing!
I have been quite upset with a faceless-nameless scoundrel whom had never existed the last three or four days. Having lost sight of my Ugly’s spare gasoline can, I had assumed someone had lifted if out my truck. Looking for something else I had caught a glimpse of it under the bed’s tool box. My cleaning out Ugly’s cargo box only a few days ago, it has already become cluttered all over again. So it seems I am behind in my apologies for some dastardly deed what has never happened. Silly isn’t it; but, feel better.
Down the road I dug Keith’s first trench, only to find out later he can not have pea rock delivered until the frost laws are lifted off the roads. Crap, Keith in a dither to have a leach field dug isn’t doing anything with the start he’s incessantly bugged me to start. ……..I don’t know?
Finally had to replace Ugly’s fan belt. Worn and polished so thin it had lost all traction continuing to turn the alternator and water pump over. The alternator bracket a replacement for an original on a replacement alternator didn’t quite fit right. Undaunted I had used a hand grinder to make fix the new belt’s bolt tightening possible.
Getting late I no longer remember what all I did today. I know I need to hit the sack for an expected incoming shipment of implement parts via early morning motor freight arrival. I’m looking foreword with mixed emotion putting them altogether rebuilding the disc.
For fear of repeating myself it is good night. BGKC.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Fur.

Not much to record for yesterday. Frieda and I had slept good. I get to eat my weekend menu alone, having done something wrong over cooking it. It’s my dually worst cooked up contribution badest meal “Yuk” what has ever been made in this household to date. It were the noodles what did it in fur me. A couple more brave eating the stuff likely all I’ll be able to take, I suspect this bad dish will be sneakily fed to the cats any day now, when Frieda isn’t looking. Meany-while, Frieda’s bravely turned eating my master piece down.
Neighborhood news:

Rained a gentle drizzle all day yesterday soaking me to the skin. Another neighbor, Barry, went with me going over to, Handy's, and did what we could to finish up< Hand's septic system's drain field until we run out of stone.

What had happened, Handy went into a diabetic coma coming downstairs for a sugar test and insulin fix when he passed out compound breaking both pones in his left calf four nights ago.

So, he's out of it for the next couple months at least. An all around hand at his greenhouse job, his employer tells him he'll work the cash register as to tryin' physical labors around the houses and beds.

"Handy" the "Gimp" hasn't heard the end of this yet.

Gosh, the weather turning chilly Saturday afternoon and wet over night on into all day Sunday and last night; The ladies have gotten their appetites back. They were eating one bale a day for four days, then two bales over Saturday night. My ladies are still holding it up for me seeing any 2010 model calf contributions out here. I’m wondering, first day on the job, did the bull take a day OFF or go on vacation?
March coming in like lamb may very well go out the same way. I’m already apprehensive about April’s (traditionally) rainy offerings?
Week ends news militias in four states (Michigan, Ohio, Indians, Illinois) have been raided. With these militias raided am I supposed to feel unprotected from what? Have got a neighbor belonging to a militia. He worries me! Has got his-self either fenced IN or other’s fenced out. And, thinks there are body’s outside waiting to get him…. (weird!)
What’s FoxFire Farm’s got on for today? Have got to order up medications for Frieda and myself. Wish I had some more needed runs towards Mt Morris. I’ve two needed tuxedo’s at my seamstresses supposedly repaired since last Wednesday. Been wearing my newest Tux for last couple weeks. It won’t look like new long at my present rate of activity I’ve been wearing it into. I know of another need in that direction. I need some caned tomatoes for any more my deep cooked challenged meal cook-ups. Need about four cans beets for their juice and either white or fruit (apple or grape) vinegar to set the juices to color my rather dirty looking white canvas like hats (one safari & two Gilligan). I like their fits and uses. What I don’t like are their stained looks. Thinking adding some color will give them a more dashing sick look.
Bro’ now has two AI-ed calves to his credit.
Tried as we may we tried to finish up Handy’s Leach field. We hauled in more stone. Almost had it all placed, one last material bucket to go, the 1816 Case skid steer’s battery shot (our frequently jumping it to start engine) the starter bendix went kaput! Chasing parts found out Tecumseh went out of business (2008) two yrs ago. Only available bendix is and an after market contribution to the well running of such an engine. The part likely outsourced to a china-man in Asia. It’ll be here in minimum of four days paid in advance of course!
Before the skid steer’s calamitied breakdown I had shaved some earth off our lawn evening some the grade off between the ramp’s end and driveway. The disturbed area I seeded with some salvaged orchard grass seed I lightly covered with hay (for straw) for some rainy washout protection to disrupt my efforts.
Bless her heart Frieda, my coming in dog tired beatened, she fixed me my supper. O lawd how I do like being waited on hand and foot. I think I’ll redress for bed and grab me a beer. BGKC.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A day off for most

But not for me. Went shopping for neighbor, Frieda and myself. Almost had to go bring Handy home. Run into his sister, and she said she’d handle it. Thankfully her volunteering let me off the hook. Tomorrow another neighbor has volunteered to come over and finish hand grading Handy’s trench for field tile installation and backfilling.
I knew Ollie down by barn has a leaking tire. Been also informed another Ollie down the road also has a tire leak. Whoopppeeee. One fair tire on the second tractor will mount on the first Ollie. Then the first Ollie will receive all both two new tires. Three drivers to change coming up shortly, I thinks I’d rather slooge mud for a couple weeks. Still’ve got at least 8 LT’s and 7 drivers to cut up. Could be tomorrow’s rainy day job. Got three bias tires. One might be (could be) turned into a swinging tree pony.
Speaking of tires I got four trashed tires cut for trash pickup; three LT tires into thirds and one tractor driver quartered. Finished wearing out two saw blades doing these tires. Checking tire service catalogue I see there’s a 17” sq. 6 ply boot available for $30.00 plus. I think one 80% tire what looks like it ran over a “T” fence post could be repaired in such a manner. It’d be good enough for haying for another five to seven years anyway. Haying will light work for one Ollie.
Going through the bills the other day found two cash refunds almost enough to make a “C” note. Trying to save some money cutting expenses I bundled our cable, telephone, and internet all for one supposed bargain price. Then GIMP to entertain herself she unknowingly charged up a bunch of “Pay Per View” movies. Damn, I can’t win for loosing. Well I put a dollar limit (stopping anymore accidental movie charges) that’ll work for both of us. $5.00 pay view each?!?!?!? :^((
Coming out of the grocery store this AM I passed an older gentleman collecting contributions for mentally challenged people help. For or five steps past the gentleman I returned to his station and oddly enough contributed a couple bucks. As tight fisted as I am I don’t normally contribute nothing. Whatever am I coming to. Cash contributions twice within the last year. Normally my charitable contributions are in the forms of firewood, groceries, medical appointment drive, or paying for the medication somebody broke. Well anyway I told him my son’s story his mind and body fried between ingested excessive soda pop and very likely pain medications. He related a similar horror story his son with downs syndrome. Oh crap. His kid never had a chance.
Phillip has returned from his 10 day team truck driving road trip. Say’s he ain’t ever never driving with this companion again. Called him an unsafe driver kicking the loaded 18 wheeled semi out of gear on down grades. No moral manors, of decency urinating anywhere he had the notion, not even stepping the other side of the truck. I’ve been caught short a couple times and used some sense as not too embarrass myself and the passing public. And, everything’s is the other guy’s fault.
It’s been a suggestive first weekends day filled with fun and related adventures. BGKC.

Friday, March 26, 2010

More road running

This morning with Juan’s chaffering skills we were taken to the knee surgeons lair for Frieda’s knee checkup. Sure glad he’s taking us my avoiding the City traffic. I know I covered a lot of road earlier in the week, but those were almost all country roads with but a one traffic light situation through two blocks business district and a school intersection Millington. Witch reminds me I’ve got to gather up all my cell phone crap for Verizon return!!!!!
Thought I’d dress up this morning for a change. I put on my brand new bibs. If I must say so for myself I can still cut a dashing figure under this snowed on roof. ;^)
We were in and out of the Docs office in near nothing flat. The Genie took me around the corner for the horizon office. Both barrels loaded I walked under a real head of steam. Before long I had a committee waiting on me. I got my old phone fixed with a new battery (what I wanted in the first place a month ago) and reinstated on the air. I keep my new free phone for a later date use. In the meantime I was told how to find readable manuals on the internet. We were back home in good time. We had lunch and then my day fell apart. I managed the laundry, raiding the freezer for the goods I’ll make some our weekend meals out of. Household duties under control I goofed off some, writing some, making some lists. Checked on Handy, he wasn’t home yet.
Fed the ladies one hay bale for either the third or forth day in a row. Some the ladies are bagging. Calves will be bounced out and around here any day now.
More or less rested up I’ll clobber tomorrow’s day rather hard when. BGKC.

3-25-2010 Yesterday

Coincidentally almost same journal title as a year ago this time. I had slept in late then, up early this. Had good day yesterday and I dressed for it.
We got the Tall Ollie out of the shop. :^)) Took awhile but got the 2150 started (needs an overhaul) and hooked up to the 6x18 plows. The 4180 started in an immediate fashion cold, no heat, no warming the batteries, just flat footedly depressed the clutch and turn the key. Then parked it out on the front lawn where there was room enough for it. Also had easily started the Shultz Ollie to move the rotor-conditioner to bring the plows out. Did a complete service over the 2150 and the plows tagged on to it.
Ground on some the quadracycle’s parts. Thought them near ready to assemble only to realize I’ve got to see Ralph my hardware man for some metric nuts and bolts to hold some previously riveted sprockets together. *(^^&%& setback &^^)&*(^&^%!
Darndest weather to dress for. Tux weather to start out, for me, the temperatures teased for at least a couple hours before dropping like a stone come early afternoon.
Frieda continues to improve. I have to more carefully watch my step. Ray gone all morning with Doc appointment, TSC vist, and Mid State nut and bolt, I was given two breaks. One he was gone :^)), secondly he picked me up one of the miniature hobby grinders I can use on Frieda’s hooves saving bukko bucks it normally cost her enlisting her fries Sue to take her to podiatrist and out to lunch or such motored service. What I’ll do with the money bonanza I’ll save ME, I can buy more beer to imaginatively hide from her. (hahahohohehe) Damn! I love this spousal husbandry.
Checking on Handy he’s getting all his bones pinned together than casts on his legs and foot. Rumor is, he’s expected home today. If I have my way I’ll get his lazy kid’s arse out in the trenches to finish up what his old-man’s started. Handy’s gonna be somewhat laid up for about three months the way I figure. I’ll be darned if I get my quadrabike inside that time I ain’t gonn let Handy pedal my new bike. But I’ll show it to him. (opossum eating s**t grim here).
This about cover’s yesterday’s adventures, fun and games with Tom and Barry’s able bodied assistances. It was a good day. Now If I can influence somebody’s (Bro) need to spring plow. ;^))

3-26-2010 Yesterday

Coincidentally almost same journal title as a year ago this time. I had slept in late then, up early this. Had good day yesterday and I dressed for it.
We got the Tall Ollie out of the shop. :^)) Took awhile but got the 2150 started (needs an overhaul) and hooked up to the 6x18 plows. The 4180 started in an immediate fashion cold, no heat, no warming the batteries, just flat footedly depressed the clutch and turn the key. Then parked it out on the front lawn where there was room enough for it. Also had easily started the Shultz Ollie to move the rotor-conditioner to bring the plows out. Did a complete service over the 2150 and the plows tagged on to it.
Ground on some the quadracycle’s parts. Thought them near ready to assemble only to realize I’ve got to see Ralph my hardware man for some metric nuts and bolts to hold some previously riveted sprockets together. *(^^&%& setback &^^)&*(^&^%!
Darndest weather to dress for. Tux weather to start out, for me, the temperatures teased for at least a couple hours before dropping like a stone come early afternoon.
Frieda continues to improve. I have to more carefully watch my step. Ray gone all morning with Doc appointment, TSC vist, and Mid State nut and bolt, I was given two breaks. One he was gone :^)), secondly he picked me up one of the miniature hobby grinders I can use on Frieda’s hooves saving bukko bucks it normally cost her enlisting her fries Sue to take her to podiatrist and out to lunch or such motored service. What I’ll do with the money bonanza I’ll save ME, I can buy more beer to imaginatively hide from her. (hahahohohehe) Damn! I love this spousal husbandry.
Checking on Handy he’s getting all his bones pinned together than casts on his legs and foot. Rumor is, he’s expected home today. If I have my way I’ll get his lazy kid’s arse out in the trenches to finish up what his old-man’s started. Handy’s gonna be somewhat laid up for about three months the way I figure. I’ll be darned if I get my quadrabike inside that time I ain’t gonn let Handy pedal my new bike. But I’ll show it to him. (opossum eating s**t grim here).
This about cover’s yesterday’s adventures, fun and games with Tom and Barry’s able bodied assistances. It was a good day. Now If I can influence somebody’s (Bro) need to spring plow. ;^))

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful day

Up, out, and on the road the sunrise was gorgeous. I was early ut and on my way to haul in more hay. The last miles I drove with the shade drawn, and squinted from behind my sun glasses to see the road driving into the sun on the ahead. Thankfully they was only a few miles and not a lot of them. Going and coming I found I had either done to-good a job or a bad job loosening the hay wagon’s kingpins. Going for 35 mph the wagon was a bit squirrelly, an unusual trait for this wagon gear just a few years ago. Coming home loaded it were even worse whipping sharply from side to side. It was like riding the tail whipping the dog.
Heavens to Mergatroid! Walking into the warmed house, since Her Mostess had gotten the woodstove fired up, I asked Frieda if she’d like to ride along with me the next trip, provided she could get into and out-of Ugly truck our round trip. Didn’t take her long semi-winter dressing for cool meeting the cool temperatures before I had the first hay load unloaded. (hehehe) If she manages to get in and out of Ugly without any trouble this morning that old excuse is going to be shortly worn out. BUT, I ain’t gonna say nothing….Maybe the Hell I won’t? (heehawed) Ohh!!! I just love some of my more being devious ways. (grin) (smirk) (hahahohohehe). Now just how shall I go about misplacing her skillets? Put them in her stove’s broiler drawer maybe? She’ll never think me bright enough to hide’em in her kitchen……!
I had thought this morning, I’d sure like to finish grinding those three jackshaft parts as well as properly space those sprockets for my quadracycle. Then I can let it rest while casually take my time working out all the little engineering problems that will come along.
This morning’s second hay load. Get that bale what was supposed to be on top. It is as tipsy as my coffee cup.
Frieda made it in and out the ugly truck without anymore help than my setting her step on the ground for her. (hehehahahoho) Just one guess as to who around here isn’t going to take anymore crap from whom!!!!!!!!!!!! };^))
Home just in time for lunch. And guess who’s wound tighter than a three dollar watch, just a jabbering over her accomplishment. While we were gone I had mentioned the little alfalfa fellows just a leafing out looking good on the hay field where we were buying the hay. Frieda commented upon how very load the peppers were along side the roads were we passed swamp or marsh waters. Upon getting home walking up the ramp Frieda commented again, this time, on the lilacs buds.
Lunch eatened I didn’t turn out the drive for anything until much later. Whatever was done down the road was done without me. I did instead mounted the Cushman and went out back to wind fence wire and pick up fence posts. From west to east I only made it as far as the duck lake pasture, for two reasons. The ground so wet my wire winder’s ground drive wheel so slipping on the ground’s wet grasses I lost interest having hand wind the spools until they were heavy enough to hold the drive wheel firmly to the earth; and, Getting way out there I’d have had to donned my boots wade some swollen pond and creek waters to hand wind part of the fence wire. Besides it was going on late enough I needed to take my rattlers if I were even eat at sundown’s last light. I’d put in enough of the day. Give me a couple more drying days and I roll up those last three wires and wade the creek to see it through to done.
Before coming in, I had fed the ladies and unloaded the hay wagon. Still some waiting for supper time via the clock’s hands movements I slipped on down the road to lay a couple requests upon Handy. Son of a gun, he’s in hospital with two broken bone in his calf and a broken toe. Poor man had gone into a diabetic seizure and fell down some stairs. What it I wanted will have to wait. Sure hope he mends well and the experts straighten out his diabetic monitoring, medications and deliveries. This stay of events is sure going to mess up finishing his septic drain field.
Being it had been an interesting and beneficial day filled with accomplishments and disappointments I’ve arrived to this moment dog tired. So in popping a top and sipping it slow. I’ll be ready for bed when I see this bottles bottom. BGKC.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dawn Till Dusk
I turned left out of the driveway via dawn’s early light. So early I was out, had it not been for the heavy overcast, I might have even seen the sun come up. It was a nice drive although as I neared Millington traffic was picking up my wondering where everybody was going. Along the city street I finally came to the traffic’s interest the vary cars and pickup trucks dropping students off at the local consolidated school. At first seeing the traffic I feared I’d be getting caught up in it. As it worked out by the time I was on my way back home the traffic had gone. I almost had the community streets all to myself. Traffic lightened up I was passed by but two cars obviously late going somewhere. I had all the time in the world to take my load home. I stopped every three miles checking my load and tires. The tires? I had a couple anemic ones. By the time I had unloaded wagon and taken it to the shop one of those two tires was shot. It wasn’t ruined by abuse, but rather by old age. The side wall cords where they met the tread’s steel belts were giving out with a whole lot of leaking going on. I eventually replaced that tire with a new one.
I also had to grind today. Whoopppeee! I had fit that chore in between my earlier comings and goings the hay load. About all I got done on my quadracycle was the marking out the required one end of the jackshaft part and a little more. I did manage to drill me a hole partially thru the shaft’s material. A little grinding on it in a day or two and I’ll have it made.
Of course there are other activities around-about the shop whenever I show up. It’s most interesting how I’m not always needed nor asked to share in the work, but then again I’m expected to know and bring out anything and everything required for every project upon the floor. Well as it is, The Tall Ollie near has it’s tires loaded.
Darn, I sure have a need for a wagon spare tire for that hay wagon. It’s six implement bolt pattern is the same as a couple implements around here. Having and keeping a spare tire could come in handy. It could have almost been today.
Frieda’s more daring everyday. She even took on the sometimes stubbornness of the black iron heating monster gracing the center of our living room. Why she has even remarked she may take on Ugly’s services if Juan’s driving us Friday should fall through. She’s noticeably improved in my mind, her asking far less of me than less than a week’s past.
While It was dusk when I finally got in, I can hardly wait until Frieda rightfully takes up spoiling me allover again when I’ve put in a long tiring day. BGKC.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Making head way…..

….slow but sure I’m getting back into the groove. Was out of here an hour earlier than usual. Right turn I was looking for Barry. Saw Wilma and a her new BO Big Mac. Meanwhile she taking good care her eight piglets they’re a healthy growin’ up family. Shop arrival I got into making over a number bicycle parts into quadracycle parts. That was while I had a chance. A whole bunch of cutting a bit of grinding I had several parts all needing individual attention. They didn’t get it today.
I almost finished up those halter repairs. One last step to go melting the nylon ends in to a single piece. Maybe tomorrow?
Tomorrow trash day, the weather beautiful, I butchered four wagon tires into three pieces each. While I made like a butcher of potential trash I stood by the team loading the tall Ollie’s tires. I knew I’d be the needed now’n’then gopher as I’m the one everybody turns to when something is needed, of-course.
The ladies are off their feed. I can’t help but laugh at their antic, half the herd well scattered all over their pasture. A many of them their heads down waiting and watching for that first blade of grass delicacy to yield itself up for consumption. Animals can be so entertainingly funny!
I’ve just about covered everything of interest for today. Now for tomorrow I’ve got to be out the door and on the road come 7:00 AM for hauling home hay. I’m thinking a minimum two loads will last twenty days, perhaps even twenty-four days.
I might’en not set the world on fire today, yet even the smallest accomplishments will still add up over a week‘s few moments here‘n‘there.
Oh yeah, Her Mostess is getting her old dynamo self back again. Could be with the progress she’s making I may just be able to harness her up along side the Haflinger Maggie For spring plowing yet. BGKC.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

changing times

Whatever am I going to write to make this title right? How about some assorted drivel?
Take for instance the it’s reported the “Show Me State” has copped some more our northern snow. Those folks should more liking calling it “I’ll Show You State.” (he he he)
I’ve been having a Hell of an evaporation problem. Every time I get a yen for a bottle my favorite beer I find the it and the bottles it had been bottled had just up and evaporated. It isn’t entirely easy trying to figure out how this phenomena continues to happen sight unseen at that.
Got up this morning and this what I saw 24 hrs later
This picture taken this morning the snow’s all gone by quitting time. I’m pleased it had not watered up, freshened up, our mud anymore. It turned out to be a very pleasant day all our afternoon. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer one.
I can’t say I accomplished anything. Was going to do something for some quadracycle parts. While I had tried my efforts had not panned out. Putting in some thinking time on those parts today perhaps I’ll succeed in my efforts tomorrow.
I tried fixing up some damaged calf halters. About the time I was well into them I was interrupted. Those repairs laid aside the whole of them went undone or uncompleted today.
Been also thinking this weather holds for a couple nice days the Cushman and I may get back to winding up fence wires.
Had to start a fire this morning to take the chill out of the house. Frieda kept it fed all day. Frieda made us some chicken noodle soup for supper. This was a hearty meal not one for a convalescent minding the aftermath of a cold.
Nearing the end of a whole host full of useless information it is time I bring this evening to a close. BGKC.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Snow

Oh Oh, Up later than usual. We’ve fog and snow. It’s snow for sure regardless in my mind it looks like heavy duty frost. A second look we have heavy duty frost trimmed with very windy blown snow caught along a many edges obstruction’s. It looks so crispy out there.
I can’t ever remember a scene the likes of this one on the official first day of Spring. Not to miss any of this picture I’ve got to sort/take my rattlers, dress tuxing up and get out there before uncle Sun broke through the cloud cover and burn off the look what does not happen that often. This needs front line checking out! ‘Til later, for now, Byyeee!
Coming back into the house for breakfast Frieda gave me an old ladies drum majorette’s fancy foot stepping. She’s feeling good. She’s slept on both sides. She’s felt well rested for the first time in weeks. She’s called and thanked her drivers for the rides she’s gotten. And, she’s not the least bit sorry she’d quit the physical therapy. She needed the rest more than the gravitating pushing’s she been subjected to.
Damned if the falling snow isn’t adding up and uupp. If I’m going to wind more fence wire today I may have to put snow shoes on the Cushman.
Well, as it turned out the snow accumulated alright, on the Cushman seat when I took it out for a drive and again when he snow accumulated upon the tractor seat. All three seats, including mine wet , were each polished dry as use dictated.
I went over to Mikes and installed my first two cranks in the quadrabike’s frame. Then gave Mike the 28” dimension I needed for the joining jackshaft piece to go between them promising to fit all the three pieces together in do time for his welding. The machine is slowly but steadily coming together. When the jackshaft is roughed out and a promising reality I’ll be able to lat the project up for awhile.
As may be gathered I never went out winding wire for all I saw in my mind’s eye was getting us stuck. I fed the ladies while looking again for any new additions to the Foxfire family.
A restful day for both of us. I guess I’d better start getting back into the swing of things around here. Maybe sneak in a little early fun of my own. If Mike should cut me the jackshaft piece I’ve asked for. It be time, I remove the cranks so’s to cut, grind, and file all the pieces into one cleanly fitting of parts for welding together once and for all. That’ll be my something to fit in with my other shop projects. So, looking as if I’ve got a plan, I shall go to bed with a clear conscious. BGKC.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Disappointment's ends

Frieda’s ride failed to show up this morning? Un able to go Frieda called and cancelled any more physical therapy treatments. Births popping out all over the neighborhood most my neighbors have gotten themselves involved in farming some time ago and it isn‘t an occupation one can just up and ignore upon a whim..
While we waited the non-existent ride, I moved the shelled corn wagon across the driveway. I also unloaded the wood hauler onto the deck. That firewood although it were covered, it felt a bit damp, so I left it out on the deck to dry out some before I bring it in.
Not going anywhere I took ugly to the shop to put away what needed putting so I’d know where it was when an need come up again. My brother accomplished wasting some of my time with his hurry up and waiting aptitude. Getting away from there I had this idea, the Cushman joining me we’d go wind wire. Only, got to feeling unsettled, bilious, nervous and the shakes. WTH? SOB! When I got home I set a spell downed some water chasing a couple Tylenols getting in the way. Then when I thought I were feeling better I cut out for a while. I just had to enjoy what was left of a beautiful day.
Frieda’s feeling some better. She hadn’t needed me all day to help her to her feet. She did dishes and some cooking, what had started out her helping by starting it. About the time I got home and washed up she’d started it alright, making it her own. I simply gave up on it. There’s no use two fools making side by side meals we couldn’t eat even with the cats help.
A couple migratory birds had attained my interest today soaring in circles over the ladies pasture. What the….? Picking it up, hopping upon the Cushman I post hastily hurried out to see what it was I might have thought they were looking at, quite possibly drooling from such awesome heights. I saw nothing. What they were doing was circling in a horizontal spiraling motions across the fields as if getting to looks from more than one direction from over head as they had simply spiraled out and beyond us over the neighbors woodlot. Spell binding in flight with their three to four foot wing spans those turkey buzzards were a sight to see. Thankfully they weren’t stopping by here for dinner.
I rolled up my first mile of fence wire this afternoon. If the weather holds on into tomorrow morning I might pickup another mile before I get onto unapproachable wet ground.
For the fun side my life I slipped over to Mike’s garage at dusk. Uninterested in working on my quadrabike I didn’t press him. I eventually left, leaving the project well enough alone for another night. While I watched him work I sort-a cleaned a couple cranks needing welding together for the proposed jackshaft. Getting late I returned home to discover I had forgotten to carry my decked firewood in. Being to late, my energy expelled I cover the wood pile against our predicted rain and snow. Oh well! Tomorrow’s another day. BGKC.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

changing challenges

This last winter’s weather has been the most unusual to say the least. That is what we got up here, the least. Your beautiful winter scenes (as compared to Iowa and some other places) were our usual we haven't seen all winter.

My mud is drying up after only a couple days having to put up with it. I can't believe it, but I sure as the devil like it. All ready in drought conditions I'm worried about stressed crop conditions going into the planting season. It's crazy only a couple years ago we had so much rain a lot of our seed rotted rather than germinate in the fields. There was a whole lot of replanting going on that year.

There's been no need my ever entering a reservation casino around here. Farming has become a very serious gambling venture here.

Established alfalfa fields will be our mainstay fodder supply, while we've got them, and we haven't enough of them. Drought could be stuntingly tough on sudex and corn seedings. Going to be interesting how well our clover will do perhaps yielding us but one/first cutting.

It doesn't look like we'll be mudding any corn in this spring. coming to mudding in corn a couple years ago we're seeing more and more FWD tractors around, not only this farm (we'vee one more making two now), but bigger operation neighbors.

It is something to see the millions of dollars spent upon more and more Stieger classed tractors around Michigan. The Sixguy’s farm across the road around the corner, they’ve six Stiegers. My word, there investment in chisel plows, land preparatory, land levelers, two planters, and three combines; all the equipment purchased new they’ve dollars in millions invested sitting in and around their winter sheds when they’re home.

I just a might be a mite green (blaming it upon shade); but, we’ve got the 2150 FWD Oliver and lately the 4-180 White for bigger bruisers.
Things I’ve forgotten to write down:
Six robin redbreasts showed up a couple days ago (3-16-2010) looking for worms and bugs on my excavations. Opportunists, they are! J
The fire having gone out a couple day’s ago, I’m reminded, having to build a new fire this very AM. (grrrr) Which in turn reminds me. I need to field four buckets woodstove ashes taken outback.
Plus the biggy. I was taken for Santa agin yesterday. Those New York publishing clowns have no idea the going’s on in the real world…….
Getting back to the meat and potatoes of farming I am emotionally languishing in my ability to enjoy the first half my day doing a little of this and a little of that. Filled fuel cans removed and clean skidsteer battery.
Having had one cup coffee home before getting out I didn’t start me a new pot I likely would not have stayed around and drunk. I however relented heading home stopping for a cup coffee with a pretty lady I hadn’t seen for a few days. From there I had stopped for the skid steer’s needs and some gasoline. Next stop, I FINALLY found RD home. We’re about the same age. He’s lost his sight and now he’s on Dialysis
three times a week. I hurt for him. The man and his love for working the land. Gosh, I’ve got to get back with him more often if for no other reason than we can reminisce the same time periods of recent history.
Near to pull in my drive I noticed the ladies all gathered up standing in the shade behind the barn. Silly girls ain’t got the wherefore-all to remove their winter coats.
My tractor time consisted of grading the varied ruts out in the high and low driveways, the side driveway, and the most difficult ruts from the hay-yard into the winter pasture.
Our census has been picked up and I’ve parked Ugly along side JD for fueling. Coming in for lunch I commented to Frieda, “I didn’t have breakfast.” She corrected me telling me, ”You did to! You had rolls with your coffee.” Witch only goes to show, any interested party, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast. One thing sure I had to eat and quickly get back out-a the house post haste to see what afternoon adventures were going to do or bring me.
Late afternoon 3:30 PM I’m making herb tea. Smellin’ good even before it was done. The water boiled I let it stand a few moments while I reflected the afternoon’s activities. Opening the barn the Cushman started straight up without so much as having time to be choked. Hey, The Cushman’s acting like it is ready to go.
Not necessarily in this order: the Cushman was unloaded its full to over flowing load; we hauled out my ashes to dump them on a patch of dead ground; I fueled the JD with three cans nearly filling it to the top; I checked the oil’s in Ugly, Cushman, and JD; loaded a whole bunch of odds and ends that need putting away down the road. That way I’ll know where they are when next time I need them. I put what air I had in my portable air tank in an Ollie tire. Then found the barn compressor short on oomph to pump it up again. I can’t believe I did all that in three hours and found myself undecided whether as to was I moving to fast or to dawdling slow.
I had also done my best cleaning off my leather work boots slapping them together trying to knock the mud out of the cleats. This was just short a last desperate method of wearing them into the shower to wash their dirty soles clean.
And s the afternoon wore on until it were time enough I needed my rattlers. Those downed with another herbal tea I was off down the road to skidsteer move stone for Handy’s leach field so’s he may be kept busy all day Saturday. By the time I was through with that getting myself back home it certainly looked like I was going to eat my supper after dark. Daylight savings time somebody’s ass?!?! I’m already keeping late Spring’s hours and Spring isn’t even here yet. To late, to tired, I skipped looking in on my quadracycle. Besides I had had not time today to round up the required crank shaft parts for one of the next two steps, fitting in the jack shaft as well as another cross member. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day. BGKC.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Un titled busy

So much to cover. Same neighbor family took Frieda in for physical therapy. Dropping her off my driver (Tom) took me over to TSC. There I purchased to things. One of them another ½” combination wrench. I don’t seem to have enough of them. Doesn’t help misplacing my wrenches either. The more important item I (more importantly, Frieda) went for the need of when I couldn’t find a clean pair was some new bibs. When I wasn’t sure my size asking a clerk for some help he certainly did bring out a 100’ tape measurer. His putting around my waist I was measured a comfortable 50”. Holy smokem’s! 50”, why I only had a sloppy circumference of 34” in my twenty’s. My lawd, what has become of the detergents and hot air clothes driers I should need pants another 2’ wider. Hitting the right day with the right idea they were on sale. And, it was no wonder they were so cheap. Why I didn’t even get a tent pole nor hold down stakes.
Next stop while the therapists were tiring Frieda out I went by a delicatessen for a Her Mostess’s demand for a corned beef and cabbage dinner. The best I could do was a couple soups. And then for the prices I paid for’em Frieda had better like her’s. And the same goes for the expense of a couple grapefruits near priced right off this planet. While I was getting a purchased myself another bag of oranges for my late night snakes.
Getting back to the therapists I was informed Friday would be Frieda’s last day. Now I wanted to know with her last day’s completion would she be capable of kicking my arse? The personal laughed. That’s right, they laughed while, while trying to explain Friday’s her last day if they didn’t receive a Doctor prescribed extension. I guess their comments were the tip off they’re willingness to get her kicking higher including some easier knee bending so’s she could a good wind up flexing her knee for a more brutal punishing attention getting kicked arse punishment.
While I waited earlier for our limousine, I had picked and restacked all the dead wood that had frozen down under the winter’s woodpile. It should be Spring ready dried for burning in a couple weeks. Reminds me I better cover that wood pile so as it dry’s it stays dry.
This was Mornings end.
This is my afternoon’s beginning.
Lunch out of the way I headed for “Handy’s. Firing up the Case 1816 Skidsteer I commenced to continue back filling the solid piped end the trench. The project looking fairly good for the moments finish, I was about to start moving more stone for the leach field the skidsteer run out of fuel. Skunked! Tomorrow’s fueling day also need baking soda and distilled water for the battery’s servicing. Might as well make a fueling day out of it. The JD loader tractor also needs fuel.
Getting home doing chores the trees west of me tickling the Sun’s belly making it smile one more bright red set. My day out had come to an end. Slipping over to Mike’s he had my quadrabike’s two sides tacked together. Darn it! I forgot to take a picture. Oh well, I’ve got to get the cranks out, cleaned up, and readied for welding’s finish.
This is it for another varietied Shorthorn country day. BGKC

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where to start….

…recording this busy day wont be easy. Out of here at a reasonably earlier hour for me I was of and moving to pick up, pack charitable groceries, and deliver to three households.
During my travels probably the bestest moments making my day came to me in the most charming little ladies. Myself mistakenly recognized twice today, less than an hour between them, I was approached as the grand old NorthPole residency’s Elf. Each of them two years old the first one pointing and speaking the big old elf’s name, I bent down on one knee and communicated Santa‘s more of less standard phrases, “I see you’ve been a good girl.” Then adding “ You mind your grandmother (the 1st child).” and “ You don’t play near the street or road.” adding last, “And, you brush your teeth everyday.” The second meeting less than an half hour’s traveling from my first conquest, I was given two hugs my saying “Hello!“ and a “Ho ho ho, I’ll be seeing you again, soon, GoodBye.” waving goodbye the second little lady, of all things, also looked after by her grandmother also.
Also in my travels I happened upon the home of a fellow writer friend of mine. I stopped and my timing perfect finding her answering door wearing only her underwear and inviting me into the house. My timing might have been much more interesting. It was so good seeing her, renewing our old friendship and promising to meet again. She belongs to a local group of writers meeting Thursday afternoons over at the senior center. I’ve got make some of those next winter sure.
This was my morning
After lunch I had a dreadful time staying awake. Getting out of the house on own the road Tom had been busy helping Bro’ with some wood working. This was Tom’s first day away from home since his heart attack a month or so ago. While those two did Ray’s chores I commenced to bring the Shultz tractor to life. Almost starting I had to bring out the charger. Winter’s idleness had reduced the batteries stored starting energy. A jump had the Shultz Ollie running freely and easy. What gadgets we‘d need loaded on the Polaris Ranger we were good to go. It was an easy hook up. Then moved out front the shop it could be looked at for repairs one primary gang and three wings pretty well beat up we’ve got at least some four axels to take apart.
The Shultz Ollie and disc eventually parked out of the way it were time I got back to Handy’s. Picking up my HD battery charger for jump start it save his yard from some real damaging truck tires and trenches over his yard. The upper half of the new waste water drain line set I commenced to build blisters on my backside while establishing a land bridge from the dirt barren south side the trench to get over the excavated earth needed to back fill the trench. While it were a slow start working the skidsteer safely there still a couple rocking moments before the land bridge was finished. The last thing I didn’t want to do is drop or tobble the skidsteer anywhere in the trench. Not only wood it be an embarrassment, it be difficult bringing such a mistake up out of the hole’s depth I had originally dug.
Still a lot to cut dead wood to pickup in my yard it’s drying out while I’m thinking about it. New wrinkle about to enter the farm picture I’ve got six miles electric fence wire to roll up outback during the next two/three weeks decent weathers.
Only whole real accomplishment so far this week is my completing Frieda’s birthday party mess picked up, the trashmen hauling all the package debris away this afternoon. I’d say I had a good day. I’ve got my pinto beans (this time), elbow macaroni, tomatoes, seasonings, either beef of venison burger for ingredients. BGKC.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What to call this one?

My having been volunteered to take two sewer systems apart their owners let me down today doing nothing about them. This one of those times I’m feeling disgusted, for I had risen to come to the calls. Then they quit their own projects? I checked out both jobs twice each today and found nobody doing nothing. “Tomorrow.” was the answer from both of parties. I’ve got other things to do tomorrow.
I Tried checking in with Mike not wanting him to think I’d abandoned my quadrabike project and dumped all my parts and needs upon him without a care or a word. When I did catch up with him he understood my problems without an explanation. That’s what good friends do!
First calf (AI’d) was born today.. A cute little heifer with all her things and toes. Supposedly turning cold to night. His picture didn’t come out well, all of us on the go, catching an objecting cow and calf we headed towards the barn for over night/day or two warmth.

While it hadn’t rained today it was still just as blaaw a day if it had. Low pressure system hanging over our heads held us older folk hostage to the arthritic joints and sinus headaches.
Lets see…. What else did I do? I did our laundry.
Oh yeah, I found all my book’s preliminary illustration sketches. I get my Grand daughter’s address they’ll be off. She just might find something useful in that mess. I think we’ve reduced the book’s illustrations down to seven, I think.
Son of a gun! I’m just as tired as if I had worked hard all day. What all did I ever do to day the extra day’s hour of daylight was of little help. Bah!

A couple pictures
Grandma and great grandson.
Frieda and Jason

Grand daughter with her great granddaughter contribution.
Natalia and Shelby

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whole Day Drippy

It was rainy when I got up, it was rainy when I got back in. During the in between’s I managed to put a WORKING generator back on the Ford Backhoe. Was much easier going back on than it was coming off. The generator and the hardware washed off, all the pieces clean there was no guess thru all the dirt and grease what everything previously packed in black gook, Today it were so much easier seeing to where the bolts went. Today it were so much easier seeing the wrenches fit whereas yesterday I used more than one wrench shoved scraping thru the dirt in search of these same bolts easily put back this morning.
The Ford starting easily this morning. Via face on test meter the generator was charging. Whooppee, That was the first accomplishment today, I finished a quick shoveling some dirty back into the trench where I had dug to deeply day before yesterday. Then it were off to Home Depot for the field tiling materials. Getting back making arrangements with Keith, he needed his septic tank dup up today. Gosh all mighty, I’m beginning to feel like an Edward Norton working the sewer just a shoveling it along. Truck unloaded I wanted lunch. Seeking Lunch I was to learn grand daughters were in the area. It didn’t take me long to make a couple sammitches eaten with a glass of milk and I was on my way. Promising Keith to dig up his septic system I went on about keeping my promises, durn it. Then I was cutting for home. Leaving the power-hoe with Keith. He could go up the hill for another key from Bro’. I was going home to see some my kids.
Natalie had brought her art work illustrations. Not quite what I visioned we compromised. I told her to have fun with them perhaps in a simpler cartoon format. Then I suggested she use the KISS method, “Keep It Simple Stupid.”
What Shelby was shy a couple weeks ago she was an absolutely abundantly extroverted girl child today. She was a delight to hold. I had even managed to give her a couple/three raspberry’s in the vicinity her navel. We had a good time. Even to sitting upon my lap while I rough sketched out the cover and seven storybook illustrations for her mother to paint for me. Shy brother Jason, in a reserved fashion I did manage I showed him how to do the high-five, which there after he gave me ample opportunities to practice.
Oh Glory be, I had, we all had a good time today. BGKC.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Got Mud?

We got mud! We got all kinds mud. The frost has gone out of our ground I’ve got mud hub-capped deep over night in the hat-yard and the Ladies winter pasture. Moving hay is a slip’n’slid or just go along for the dog-legged ride as far as one may go ride. Then we’ve got the slippery on the top the ground heavily clayed filled stuff. Ugly has finally found its match.
This was today’s grain grinding scene….
…..Ugly loosing traction, I had to let dear old Johne move the empty feed wagon into filling position.
The Leland’s battery acting up (12yrs old) usually requires a battery charge refreshing. The Leland continuing to indiscriminately quitting. The battery old and low required a jump for stalling. The weather having warmed this isn’t icing, I’m finally assuming it needs a new fuel filter.
Darn, I built a fire in the stove and it was it still going strong eight hours. Weather warming up now, why didn’t the fire burn and last as long all winter long?
Coming in for lunch I found Frieda had also called it beer thirty during the morning hours. My comment, “So, you found my beer.” Her comment, “Yes I did, right UNDER the mothballs.”
The way I see it, Marriage may be called an institution, but there in all things once considered sacred abruptly come to an end.
The morning’s grind near wore me out, my innocently taking a nap. Finally getting my act together I removed myself from here to Handy’s. He’d disappeared. Having run a power cord and put the HD battery charger on the Ford-hoe, I was back to start it. While I had it running I lengthened some more the trench before I moved off soft ground to park it on his concrete driveway. The concrete under the tractor to catch fallen wrenches and hardware I commenced to remove the generator. There’s a job I would not have minded handing off to anybody else dumb enough to accept. Even worse not even another soul even happened along.
By the time the generator had been taken apart and cleaned it was chore time. When all that I had started was not finished, I had put in a long enough day. My waiting supper halfway through my medication taking hour, I’ve developed a dandy headache. Frieda’s suggest a sinus problem. She may be right, my forehead and eyes there in lies the painful aching.
Today’s weather? Warm with some measure of very noticeable humidity. So warm it has been late yesterday right on into today, today hadn’t even had a tux on of any sort. Predicators calling for four days sunshine with unseasonably higher temps. Interestingly enough this is the earliest in the year I’ve shed my barnyard tux going back as far as I may remember.
There was one more thing I had wanted to check on before the day was over, my quadrabike. Hah, starting the laundry, raiding the freezer, these activities added to my time well spent. My time had been gnawed on much to deep. I was much to late for a Mike’s workshop visit. And I hadn’t had my supper yet. It has been a long day. Some of the evening left I’m quitting early I had better enjoy it. I’ve been volunteered to dig up another septic tank. Sheesh! I haven’t finished Handy’s as yet. BGKC.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I’ve got my favorites: home made, restaurante brews, Loops nutty.
Out with a friend yesterday while we waited for Frieda’s grueling torturing was being professionally carried on my lady friend demanded I try a McDonalds premium coffee. Given a wide wild choice I chose a “Vanilla Latte.” Yuk!!!! Any body who’s followed my married adventure may likely remember the first day Frieda had cooked up the prepared ingredients I had given her the dish. When served it was our family christened “YUK” and good Yuk it was. We’ve had it many times since having become a true healthy, most palatable dish in our family’s immediate household. A favorites that‘ll likely be passed down to succeeding generations…. But.., that Coffee Latte is with reservation in my small mind something concocted to get rid of bad recipe having furtherly gone wrong!
She had insisted I enjoy a large version. When it was delivered, at the second window of the driveway circled next to the empty overflow parking in the outback past the scenic trash site, I took delivery of a covered tall dark colored cylindrical vessel warm to my fingers. The cup feeling as though it were only half full I paid little attention until I had opened the wee little sipping hole to one side the lid (cover). Peering through the mite of a hole I could see with me supposedly good eye some sort of what I’d classify as a foam. Having written this far my impressions this nasty stuff, I continue and finish with the awful taste, The Taste? It tasted like one of its basic ingredients was savagely burnt coffee beans. Not friebily roasted and ground coffee beans but as I’ve said, repeating this stuff started out in my cup from the ashes of an vintaged old brewing, cleaning out and even older old pot. To add insult to an injured coffee I swear it tasted as though some body had lace the coffee with enumerable amounts of sugar then covered it with some poor cow’s whipped cream. Truthfully if I were a critic I could only gladly recommend the overly priced punishment at $3.75 to an enemy.
In/on the home front Frieda is doing much better each new day. She even better in and out of Judy’s car today. I asked her if she may be able to try Ugly this up coming Sunday? Cheese’n’crackers a body might think I was trying to start a domestic world war three. Females!!!!! I had only thought it an opportune day to get out for a pancake breakfast either over in Clio’s Catholic Church or over in the Crossroads Firehouse. I let it go, she don’t want to hear a reasonable solution for getting out and mixing with other folks for a while doing something other than medical!
With all our running I didn’t get much done today trying to stay reasonably clean waiting for the Frieda’s ride to he appointment. I pulled the tarp off the defunct wood pile for a little drying before I folded it up for trash. Once spread out only one third of the tarp was in dire shape beyond any further usefulness. Photobucket So I trimmed the tarp back folding the trashed piece for Tuesday’s trash pick-up.
In our day’s travels trucking Frieda hither and yond, we even managed to take the long way around by our pharmacy to pick us some more our medications
Having kept a sledge hammer handy inside the reassigned front woodshed I hit a few of the frozen firewood chunk’s. Photobucket No problem easily moving them. There’s something else to do a few moments here and there. The need restacking so that this once dry firewood may dry out again to finish up this winter’s heating season.
The digger having stalled out in the trench I was digging yesterday I have to drive it out of the mess, remove the generator, clean the commutator, and put it back on.
Handy needing another his mother’s prescription’s filled we traveled side by side stopping to assist in feeding the other end’s ladies. While we were there checking out our scrap yard I knew there was a reasonable supply of bared copper and even surprisingly I found my a cache of forgotten bicycle parts worthy enough to be used on the Quadracycle. Handy and I both delighted with our finds it was onto the Crossroads for four shopping stops.
What’s the copper wire for, you might ask? While the burned clean copper wire is a sorry looking mess it has a glorious opportunity to do mankind yet one more service. The trench’s bottom leveled out, pea rock laid in, the field pipe laid on the pea rock, now comes the copper wire. We’ve enough of the copper wire to lay in several strands the stuff before the last pea rock covering, next we’ll lay over all that some bale wrap I hadn’t quite thrown away. Everything in the trenches what trench will get it were time to back fill the hole.
Oh, What’s the copper for? The copper will oxidize, even under ground, with the added moisture from the waste water pipeline producing a sulfate gas no living plant may grow near shying away thus making the waste water drain lines less likely to be infiltrated by roots of any kind for ever more.
I don’t know where today’s time had gone its leaving me with this disheartened feeling I had near wasted the day my finding it totally nonproductive. (sigh) BGKC.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Der Quadrabicycle

Walking into Mike’s shop last night I felt like a Xmas kid seeing these two preassembly parts in the quadrabike’s beginnings presents. Yeeyowl!!!
Been working on this off and on this machine for several evenings. My eyesight not what it used to be I’ve spent most my time locating and preparing parts, while I let mikes and his younger eyes weld the parts together Coming up next two cross members for starters against thinking full four before final assembly‘s finished.
Finally making/having a beginning it’ll still take some time put it all together. I can see it in my mind. Trying to describe and set it to paper in words and pictures. SayLaVee!
My excitement passing:
I didn’t keep up the fire all night long Outdoor weather so nice house continued warm most the night. I had heard the furnace come once maybe twice, I rolled over and went back to sleep.
Stove cold I cleaned out the ashes before starting anew. Weather nice it didn’t take long to over heat the house. This morning’s fire fortified once, the stove should keep the house warm all day. Now I’ve got to do one of two things or both, chop me some kindling or fill some fire starting fluid bottles. (which I didn’t get done) (blewy)
Bless her heart, Judy was here no more than five minutes late if it mattered. It didn’t matter to me anymore one-way or another. What did matter we never heard from MTA’s Your-Ride.
In our travels Judy and I, I managed to drop off two barnyard tuxedo’s for some serious repairs. The nice lady the seamstress suggested I come back next Wednesday. I got to do that for sure saving my finest tux from any shop or barnyard accidents to expose the comely outfit to any damaging misfortune making it not fit for First Day Meetings.
The ride cost me a lunch out at O’Grady’s. A very nice family atmosphered restaurante. Me and my big mouth. The cookin’s and eating is just like home. Nothing comes out of a can in O’Grady’s. Everything’s homemade including their breads and rolls right there in their kitchen. I should have kept my big fat trap shut when the wimmens were headed for the Coney island dinner the other end the block. Oh well, it’s only money. Now, I don’t even feel like supper. Maybe some rhubarb topped ice-cream for the desert I didn‘t have room for this afternoon.
The ride home Frieda settled in I was off for the shelled corn re-supply. The afternoon flying by so quickly I ran out of time for a weight slip. The wagon loaded, all I need do is hook it up and be on my way for the weigh slip tomorrow when were PT travels finished.
Afternoon my rattlers taken I took care of the ladies here and down the road. Came up to the house and put a pile of firewood on the deck. Walking in, it’s to darn hot in here. I’m already tryin’ to figure out how to shed some skin…. It is so hot. I can’t wait to finish my outdoor chore. Winded though, I had to sit down. I simply can’t take over loading all my systems anymore. A few minutes down I resumed the totting. Going into a hurry-mode I couldn’t wait until I had finished, including the shedding. I wasn’t even going out to putts with the quadrabike this evening. I was in for the night.

Wilma one pooped sow.

Wilma’s babies smart enough to gather together under a heat lamp in the corner

This Tom. He’s Wilma’s keeper holding for up a one day old piglet. Tom is the only person Wilma will let (him) do that. She’s his Tom's pig sure.

I’ve mentioned Tom a good many times in my journal. He’s been a big help to us. Our biggest problem keeping him from putting to much effort into everything he does. He’s only 44 yrs old. Has a heart so bad it’s said he needs a new one. No income, unable to work, penniless, no benefits helpful enough he‘s got it tough going. He’s had a number of heart attacks. Closest he’s come to an corrective operation, he’s a pace maker in his chest this lat month‘s go around. No job, denied doctor permission to work, no insurance, Tom’s offered and granted the barest minimum heath care when ever he’s in trouble. It aggravates me, no end, people like Tom are denied proper health care. I’ve felt his emotional pain having been there myself treated like a criminal for either becoming ill or worse yet accident injured. I don’t care what its called! If it’s socialized medicine so be it. This country needs the lying assed dealing making fat cats out of Washington and then officials elected who’ll what we elected them for to tend to our needs without their lining their pockets either in cash or promises, and appeasing their constituents pork barrel giveaways. If it ain’t the banks strangling this country, it’s the insurance companies gouging the sick, ill, the old exorbitant prices for our needs. Two things I don’t need is some insurance representative and politician making rules over and about at to how much limited care my Doctor may give me.
Okay, I’m mad, I’m getting down off my soap box. BGKC.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Continued nice

Woke up to sunny skies. Got in so late last night I’ve got to get an earlier start today using today‘s sunny gift.
Want-a check out Wilma. Gosh, I like animals, anybody’s animals.
Have got to finish Digging up Handy’s drain field. Then take generator off for rebuild’s bench test.
Having breakfast I ate the last two slices bread toasted. The worst of the winter, presumably over, I need to trade fresh bread in the freezer before the old bread freeze dries.
Yesterday, Wilma’s first piglets under the heat lamp:

“Hey Ma. I’m here. Wasn’t easy coming out backwards.”:

As of this morning everything peaceful and right as it should be in the furrowing pen,. Wilma and her brood share an all together baby feeding:

Two Piglets have been lost. One, the runt of the litter didn’t make it yesterday; and, a second piglet was found alive with a broken back this morning. It was the one piglet with spots all over its cure hams (err….rump) giving the critter an appaloosa appearance.
It had come to pass in my side travels yesterday I was presented with a remarkable cash of bottled bourbons. They had once belonging to an old gentleman neighbor. Unfortunately he passed away before he had deployed these handsome specifies out and around his property, In some bundled papers in the garage maybe? In a hollowed tree? How about in the fork of a tree, which incidentally had happen where he had stashed one out in his wood lot. Just recently it’d been found tight within the fork of a tree that had grown tightly around it. This has got be one of the first times a tree has carried a poke table pint on it’s hip! I haven’t hear whether he had stashed any bottles in the house…., liking my adopting father-in-law had stashed one of his whiskeys in the household’s furnace pipes.

The last couple days have been most momentous. Take for instance Frieda and I have both wasted two hours minimum both these days trying to lock down a MTA handicapped ride. Bottom line, I am so positively sorry I had supported the renewed millage to support these people with such a slipshod and unlikely service for patrons the such as ourselves. Have I been bamboozled into thinking this questionable transportation was never meant for my use? I’m ticked off!!!!

This it for today. Maybe the first quadrabike pictures tomorrow night Meanwhile.
Weather report: rain for next five days. It's about time our beautiful ended. BGKC.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fitting the times together

I took it easy Sunday. Frieda so sore I hung around close to home. It isn’t until now I’m thinking I could have done something around here. Like unload Cushman preparing it for Easter week’s first day’s a-field. Like I could have carried and field-dressed the wood ashes away, the morning frost is in the ground. I should have carried home my asskicker (remote solar powered field gate). I’ve decided to plainly make it a full 12 volt contraption thru and thru.
I did take the sprag clutch out of a ten speed bicycle wheel. Then when I explained it’s use I was told I couldn’t make it work in my quadracycle’s drive-train. That remark is a challenge in my way of thinking. Just as the Cushman and the fence winder (ground driven) were. I have to use the sprag if my quadracycle’s going to be a hybrid. It was suggested I build it either a human pedaled or engine powered. I was told I couldn’t have it work both ways. (grrrr)
Frieda missed her one o’clock Physical Therapy session today on account of pain for all its contributing complications. One she can’t get in or out of Ugly the strain on her knee to much pain for her. The county municipal Dial A Ride has to be contacted the day before. Not open Sunday we were denied a ride for today. The thought was the she could in and out the DAR bus equipped with either the easy steps and handrails or the handicappers ramp loading her in her wheel chair. Regardless the need we didn‘t make this our ride today. Un daunted I checked with all the neighbors. Out of six stops I came up empty handed for transportation. One stop was daughter who didn’t answer her door. Juan had two his descendents with families visiting him and he was off with them. Three more vehicles were found totally unsuitable her entry. One possibility had a medical issue and I can’t blame this individual looking for medical help for their condition. Another car, the one we used Friday last, had taken it’s student driver back to trade school. Still another Frieda could get down in it but unable to get back-up out of it.
The entire morning a perfect bust. The saving grace afternoon found me within Handy’s yard digging up root infisted clay and concrete field tile. His leach field is in dire need of redoing I was neighborly volunteered to dig it. I worked on the leach bed so late I was doing my trash packaging in this evening’s early tri-light, and I dood the ladies haying in the last rays of the sun having gone down.
Two projects sitting out on the deck I cover with a small tarp and capped with two tubs to hold my covering’s down. While I managed to haul these projects home I didn’t get so much as a minute to look at either one of them. But, I’ve more quadrabike parts to contend with and perhaps more importantly for this coming haying and cattle grazing seasons I’ve the asskicker gate opener to finish come what may. Them 6volt motors are going to have to work on 12 volts. Simplifying overall product construction eliminates one Hell of bunch of energy absorbing electricity.
While staying close to home, it’s sposed to be nicer tomorrow than it was today. An, today was beautiful. Gotta finish Handy’s digging. Get my ashes out while ground’s froze. I also want to check on Wilma’s birthing I had checked on this morning. She had delivered the seventh piglet, two of them breach, before I had to get back to my own doings this morning. Cute little guys all of them. One of them had appaloosa markings. Maybe a picture tomorrow. BGKC.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Been Busy Fri & Sat

Only one accomplishment over the last two days. I had grown grain yesterday. No headway with quadrabike yesterday other than figuring out a way to stop the pedals for turning when the engine cuts. Thinking of using a sprag-clutch out (or off) of a 5sp bicycle wheel assembly.
Put tools away yesterday in shop. Sorted and trashed some of the darndist savings (cans for temp containers to hold fluids, hold disassembly nuts and bolts for teardown or rebuild projects) cluttering up the shop. (hehe) What was taking up over flowing five large boxes has been reduced to fitting one medium sized box. (yeah!)
Tomorrow, within the shop I’ve several cans used oils, some empty buckets both semi clean and needing cleaning, all of them I must stow somewhere.
Most importantly is in my not moseying to far. Being handy I stand by with my pocketed cell phone should I have to make some quick trips home to help the little woman to her feet now and then.
Mike busy with a customers troubled automobile yesterday and with his pit crew they’re trying their best to finish up tow racers and get them moved on out of the shop to their owners.
A neighbor going shopping asked if we needed anything. Duffuss cat, Della, making fishy demands we ordered some tuna for the kat. The neighbor also brought us rolls for morning’s breakfast.
This evening, commanded to stay in, I been doing laundry or rather looking after it. Checking the weekends cooking, and trying to get in a few moments here and there salvaging a sprag-clutch from a five speed wheel assembly.
Way past my bedtime I’ve a the laundry to put in the dryer, I’ve a kettle to wash, then put the dinner leftovers in frig, and then grab a couple small oranges for bedtime snack. BGKC.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So help Me

My poor dear come up, got up, reading me the riot act. In my mind I didn’t deserve it but that’s just one of husbandly duties taking that occasional flack she has to get out her system. I listened and let it run off my back. Her problem, is her problem comfortably getting her left foot in and out of the Ugly truck. I think I was accused of being an unfeeling husband? Nobody has it rougher than her! AND, it’d absolutely be mo good for either one of us if I were to have said, “I told you so!”
She wants to sit around stewing in her pain while taking bottles and bottles of pain medication. Me, I’ve toughed it out over the years keeping moving and my mind busy do I don’t have the time to dwell upon my pains. My survival rules include not picking up anything I can’t handle. Staying busy so I forget how much I’m hurting. Liver damaged via hepatitis 50 yrs ago, my lungs burned out smoking for 63 yrs, I’ve a damaged enlarged scared heart, hardening of the arteries, and a couple arthritis’s.
It was a beautiful day today. Sunny and bright and just comfortably warm enough to tease my mind thinking Spring. I had to grind grain today. That operation went smoothly. The kids not liking where I had parked the grain wagon the last grinding decided to move it. The hooked a tow cabin on a steering tie rod and did a fine job of it screwing up the wagon’s running gear so badly when I went to take it down the road the undercarriage was all over the road so badly it near threw the box off the running gear. That wagon’s steering had to be fix first. Bummer. We lucked out straightening it with a BFH. Had to load up a round bail hay for a neighbor. And, other wise kept my nose clean, which reminds me, house wa so dry I woke this morning with a bloody nose.
Frieda in her ornery mood cancelled all the physical therapy appointments refusing Ugly’s ride.
I went looking for alternate transportation for her Mostess. While I tried seeking a ride or her though the senior center another neighbor called and offered her car for tomorrow’s trip into town. The senior centers have refused all medical appointment rides transportation.
Been suggested we contact and use the county MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority). We’ve three problems with this service. They either forget to pick you up to go or they forget to pick you up for your return home. And even if they do remember you waiting can take hours for them to remember to serve you. But they have two way handicap accessible buses.
Looks like I better be on the phone Monday morning next for a likely couple weeks rides until she can bend her knee.
Funest part of the day was this evening’s tinkering with quadrabike. The first four pieces ground clean for modifications welds, I’ve gotten one long side welded together. Tomorrow night may make up the other long side, Weld in three joining common tubing’s, and cross brace the entire frame.
Got to haul in more hay tomorrow. BGKC.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This morning:
A Local Flint area TV commercial announcement kind-a struck me with some thought provoking questions about a man’s miscued point of view. “Sign up early ladies for Bridal Boot Camp.”
Kind-a reminds me of my trying times…. And then the good times, going fishing, hunting chasing wimmins as the day and time had suited me!!!!
Take the night I introduced myself to a particularly pretty lady. The lady cut me to ribbons sending me on my way a mutilated emotional wreak. Why did I ever ask her out after all that? Wher was my mind, she had a disposition stronger appearing meaner that Attila the Hun. Or, was she just defining her space?
On our first official date she started out demure, rather quiet the exact opposite behavior for the earlier evening’s introduction’s encounter. It was during our first commercial mercantile museum stop when I studied a marble sink she sublimely made a life long keeping statement, my thinking her nuts.
There were a couple impromptu late evening strolls along the community’s downtown business district. During those strolls she was secretly/cleverly learning my preferences in fashion likes/dislikes. And, then when I went to pick her up for our second date (a heavy date) she was so very pretty her appearance took my breath away. She had cleverly dressed herself, my instantly imagining she were a Princess. I was unfairly vamped.
Now, I never thought to know it, to believe it, I merely trusted in the situation. This lady I’m sure she had had not even heard of such a program let alone had gorilla training for catching a husband enrolling herself in and completing any such sort of a “Bridal Boot Camp.” She had taken but one renewed look at me (we had watched for each other in HS) and she instinctively knew what she was all about to entrap me, to draw me, within her clutches from then on and ever more. Sadly, I never stood a chance. It was entrapment plain and simple, her drawing me into her clutches. But, admittedly it was what a way to go.
Another beautiful day in my corner of Shorthorn country. This has got to be three days in a row already. Already I’m dreading March’s going out with a blizzard. It’s happened before, last day Spring/first day Summer, Mar,1996 there-abouts I’m thinking it was.
My thinking it’s going to be a good day, Her Mostess had seceded not to go PT. Why? It’s to hard on her getting in and out of Ugly. She even shed a few tears to put an exclamation mark on her statement. If that weren’t enough she demanded I call and make her excuses.
I suggest my getting out of here doing something farm (fun) useful, Clink wants me close by. (???????) How will I ever get anything done?
The Ford Backhoe fixed I run it down to the other end. There I took the machine out to where Ray had been feeding his ladies in two hay rings. The area is circular depression about those hay rings filed with souped up mud and manure. The rings unmovable I tried digging a couple relief sites so’s some of that soup could drain off. What wouldn’t drain easily I tried pushing off using the loader bucket as an improvised squeegee with very limited success. I got up to the house in time to assist in putting a wheeling dolly under the old family carpenter shop jointer. That done we fed critters three round bales in two lots. Tomorrow trash day, guest Barry and I bundled up a growing mess of hay bales plastic wrap for trash pickup. Then I took Barry home.
Other accomplishments included Frieda doing the dishes, thank heavens. I had carried in three days supply firewood and handily stacked another three days fire wood on the deck. I fixed my supper, rested my tummy a bit then drove over to mikes and finished removing those handle bars I had made sqirt-squire twice two days running and finally got them to come apart, and I had also cut away allthe surplus metals I no longer needed of the volunteering bike frames. I little cleaning up the mating surfaces for additional tubing’s welded in the predetermined assemblage’s places the frame work is all ready to come together as nicely as I’ve visioned it’s final end. Tomorrow I’ve the need to find some 2”x4” blockings. For some simple jigs alignment the varied parts for the welds. NOW, if you think this boring? You should see what I see inside my head on one of my more normal day‘s.
Home past my bed time, to old to stay up / keep up with the younger set. It’s been a good day under an equally better day. BGKC.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Notes in part wrote and posted this AM.
I awoke alive this morning. Still feeling peculiar but then I guess this a continuess natural trait exclusively mine. I also survived taking our trash out this morning. I slipped and slidded all the way down our 1” fall in the 12” run that dizzying slope. The run not with standing, my hands full carrying a trash bag in each hand, my hands full, nothing left to grab one the railings I was privately relegated to doing some unwitnessed fancy foot work staying up-right. Whew, that was a near dizzying experience coupled with my continued queasy tummy.
Killing time I stripped down the two more bicycle frames I had rediscovered. While I was doing this I had also totally taken a pedal crank assembly apart for the sprockets alone. While Frieda’s at PT I’ll go back to TSC to see if I had seen a better sized hub for my quadbike powering drive system.
The new hydraulic line come in for the Ford hoe. Only took a few moments to install it. Ford’s ready to go again. None to soon. Already have a new job for it tomorrow draining some mud in a feed lot.
Went over to the crossroads for gasoline, and a couple quick stops for some dollar store sale items, and supermarket milk. Milk is my favorite drink. I also picked up some more oranges rich in potassium for fat-free non-fattening late night snacks.
Frieda's doing better, getting stronger, and loosing some weight. I can't wait her weight loss, she's going to feel so much better ableing herself to kick my ass. BGKC

PS: This so called up grading cell phone is driving me nuts. It'd be a damned sight easier to use if it were my very first phone.
It's operation at one time today was ringing and vibrating itself nuts while I was trying to make a phone call. I darn near thru the dumb thing out the Ugly window.
Oh, trying to read the miniaturized instruction book the print's so fine looks like dirty gray smudges on every page. So it's totally useless.

Child’s right to work itch!

Why this come up missing is beyond me. Written last night and feeling no better than I was the moment might have gotten away from me. Regardless here's last night's journal contribution.


At age 11yr. I was cutting my teeth on a McCormick Deereing’s 1020 fully equipped with my physical armstrong power steering, plowing and disking, working the lands for seeding. Age 12 I was cultivating row crops and vineyards. I was also driving same tractor and Dad's pickup truck on the same roadways. It took the local city police Chief and the county Sheriff until I was 14yr to make me a legally licensed driver.

Just this last summer I spied a loco dairy farmer's 12yr old son pulling two hay rakes in use behind an 65>70 HP class IH tractor, and doing a good job of it at that.

I wasn't the only kid driving farming vehicles. So it was the same upon at least two or three family farms per square mile all around my folks place.

I don't know what our country is coming to? My mom had me into feeding chickens and gathering their eggs before I was 5yr. That was a dirty lowdown dirty trick putting me to work initiating the beginnings my enjoying it (work). That was foul play if anything ever was. I was taught I was having a good time doing farm chores, making hay, planting and cultivating, and harvesting corn into shocks.

I was tricked in such a fashion that by todays child protection laws I was most likely guilty of teach my children how to work, without any explanation what I was learning them.

My farming acquaintances and myself, never found ourselves gathered up in troubles, only our city cousins managed to get themselves into. At least being a hick kid I never had to tell a judge from where I had borrowed a car and the gasoline to drive it around until a tree or ravine had jumped out in front of me.

You know whenever I didn't have a paying job, I had so much to do keeping me busy I kept our household just a humming along. I had even built a car one winter and a pickup truck another.

My mom and dad showing me the use of tools were skills and trades I'd never have learned in a classroom.

Guberment do gooders are protecting this country right out of future progresses.

I pass the box along.
Ohhh, what a beautiful day. I’ll see how much of it will go my way?
One fine day’s coming in so far, Frieda says we got to have two or three good day’s in a row to predict how March will be going out.

I had-a make me some coffee, sip some, I got to be at it at day lite. Tended to ladies needs rite out of the sack the need be. Gotta take her Mostess to her physical therapy, pickup a couple more quad parts,. On getting back have got to bring Ford backhoe home. Handy's septic tank's backed up, I must find it, dig up lid for pumping out.
Other wise its theoretically like the rest of my time is my own.

Seems as if when I try to get out of my own ____, some neighbor invites me to get into his? Anybody nose Witch way's the wind sposed to blow?
On the road for Frieda’s PT, I also made for the Bank, an exchange for different quad parts, seamstress for old tux repairs before we comes bake home. Hmmm, each time I drop Frieda off I’ve been telling her I’m going to check’s out the Clio community girls. Almost never happens. The closest I come to this is asking the help of some sweet young thing in VG’s super market to help me find something I can‘t find on my own. Now seeing as how I’m spending so much time almost every other day in VG’s those girls just might get wise to my ploy as I should be coming more familiar. That’s with the store merchandize that is!
The seamstress not in, I visited the notions or fabric shop across the street an purchased a bottle sewing machine oil. Back home meals on wheels had been here. I stacked two meals in the microwave and we ate. The ilk come with the meals, Frieda’s was alright, mine tasted funny. She insisted it was my dirty glass. In my mind that was BS. When I tilted the glass it had curds hanging on the sides. I poured it out. Rinsed my glass and refilled with what I knew was good. Frieda insisted I check milk carton’s expiration date. I did. It had a good if used before such and such a date what was more than a week old. Glass I had only used a couple three hours before, dirt my arse.
Rocking and rolling Handy and I went for shop pick and shovel first. Then on to Tom’s where Ford was parked. Back at Handy’s house he had marked the septic tank top with a pallet. Three feet down I had snagged the lid bringing it up. Machine digging was all done. Handy had me move down grade from the house to open a ruptured field drain to relieve back pressure on septic tank. Ford set, one easy scope a hydraulic line blows. The second dig’s finished. Ford taken home, hose removed boom covered, time for chores. Chores done making me happy as Hell.
Sick, I don’t know if I want to upchuck or save it for later. Still want to carry in some more firewood. I made some headway quitting maybe a gay’s fuel short. Maybe some Mylanta? Maybe supper? Maybe a couple soda crackers and half glass soda. Then head out for Mike’s for quad-bike parts preparations.
Evening up date. I never made it out of the house. I sat tight almost up to the moment for bed time. I held down the soda and crackers. When thinking it safe I reheated some last night’s home made chicken noodle soup. Continued sitting it laid well in my stomach. Next think, I’ll have to be up early. While I had only carried in so much wood, I hadn’t even started packaging the trash all the way out a-side the road.
Perhaps on the lighter side….
Rushing out of the house this morning, as usual, I neglected to change my hat. The ultra dirty Gilligan work hat remaining perched on my pointed head I shamefully neglected to trade it off for a cleaner more presentable going to town hat. A question following my somewhat shabby appearance I asked Frieda If I could die this hat so’s it wouldn’t so easily appear as dirty as it is? She thought for a moment or two and suggested I wash and die it with some heated up beet juice laced with vinegar to set the tint before I blocked it to dry.
Grabbing me-self a handy bucket I’m headed for bed to sleep this misery off. Be forewarned if I should survive the night, I’ll be back tomorrow evening. BGKC.