Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dawn Till Dusk
I turned left out of the driveway via dawn’s early light. So early I was out, had it not been for the heavy overcast, I might have even seen the sun come up. It was a nice drive although as I neared Millington traffic was picking up my wondering where everybody was going. Along the city street I finally came to the traffic’s interest the vary cars and pickup trucks dropping students off at the local consolidated school. At first seeing the traffic I feared I’d be getting caught up in it. As it worked out by the time I was on my way back home the traffic had gone. I almost had the community streets all to myself. Traffic lightened up I was passed by but two cars obviously late going somewhere. I had all the time in the world to take my load home. I stopped every three miles checking my load and tires. The tires? I had a couple anemic ones. By the time I had unloaded wagon and taken it to the shop one of those two tires was shot. It wasn’t ruined by abuse, but rather by old age. The side wall cords where they met the tread’s steel belts were giving out with a whole lot of leaking going on. I eventually replaced that tire with a new one.
I also had to grind today. Whoopppeee! I had fit that chore in between my earlier comings and goings the hay load. About all I got done on my quadracycle was the marking out the required one end of the jackshaft part and a little more. I did manage to drill me a hole partially thru the shaft’s material. A little grinding on it in a day or two and I’ll have it made.
Of course there are other activities around-about the shop whenever I show up. It’s most interesting how I’m not always needed nor asked to share in the work, but then again I’m expected to know and bring out anything and everything required for every project upon the floor. Well as it is, The Tall Ollie near has it’s tires loaded.
Darn, I sure have a need for a wagon spare tire for that hay wagon. It’s six implement bolt pattern is the same as a couple implements around here. Having and keeping a spare tire could come in handy. It could have almost been today.
Frieda’s more daring everyday. She even took on the sometimes stubbornness of the black iron heating monster gracing the center of our living room. Why she has even remarked she may take on Ugly’s services if Juan’s driving us Friday should fall through. She’s noticeably improved in my mind, her asking far less of me than less than a week’s past.
While It was dusk when I finally got in, I can hardly wait until Frieda rightfully takes up spoiling me allover again when I’ve put in a long tiring day. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Wonder if your Juan is kin to our Juan? No I guess not everone has a Juan in their life.