Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whole Day Drippy

It was rainy when I got up, it was rainy when I got back in. During the in between’s I managed to put a WORKING generator back on the Ford Backhoe. Was much easier going back on than it was coming off. The generator and the hardware washed off, all the pieces clean there was no guess thru all the dirt and grease what everything previously packed in black gook, Today it were so much easier seeing to where the bolts went. Today it were so much easier seeing the wrenches fit whereas yesterday I used more than one wrench shoved scraping thru the dirt in search of these same bolts easily put back this morning.
The Ford starting easily this morning. Via face on test meter the generator was charging. Whooppee, That was the first accomplishment today, I finished a quick shoveling some dirty back into the trench where I had dug to deeply day before yesterday. Then it were off to Home Depot for the field tiling materials. Getting back making arrangements with Keith, he needed his septic tank dup up today. Gosh all mighty, I’m beginning to feel like an Edward Norton working the sewer just a shoveling it along. Truck unloaded I wanted lunch. Seeking Lunch I was to learn grand daughters were in the area. It didn’t take me long to make a couple sammitches eaten with a glass of milk and I was on my way. Promising Keith to dig up his septic system I went on about keeping my promises, durn it. Then I was cutting for home. Leaving the power-hoe with Keith. He could go up the hill for another key from Bro’. I was going home to see some my kids.
Natalie had brought her art work illustrations. Not quite what I visioned we compromised. I told her to have fun with them perhaps in a simpler cartoon format. Then I suggested she use the KISS method, “Keep It Simple Stupid.”
What Shelby was shy a couple weeks ago she was an absolutely abundantly extroverted girl child today. She was a delight to hold. I had even managed to give her a couple/three raspberry’s in the vicinity her navel. We had a good time. Even to sitting upon my lap while I rough sketched out the cover and seven storybook illustrations for her mother to paint for me. Shy brother Jason, in a reserved fashion I did manage I showed him how to do the high-five, which there after he gave me ample opportunities to practice.
Oh Glory be, I had, we all had a good time today. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Glad you had a fun day.