Sunday, March 14, 2010

What to call this one?

My having been volunteered to take two sewer systems apart their owners let me down today doing nothing about them. This one of those times I’m feeling disgusted, for I had risen to come to the calls. Then they quit their own projects? I checked out both jobs twice each today and found nobody doing nothing. “Tomorrow.” was the answer from both of parties. I’ve got other things to do tomorrow.
I Tried checking in with Mike not wanting him to think I’d abandoned my quadrabike project and dumped all my parts and needs upon him without a care or a word. When I did catch up with him he understood my problems without an explanation. That’s what good friends do!
First calf (AI’d) was born today.. A cute little heifer with all her things and toes. Supposedly turning cold to night. His picture didn’t come out well, all of us on the go, catching an objecting cow and calf we headed towards the barn for over night/day or two warmth.

While it hadn’t rained today it was still just as blaaw a day if it had. Low pressure system hanging over our heads held us older folk hostage to the arthritic joints and sinus headaches.
Lets see…. What else did I do? I did our laundry.
Oh yeah, I found all my book’s preliminary illustration sketches. I get my Grand daughter’s address they’ll be off. She just might find something useful in that mess. I think we’ve reduced the book’s illustrations down to seven, I think.
Son of a gun! I’m just as tired as if I had worked hard all day. What all did I ever do to day the extra day’s hour of daylight was of little help. Bah!

A couple pictures
Grandma and great grandson.
Frieda and Jason

Grand daughter with her great granddaughter contribution.
Natalia and Shelby

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Paula said...

Lots of pretty ladies around you old man.