Saturday, June 23, 2012

See what mailman brought me.....

Got this in my USMail other day.
Short on details, but expect more information maybe sometime this next week.
My Stocking's hung by the fireplace with care....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hay hay hay:
Been busy last few days giving reading 'r' writing little thought. This last weekend was a big one. Friday my book went to the printer. Saturday was become another yr older, ouch. Sunday I was right out there in the hay fields making hay as been the ussual for me lately. I can atest to the fact no one else got wet while I baled my hay in the rain. All that field baled, we hauled it in and wrapped it. When those bales are opened next winter the ladies (cows) will have a winter tast of Spring grasses.
Away from the farm for a few, found this unoccupied 'putor standing so forlorned I just had to sit down and write a few words in my defence.
This all for now. will get back at youlater.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Truthfully I’m not any to sure what day it is? Been so busy here trying my darndiest to make an all Winter tasty and nourishing good hay product. It ain’t been easy! Impromptu rains, machinery breakdowns and sheer exhaustion has bothered me to no end. I’ve said it before and saying again, “I’ve been eat, sleeping and doing what comes naturally too add-normal farm life.” (grin) Gosh, I’e managed to bale my 1st field of gloriously beautiful green hay day before yesterday. The ladies have finally gotten around to behaving themselves. (Some briskets were coming dangerously close to being harvested!) Have had more deer jumping up or out in front of me my hay cutting efforts. A goofy arsed raccoon has gotten itself caught inside an empty gravity box. I’m being declared inhuman for not letting him out. What am I doing about it? Nothing! Going to let it dehydrate and expire without my ventilating the gravity box with unnecessary bullet holes. I met and hopefully made a new fried buying the produce off another hay field a few miles from here. Now if I could only fine a few more? Hay crop yields are off 60% or better off from production numbers these same fields of years past. The big baler broke n me a couple days ago. Sure glade the small one was standing by an more than willing to save my day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My latest plan is cut, cit, cut, tomorrow then take a couple days mechanicing whilst crops dry for more baleing’s. Fun, fun, fun! Have three local fields close in where I can do this before ranging further out to more distanced satellite fields. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Holly smoke’ems American barbers, We got our (Fillip & myself) hair cut this afternoon under the gize of predicted all day rain showers. 1st notable benefits: for myself I’m cooler, hearing’s drastically improved, no long hair tickling my back, no uncontrollable breezes blowing my formally wild hair in my eyes, and best of all there’re no needs to either braid nor tie my hair up in pretty ribbons. Sorry, I guess I’ll just have to continue being handsome rather than cute. (grin) “Rainbows.” Fernan

6-8-2012 7 Days

The domestic scene: Day 1 &2, a red and white cow goes over the neighbor’s fence for the other side’s greener grass. 1st day Tom right on the ball was 1st to try and bring her home. He’d pushed the poor lady, back and forth, up and down the fence line until the poor dear was totally confused as to where she had come out. My on arrival the scene was slowing Tom down to sitting stile and the taking of our time to worry her back home where she belonged some 2 1/2hrs later. 2nd day same cow, without Tom’s help I lady readily knew where she truly belonged just seeing me coming and dutifully retreated. Then fixing these same fences Fillip and I drove an additional 14 bolstering the old fence with more posts. All this extra girl time pushed my hay efforts way late into each these days evenings. 3rd day Bro’s yearling heifers had managed a morning’s walk outside their assigned quarter’s. More Fence fixing’s goings on’s. Plus additionally more additionally interrupted hay making maneuvers. 4h day I enjoyed a totally different change of pace. This day it was a red cow taking an outside the fences walk about. No neighborly phone calls this time. I caught her act on my very own and capably on the ball I had her convinced the error of her ways before she was spotted by anyone other than myself alone. Hay down in wo fields here my haing to wait upon the elements doing their things, one of them soft water rinsing my last cut just before it’s baling readiness, I had a day in the shop where upon the Greenee truck engine I worked, for with this inpromptue free time I finish assembling the bottom of the engine’s renewal. These days so full I’m sleeping 10, 11, 12hrs per night. Up at daylight, greasing’s fueling machines to either cut, rake, bale, or haul in baled hays. Some these days any two or three these operations to harvest our early on two jaded Spring starts our stunted crops. 5th day my having changed the ladies pasturing some four smart butted calves insisted on choosing to go the wrong side some these same fences required my determined influence to put them right with their mothers. Plus keeping up with weather guessed reports and cutting more hays. 6th day a Bro’s red cow hankering a wee bit of romance came sashaying down a lain in front the Bull pens, one of them dually picking up upon her way’s signals, and commenced to vacate his dig’s in three very destructive ways. His pen fixings took me a total three hours to fix. Sheesh! What a mess. As long as I was at that end of the road, I woiked upon the Greenee’s engine cleaning and polishing the engine block’s top side for the eventual addition of the cylinder heads. We also disappointedly learned Bro’s Jeep offer he’d made Fillip, he’d reneged. We’re guessing he found a cash buyer? 7th day a red cow here having managed to upset opening a wire gate mossied out and got herself confused as to how to get bac with the herd. I had come home jst in time to see she was where she hadn’t belonged. By the time I had parked the equipment I had brought home with me she had disappeared. What the? Seems instead of turning left into the front of the barn’s barnyard she’d turned right moseying right down our drive way. She turned left out our drive and walked right down our road east right-out-there in front of a couple neighbors working in their yards unseen. Again, what the? Having lost sight of her I had Fillip join me looking for her. Four eyes are better than two! My 1st thought was she had jumped the front barnyard fence and walked back out back where she belonged; yet, I was leery that idea. Still in all, Fillip behind me we went back out, way out to the Duck Pond pasture to if she had indeed joined her mob. Out there we saw her. She was in the neighbor’s hay field, the same hay field the Red & white had visited days 1 & 2. Nuts! Okay I put up a cell call for additional bodies to help us drive home the whole herd. Uon their arrival the task was simplified by at least a 1/2hrs time. Now then came her nibs belatedly jumping the fence back into her home grounds for a change. And get this she did it without serious damaging the fence, nor even scratches or scraps to herself. Whew! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The wildlife scene: Wow, the wildlife have been entertaining us very busy this last week. Days 1 & 2 we saw deer watching us as if we were the best show in the land. Fillip and I near felt liks stars just going about what we were doing mending fences. We’ve seen fox, woodchuck, rabbits (Peter a number of times heading for Mr. McGregor’s garden) , squirrels, chipmunks (Chip & Dale), tom & hen turkeys courting shenanigans. We even witnessed a Red-Tailed Hawk trying to raid a pr Red-Winged-Black birds nest site. What was neat was just as that bird pair’s was giving that Hawk the what-for a Crackle (I think) joined in the may-lay. Those Red-winged-Black birds plus the Crackle gave that Red-tailed Hawk a going-over dog fighting joust that preying bird should long remember. Sheesh, got many a tortoise making moves across all the lands and roads around here. So much so I can’t remember when there had ever been as much tortoise activity as I’ve seen these last few days. If-fen we’re no shaded under cloud cover we’ve been shadowed by a many a soaring turkey buzzard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shucks, not knowing where I am, memory wise trying to catch this journal lost entries up, I’m going to close this one and start all over again. Thus I’m warning my reader’s this could become even more boring. (hehehe) Lollipops Fernan

Friday, June 1, 2012

Trash day?

Herr Clink was harping upon my lazed soul, “It’s trash day. Get it out there!” Okay, okay, I finally got around tuit. Then when I had bundled the trash and carried it out, I didn’t know which side of the road to put it on, Monday my side. Friday neighbor’s side. OMG! I didn’t even, I don’t even know what day it was/is? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s raining today. The kind of rain that can be counted on. Okay, let me back a few tractors up… Day before yesterday the same red’n’white cow had gotten out again. Tom informing of her outside travels he went charging off to bring her back. Oh crap! I didn’t instantly wake up. And by the time I had and by the time I had caught up with Tom He had pushed that poor cow senseless. He had her just about as confused as a cow may become. Supposedly dumb animals, doesn’t every city cousin know! Whelp anyway, Tom was about ready to push’n’run the poor lady near around the block to get her back where she belonged. I put the kybosh on that suggesting we just keep an eye on her and worry her back in the same way she’d come out. Well, it took some 2hrs vigilance before she had calmed enough to go back to the very place she’d gotten out and without stretched out emotion she went back in. I returned home for breakfast. A bit later Fillip and I had driven 7 more fence posts. That afternoon I finally got back to my hay making, baling the Duck Pond pasture, finishing up at 8:30PM just before sundown. ‘Twas a long day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yesterday morning the day’s start came from an opposite direction. Bro’s heifers had gotten out. On the road again by the time I had fed my ladies 1st, and arrived on the scene the heifers had been contained and were back inside their proper domain’s. As usual it was my turn to make fix Bro’s deplorable fences. For some required planks in one corner the heifer’s lot, I hammered and kicked another bunch of planks loose an unneeded chunk of useless fence. (Got to get back to what’s left of that last fence one these days, it’s about to fall over.) Then again back to here we brunched. I understand brunch is some kind of a got-rocks society combination breakfast-lunch meal. Well, we ain’t got rocks, but we can pretend some highfalutin behavior at least once in a while. Bellies filled I show Fillips my ways of resetting electric fences. We finished the Duck Pond pasture along about quarter to 8:00. Yep, it’d been another long day. Now I’ve managed to blow a perfectly good rainy morning. Lollipops Fernan