Friday, March 26, 2010

3-25-2010 Yesterday

Coincidentally almost same journal title as a year ago this time. I had slept in late then, up early this. Had good day yesterday and I dressed for it.
We got the Tall Ollie out of the shop. :^)) Took awhile but got the 2150 started (needs an overhaul) and hooked up to the 6x18 plows. The 4180 started in an immediate fashion cold, no heat, no warming the batteries, just flat footedly depressed the clutch and turn the key. Then parked it out on the front lawn where there was room enough for it. Also had easily started the Shultz Ollie to move the rotor-conditioner to bring the plows out. Did a complete service over the 2150 and the plows tagged on to it.
Ground on some the quadracycle’s parts. Thought them near ready to assemble only to realize I’ve got to see Ralph my hardware man for some metric nuts and bolts to hold some previously riveted sprockets together. *(^^&%& setback &^^)&*(^&^%!
Darndest weather to dress for. Tux weather to start out, for me, the temperatures teased for at least a couple hours before dropping like a stone come early afternoon.
Frieda continues to improve. I have to more carefully watch my step. Ray gone all morning with Doc appointment, TSC vist, and Mid State nut and bolt, I was given two breaks. One he was gone :^)), secondly he picked me up one of the miniature hobby grinders I can use on Frieda’s hooves saving bukko bucks it normally cost her enlisting her fries Sue to take her to podiatrist and out to lunch or such motored service. What I’ll do with the money bonanza I’ll save ME, I can buy more beer to imaginatively hide from her. (hahahohohehe) Damn! I love this spousal husbandry.
Checking on Handy he’s getting all his bones pinned together than casts on his legs and foot. Rumor is, he’s expected home today. If I have my way I’ll get his lazy kid’s arse out in the trenches to finish up what his old-man’s started. Handy’s gonna be somewhat laid up for about three months the way I figure. I’ll be darned if I get my quadrabike inside that time I ain’t gonn let Handy pedal my new bike. But I’ll show it to him. (opossum eating s**t grim here).
This about cover’s yesterday’s adventures, fun and games with Tom and Barry’s able bodied assistances. It was a good day. Now If I can influence somebody’s (Bro) need to spring plow. ;^))

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