Sunday, March 21, 2010

changing times

Whatever am I going to write to make this title right? How about some assorted drivel?
Take for instance the it’s reported the “Show Me State” has copped some more our northern snow. Those folks should more liking calling it “I’ll Show You State.” (he he he)
I’ve been having a Hell of an evaporation problem. Every time I get a yen for a bottle my favorite beer I find the it and the bottles it had been bottled had just up and evaporated. It isn’t entirely easy trying to figure out how this phenomena continues to happen sight unseen at that.
Got up this morning and this what I saw 24 hrs later
This picture taken this morning the snow’s all gone by quitting time. I’m pleased it had not watered up, freshened up, our mud anymore. It turned out to be a very pleasant day all our afternoon. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer one.
I can’t say I accomplished anything. Was going to do something for some quadracycle parts. While I had tried my efforts had not panned out. Putting in some thinking time on those parts today perhaps I’ll succeed in my efforts tomorrow.
I tried fixing up some damaged calf halters. About the time I was well into them I was interrupted. Those repairs laid aside the whole of them went undone or uncompleted today.
Been also thinking this weather holds for a couple nice days the Cushman and I may get back to winding up fence wires.
Had to start a fire this morning to take the chill out of the house. Frieda kept it fed all day. Frieda made us some chicken noodle soup for supper. This was a hearty meal not one for a convalescent minding the aftermath of a cold.
Nearing the end of a whole host full of useless information it is time I bring this evening to a close. BGKC.


Donna said...

Sounds to me like Freida has been sneaking into your beer supply. Buy her some wine and maybe she'll leave your stuff alone.

Paula said...

Yeah that is what I was going to say. Frieda may have been hitting your beer.