Monday, March 8, 2010

Fitting the times together

I took it easy Sunday. Frieda so sore I hung around close to home. It isn’t until now I’m thinking I could have done something around here. Like unload Cushman preparing it for Easter week’s first day’s a-field. Like I could have carried and field-dressed the wood ashes away, the morning frost is in the ground. I should have carried home my asskicker (remote solar powered field gate). I’ve decided to plainly make it a full 12 volt contraption thru and thru.
I did take the sprag clutch out of a ten speed bicycle wheel. Then when I explained it’s use I was told I couldn’t make it work in my quadracycle’s drive-train. That remark is a challenge in my way of thinking. Just as the Cushman and the fence winder (ground driven) were. I have to use the sprag if my quadracycle’s going to be a hybrid. It was suggested I build it either a human pedaled or engine powered. I was told I couldn’t have it work both ways. (grrrr)
Frieda missed her one o’clock Physical Therapy session today on account of pain for all its contributing complications. One she can’t get in or out of Ugly the strain on her knee to much pain for her. The county municipal Dial A Ride has to be contacted the day before. Not open Sunday we were denied a ride for today. The thought was the she could in and out the DAR bus equipped with either the easy steps and handrails or the handicappers ramp loading her in her wheel chair. Regardless the need we didn‘t make this our ride today. Un daunted I checked with all the neighbors. Out of six stops I came up empty handed for transportation. One stop was daughter who didn’t answer her door. Juan had two his descendents with families visiting him and he was off with them. Three more vehicles were found totally unsuitable her entry. One possibility had a medical issue and I can’t blame this individual looking for medical help for their condition. Another car, the one we used Friday last, had taken it’s student driver back to trade school. Still another Frieda could get down in it but unable to get back-up out of it.
The entire morning a perfect bust. The saving grace afternoon found me within Handy’s yard digging up root infisted clay and concrete field tile. His leach field is in dire need of redoing I was neighborly volunteered to dig it. I worked on the leach bed so late I was doing my trash packaging in this evening’s early tri-light, and I dood the ladies haying in the last rays of the sun having gone down.
Two projects sitting out on the deck I cover with a small tarp and capped with two tubs to hold my covering’s down. While I managed to haul these projects home I didn’t get so much as a minute to look at either one of them. But, I’ve more quadrabike parts to contend with and perhaps more importantly for this coming haying and cattle grazing seasons I’ve the asskicker gate opener to finish come what may. Them 6volt motors are going to have to work on 12 volts. Simplifying overall product construction eliminates one Hell of bunch of energy absorbing electricity.
While staying close to home, it’s sposed to be nicer tomorrow than it was today. An, today was beautiful. Gotta finish Handy’s digging. Get my ashes out while ground’s froze. I also want to check on Wilma’s birthing I had checked on this morning. She had delivered the seventh piglet, two of them breach, before I had to get back to my own doings this morning. Cute little guys all of them. One of them had appaloosa markings. Maybe a picture tomorrow. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Sorry Frieda is having so much trouble and pain. The piggys sound cute.