Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twice green with envy

It ain’t fair. It just ain’t fair, I’m writing. The Lady’s husband in Misery, he’s painting one of the two shades of green on his Ollie. We get a tractor fixed during cold weather. Then as time would have it when the elements are right the field works are staring us in the faces.
OR, as it is going and going to be around here these next couple weeks I’m digging trenches for the neighbors. That’s a crappy job if there was ever one! Then/and be doing some heavy work taking the disc harrow apart for all new blades. Bro’ found some heavy heavy-duty 7 ga. ones this time. Whoopppeeeee! Sheesh! And again already it’ll be levers, short chains, large pipe wrenchES* with torque converters (cheaters), exercising tiring musculs*; and we haven’t even got the field work started for TB (tired butt (proDnoses*).
First thing out of the box I had to pickup my refilled scripts and turn a new one in for Her Mostess. I only had one more day‘s rattlers on hand.……
Speaking of Her Mostess, she’s slaving over a hot stove this AM making fresh thawen blueberries in pancakes. Yum!
…….Then I simply gotta Pickup my old tux’s before I permanently ruin my still good to go meeting one. And then while I’m only a block away, go Save-A-Lot for a few things like canned tomatoes, canned beets (a lot of these for my hats), maple syrup, and something else.
One old repaired tux picked up, two grocery store stops, and one more stop a filling station I was on my way home.
This is so embarrassing!
I have been quite upset with a faceless-nameless scoundrel whom had never existed the last three or four days. Having lost sight of my Ugly’s spare gasoline can, I had assumed someone had lifted if out my truck. Looking for something else I had caught a glimpse of it under the bed’s tool box. My cleaning out Ugly’s cargo box only a few days ago, it has already become cluttered all over again. So it seems I am behind in my apologies for some dastardly deed what has never happened. Silly isn’t it; but, feel better.
Down the road I dug Keith’s first trench, only to find out later he can not have pea rock delivered until the frost laws are lifted off the roads. Crap, Keith in a dither to have a leach field dug isn’t doing anything with the start he’s incessantly bugged me to start. ……..I don’t know?
Finally had to replace Ugly’s fan belt. Worn and polished so thin it had lost all traction continuing to turn the alternator and water pump over. The alternator bracket a replacement for an original on a replacement alternator didn’t quite fit right. Undaunted I had used a hand grinder to make fix the new belt’s bolt tightening possible.
Getting late I no longer remember what all I did today. I know I need to hit the sack for an expected incoming shipment of implement parts via early morning motor freight arrival. I’m looking foreword with mixed emotion putting them altogether rebuilding the disc.
For fear of repeating myself it is good night. BGKC.

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