Thursday, March 11, 2010


I’ve got my favorites: home made, restaurante brews, Loops nutty.
Out with a friend yesterday while we waited for Frieda’s grueling torturing was being professionally carried on my lady friend demanded I try a McDonalds premium coffee. Given a wide wild choice I chose a “Vanilla Latte.” Yuk!!!! Any body who’s followed my married adventure may likely remember the first day Frieda had cooked up the prepared ingredients I had given her the dish. When served it was our family christened “YUK” and good Yuk it was. We’ve had it many times since having become a true healthy, most palatable dish in our family’s immediate household. A favorites that‘ll likely be passed down to succeeding generations…. But.., that Coffee Latte is with reservation in my small mind something concocted to get rid of bad recipe having furtherly gone wrong!
She had insisted I enjoy a large version. When it was delivered, at the second window of the driveway circled next to the empty overflow parking in the outback past the scenic trash site, I took delivery of a covered tall dark colored cylindrical vessel warm to my fingers. The cup feeling as though it were only half full I paid little attention until I had opened the wee little sipping hole to one side the lid (cover). Peering through the mite of a hole I could see with me supposedly good eye some sort of what I’d classify as a foam. Having written this far my impressions this nasty stuff, I continue and finish with the awful taste, The Taste? It tasted like one of its basic ingredients was savagely burnt coffee beans. Not friebily roasted and ground coffee beans but as I’ve said, repeating this stuff started out in my cup from the ashes of an vintaged old brewing, cleaning out and even older old pot. To add insult to an injured coffee I swear it tasted as though some body had lace the coffee with enumerable amounts of sugar then covered it with some poor cow’s whipped cream. Truthfully if I were a critic I could only gladly recommend the overly priced punishment at $3.75 to an enemy.
In/on the home front Frieda is doing much better each new day. She even better in and out of Judy’s car today. I asked her if she may be able to try Ugly this up coming Sunday? Cheese’n’crackers a body might think I was trying to start a domestic world war three. Females!!!!! I had only thought it an opportune day to get out for a pancake breakfast either over in Clio’s Catholic Church or over in the Crossroads Firehouse. I let it go, she don’t want to hear a reasonable solution for getting out and mixing with other folks for a while doing something other than medical!
With all our running I didn’t get much done today trying to stay reasonably clean waiting for the Frieda’s ride to he appointment. I pulled the tarp off the defunct wood pile for a little drying before I folded it up for trash. Once spread out only one third of the tarp was in dire shape beyond any further usefulness. Photobucket So I trimmed the tarp back folding the trashed piece for Tuesday’s trash pick-up.
In our day’s travels trucking Frieda hither and yond, we even managed to take the long way around by our pharmacy to pick us some more our medications
Having kept a sledge hammer handy inside the reassigned front woodshed I hit a few of the frozen firewood chunk’s. Photobucket No problem easily moving them. There’s something else to do a few moments here and there. The need restacking so that this once dry firewood may dry out again to finish up this winter’s heating season.
The digger having stalled out in the trench I was digging yesterday I have to drive it out of the mess, remove the generator, clean the commutator, and put it back on.
Handy needing another his mother’s prescription’s filled we traveled side by side stopping to assist in feeding the other end’s ladies. While we were there checking out our scrap yard I knew there was a reasonable supply of bared copper and even surprisingly I found my a cache of forgotten bicycle parts worthy enough to be used on the Quadracycle. Handy and I both delighted with our finds it was onto the Crossroads for four shopping stops.
What’s the copper wire for, you might ask? While the burned clean copper wire is a sorry looking mess it has a glorious opportunity to do mankind yet one more service. The trench’s bottom leveled out, pea rock laid in, the field pipe laid on the pea rock, now comes the copper wire. We’ve enough of the copper wire to lay in several strands the stuff before the last pea rock covering, next we’ll lay over all that some bale wrap I hadn’t quite thrown away. Everything in the trenches what trench will get it were time to back fill the hole.
Oh, What’s the copper for? The copper will oxidize, even under ground, with the added moisture from the waste water pipeline producing a sulfate gas no living plant may grow near shying away thus making the waste water drain lines less likely to be infiltrated by roots of any kind for ever more.
I don’t know where today’s time had gone its leaving me with this disheartened feeling I had near wasted the day my finding it totally nonproductive. (sigh) BGKC.

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Paula said...

I like Mc Donald's vanillia iced coffee. Never thought I would but I'm hooked on it. At $2.15 a pop I don't drink it everyday. lol Maybe you can go eat pancakes and bring some home to Frieda and warm them in the microwave.