Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This morning:
A Local Flint area TV commercial announcement kind-a struck me with some thought provoking questions about a man’s miscued point of view. “Sign up early ladies for Bridal Boot Camp.”
Kind-a reminds me of my trying times…. And then the good times, going fishing, hunting chasing wimmins as the day and time had suited me!!!!
Take the night I introduced myself to a particularly pretty lady. The lady cut me to ribbons sending me on my way a mutilated emotional wreak. Why did I ever ask her out after all that? Wher was my mind, she had a disposition stronger appearing meaner that Attila the Hun. Or, was she just defining her space?
On our first official date she started out demure, rather quiet the exact opposite behavior for the earlier evening’s introduction’s encounter. It was during our first commercial mercantile museum stop when I studied a marble sink she sublimely made a life long keeping statement, my thinking her nuts.
There were a couple impromptu late evening strolls along the community’s downtown business district. During those strolls she was secretly/cleverly learning my preferences in fashion likes/dislikes. And, then when I went to pick her up for our second date (a heavy date) she was so very pretty her appearance took my breath away. She had cleverly dressed herself, my instantly imagining she were a Princess. I was unfairly vamped.
Now, I never thought to know it, to believe it, I merely trusted in the situation. This lady I’m sure she had had not even heard of such a program let alone had gorilla training for catching a husband enrolling herself in and completing any such sort of a “Bridal Boot Camp.” She had taken but one renewed look at me (we had watched for each other in HS) and she instinctively knew what she was all about to entrap me, to draw me, within her clutches from then on and ever more. Sadly, I never stood a chance. It was entrapment plain and simple, her drawing me into her clutches. But, admittedly it was what a way to go.
Another beautiful day in my corner of Shorthorn country. This has got to be three days in a row already. Already I’m dreading March’s going out with a blizzard. It’s happened before, last day Spring/first day Summer, Mar,1996 there-abouts I’m thinking it was.
My thinking it’s going to be a good day, Her Mostess had seceded not to go PT. Why? It’s to hard on her getting in and out of Ugly. She even shed a few tears to put an exclamation mark on her statement. If that weren’t enough she demanded I call and make her excuses.
I suggest my getting out of here doing something farm (fun) useful, Clink wants me close by. (???????) How will I ever get anything done?
The Ford Backhoe fixed I run it down to the other end. There I took the machine out to where Ray had been feeding his ladies in two hay rings. The area is circular depression about those hay rings filed with souped up mud and manure. The rings unmovable I tried digging a couple relief sites so’s some of that soup could drain off. What wouldn’t drain easily I tried pushing off using the loader bucket as an improvised squeegee with very limited success. I got up to the house in time to assist in putting a wheeling dolly under the old family carpenter shop jointer. That done we fed critters three round bales in two lots. Tomorrow trash day, guest Barry and I bundled up a growing mess of hay bales plastic wrap for trash pickup. Then I took Barry home.
Other accomplishments included Frieda doing the dishes, thank heavens. I had carried in three days supply firewood and handily stacked another three days fire wood on the deck. I fixed my supper, rested my tummy a bit then drove over to mikes and finished removing those handle bars I had made sqirt-squire twice two days running and finally got them to come apart, and I had also cut away allthe surplus metals I no longer needed of the volunteering bike frames. I little cleaning up the mating surfaces for additional tubing’s welded in the predetermined assemblage’s places the frame work is all ready to come together as nicely as I’ve visioned it’s final end. Tomorrow I’ve the need to find some 2”x4” blockings. For some simple jigs alignment the varied parts for the welds. NOW, if you think this boring? You should see what I see inside my head on one of my more normal day‘s.
Home past my bed time, to old to stay up / keep up with the younger set. It’s been a good day under an equally better day. BGKC.

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Paula said...

You didn't mind her entraping you either, did you?