Friday, March 19, 2010

Disappointment's ends

Frieda’s ride failed to show up this morning? Un able to go Frieda called and cancelled any more physical therapy treatments. Births popping out all over the neighborhood most my neighbors have gotten themselves involved in farming some time ago and it isn‘t an occupation one can just up and ignore upon a whim..
While we waited the non-existent ride, I moved the shelled corn wagon across the driveway. I also unloaded the wood hauler onto the deck. That firewood although it were covered, it felt a bit damp, so I left it out on the deck to dry out some before I bring it in.
Not going anywhere I took ugly to the shop to put away what needed putting so I’d know where it was when an need come up again. My brother accomplished wasting some of my time with his hurry up and waiting aptitude. Getting away from there I had this idea, the Cushman joining me we’d go wind wire. Only, got to feeling unsettled, bilious, nervous and the shakes. WTH? SOB! When I got home I set a spell downed some water chasing a couple Tylenols getting in the way. Then when I thought I were feeling better I cut out for a while. I just had to enjoy what was left of a beautiful day.
Frieda’s feeling some better. She hadn’t needed me all day to help her to her feet. She did dishes and some cooking, what had started out her helping by starting it. About the time I got home and washed up she’d started it alright, making it her own. I simply gave up on it. There’s no use two fools making side by side meals we couldn’t eat even with the cats help.
A couple migratory birds had attained my interest today soaring in circles over the ladies pasture. What the….? Picking it up, hopping upon the Cushman I post hastily hurried out to see what it was I might have thought they were looking at, quite possibly drooling from such awesome heights. I saw nothing. What they were doing was circling in a horizontal spiraling motions across the fields as if getting to looks from more than one direction from over head as they had simply spiraled out and beyond us over the neighbors woodlot. Spell binding in flight with their three to four foot wing spans those turkey buzzards were a sight to see. Thankfully they weren’t stopping by here for dinner.
I rolled up my first mile of fence wire this afternoon. If the weather holds on into tomorrow morning I might pickup another mile before I get onto unapproachable wet ground.
For the fun side my life I slipped over to Mike’s garage at dusk. Uninterested in working on my quadrabike I didn’t press him. I eventually left, leaving the project well enough alone for another night. While I watched him work I sort-a cleaned a couple cranks needing welding together for the proposed jackshaft. Getting late I returned home to discover I had forgotten to carry my decked firewood in. Being to late, my energy expelled I cover the wood pile against our predicted rain and snow. Oh well! Tomorrow’s another day. BGKC.

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Paula said...

So happy Frieda is doing better. Wish her a complete recovery soon.