Saturday, March 6, 2010

Been Busy Fri & Sat

Only one accomplishment over the last two days. I had grown grain yesterday. No headway with quadrabike yesterday other than figuring out a way to stop the pedals for turning when the engine cuts. Thinking of using a sprag-clutch out (or off) of a 5sp bicycle wheel assembly.
Put tools away yesterday in shop. Sorted and trashed some of the darndist savings (cans for temp containers to hold fluids, hold disassembly nuts and bolts for teardown or rebuild projects) cluttering up the shop. (hehe) What was taking up over flowing five large boxes has been reduced to fitting one medium sized box. (yeah!)
Tomorrow, within the shop I’ve several cans used oils, some empty buckets both semi clean and needing cleaning, all of them I must stow somewhere.
Most importantly is in my not moseying to far. Being handy I stand by with my pocketed cell phone should I have to make some quick trips home to help the little woman to her feet now and then.
Mike busy with a customers troubled automobile yesterday and with his pit crew they’re trying their best to finish up tow racers and get them moved on out of the shop to their owners.
A neighbor going shopping asked if we needed anything. Duffuss cat, Della, making fishy demands we ordered some tuna for the kat. The neighbor also brought us rolls for morning’s breakfast.
This evening, commanded to stay in, I been doing laundry or rather looking after it. Checking the weekends cooking, and trying to get in a few moments here and there salvaging a sprag-clutch from a five speed wheel assembly.
Way past my bedtime I’ve a the laundry to put in the dryer, I’ve a kettle to wash, then put the dinner leftovers in frig, and then grab a couple small oranges for bedtime snack. BGKC.

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Have a good Sunday tomorrow.