Thursday, March 4, 2010

So help Me

My poor dear come up, got up, reading me the riot act. In my mind I didn’t deserve it but that’s just one of husbandly duties taking that occasional flack she has to get out her system. I listened and let it run off my back. Her problem, is her problem comfortably getting her left foot in and out of the Ugly truck. I think I was accused of being an unfeeling husband? Nobody has it rougher than her! AND, it’d absolutely be mo good for either one of us if I were to have said, “I told you so!”
She wants to sit around stewing in her pain while taking bottles and bottles of pain medication. Me, I’ve toughed it out over the years keeping moving and my mind busy do I don’t have the time to dwell upon my pains. My survival rules include not picking up anything I can’t handle. Staying busy so I forget how much I’m hurting. Liver damaged via hepatitis 50 yrs ago, my lungs burned out smoking for 63 yrs, I’ve a damaged enlarged scared heart, hardening of the arteries, and a couple arthritis’s.
It was a beautiful day today. Sunny and bright and just comfortably warm enough to tease my mind thinking Spring. I had to grind grain today. That operation went smoothly. The kids not liking where I had parked the grain wagon the last grinding decided to move it. The hooked a tow cabin on a steering tie rod and did a fine job of it screwing up the wagon’s running gear so badly when I went to take it down the road the undercarriage was all over the road so badly it near threw the box off the running gear. That wagon’s steering had to be fix first. Bummer. We lucked out straightening it with a BFH. Had to load up a round bail hay for a neighbor. And, other wise kept my nose clean, which reminds me, house wa so dry I woke this morning with a bloody nose.
Frieda in her ornery mood cancelled all the physical therapy appointments refusing Ugly’s ride.
I went looking for alternate transportation for her Mostess. While I tried seeking a ride or her though the senior center another neighbor called and offered her car for tomorrow’s trip into town. The senior centers have refused all medical appointment rides transportation.
Been suggested we contact and use the county MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority). We’ve three problems with this service. They either forget to pick you up to go or they forget to pick you up for your return home. And even if they do remember you waiting can take hours for them to remember to serve you. But they have two way handicap accessible buses.
Looks like I better be on the phone Monday morning next for a likely couple weeks rides until she can bend her knee.
Funest part of the day was this evening’s tinkering with quadrabike. The first four pieces ground clean for modifications welds, I’ve gotten one long side welded together. Tomorrow night may make up the other long side, Weld in three joining common tubing’s, and cross brace the entire frame.
Got to haul in more hay tomorrow. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I guess sometime when we are hurting we forget the other person has had some days of hurting too. Hope you can get the transportation ironed out. We don't even have a senior center in our town anymore. Its a shame because lots of people retire here. Now you two kiss and make up!