Friday, March 12, 2010

Got Mud?

We got mud! We got all kinds mud. The frost has gone out of our ground I’ve got mud hub-capped deep over night in the hat-yard and the Ladies winter pasture. Moving hay is a slip’n’slid or just go along for the dog-legged ride as far as one may go ride. Then we’ve got the slippery on the top the ground heavily clayed filled stuff. Ugly has finally found its match.
This was today’s grain grinding scene….
…..Ugly loosing traction, I had to let dear old Johne move the empty feed wagon into filling position.
The Leland’s battery acting up (12yrs old) usually requires a battery charge refreshing. The Leland continuing to indiscriminately quitting. The battery old and low required a jump for stalling. The weather having warmed this isn’t icing, I’m finally assuming it needs a new fuel filter.
Darn, I built a fire in the stove and it was it still going strong eight hours. Weather warming up now, why didn’t the fire burn and last as long all winter long?
Coming in for lunch I found Frieda had also called it beer thirty during the morning hours. My comment, “So, you found my beer.” Her comment, “Yes I did, right UNDER the mothballs.”
The way I see it, Marriage may be called an institution, but there in all things once considered sacred abruptly come to an end.
The morning’s grind near wore me out, my innocently taking a nap. Finally getting my act together I removed myself from here to Handy’s. He’d disappeared. Having run a power cord and put the HD battery charger on the Ford-hoe, I was back to start it. While I had it running I lengthened some more the trench before I moved off soft ground to park it on his concrete driveway. The concrete under the tractor to catch fallen wrenches and hardware I commenced to remove the generator. There’s a job I would not have minded handing off to anybody else dumb enough to accept. Even worse not even another soul even happened along.
By the time the generator had been taken apart and cleaned it was chore time. When all that I had started was not finished, I had put in a long enough day. My waiting supper halfway through my medication taking hour, I’ve developed a dandy headache. Frieda’s suggest a sinus problem. She may be right, my forehead and eyes there in lies the painful aching.
Today’s weather? Warm with some measure of very noticeable humidity. So warm it has been late yesterday right on into today, today hadn’t even had a tux on of any sort. Predicators calling for four days sunshine with unseasonably higher temps. Interestingly enough this is the earliest in the year I’ve shed my barnyard tux going back as far as I may remember.
There was one more thing I had wanted to check on before the day was over, my quadrabike. Hah, starting the laundry, raiding the freezer, these activities added to my time well spent. My time had been gnawed on much to deep. I was much to late for a Mike’s workshop visit. And I hadn’t had my supper yet. It has been a long day. Some of the evening left I’m quitting early I had better enjoy it. I’ve been volunteered to dig up another septic tank. Sheesh! I haven’t finished Handy’s as yet. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Have you ever had sinus settle in your teeth (you do have some?) and it hurts soooo bad when you chew? Have had it settle in my ear too and thats not fun either.